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Two important developments in the fight against FETÖ

There are two important developments in the fight against the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ).

One is the launch of the state of emergency’s committee operations.

The other is the operation in which the Directorate of Religious Affairs (DİB), more commonly known as Diyanet in Turkey, analyzes FETÖ’s religious discourse and form of faith.

I will discuss the details of these two matters. First, I will explain my view of the bigger picture. It will help have a better comprehension of the matter.

Shifting from the acute to the convalescence period

I feel it is best to divide the fight against FETÖ into two categories.

The time that has passed to stop the bleeding of the deadly coup; namely the acute period. During the past year, as a state and nation, we worked on stopping the bleeding. At the end of one year, fortunately it was. With security-centric policies, the state was largely cleared of this lethal virus.

Now the second era, the convalescence period begins. In this period, we need to add new policies to the security- and judiciary-centric policies and expand the area of the fight. We cannot defeat FETÖ any other way.

We can list these areas under five headings.

1. Security and judiciary

2. Faith

3. Diplomacy

4. Public diplomacy and communication

5. The elimination of victimization

This could be called “The social policy of the fight against FETÖ”. Areas could be added. What’s important here is to prepare a global strategy and as a policy, ensure that all state institutes administer it.

This area is the one which should be led by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. I will sadly say that I had written to the ministry advising them that they needed to determine a policy on the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh as well. The minister said they would be launching efforts, but there were no results. Anyway, our current issue is not the ministry.

Important statement by state of emergency committee chair

The first of the five headlines I listed, security and judiciary is being administered. There are important developments regarding the other two as well. A committee was established to eliminate the problems of the state of emergency victims, and operations have been launched.

            Selahattin Menteş, who was previously a judge and had assisted the undersecretary at the Ministry of Justice, has been appointed as committee chair. I hadn’t previously known him. Then I came to possess information which gave me great happiness.

            Menteş made important judicial decisions in the fight against the PKK in Diyarbakır and thus, has an extremely strong legal and sociological rationale in the fight against the organization.

He said:

            “The PKK used the delays and victimizations in the fight against the organization as a tool of propaganda and expanded its organization and gathered terrorists. It exploited the voids that had formed in sociology and areas of conflict.

            It is imperative to prevent the PKK or Daesh or some other organization to use these areas to expand and become stronger. We need to do this not only in law but also in sociology.”

            FETÖ, like the PKK and Daesh, currently uses victimization to keep its organization alive. Hence, the state of emergency committee chair’s findings are crucial. This is why I am very pleased that Mr. Menteş is the chair.

            I had previously written on it; that there will be those who will consciously and unconsciously want to prevent the committee’s efforts. It is the state’s duty to prevent this. I am confident the committee chair will carry out very successful work.


Directorate of Religious Affair’s  FETÖ report

The most important reason the FETÖ organization has not collapsed is that its members are attached to the organization through faith. Faith is stronger than the mind and knowledge. This is why children whose belief of the world is changed at an early age never give up on their attachment to the organization and its leader until they die.

     It is for this reason that the second most important area in the fight against the organization should be in the world of belief. The organization’s deviant belief system needs to be exposed with strong evidence and explained to the organization base and sympathizers through solid methods.

The most important step in this regard was taken by the Directorate of Religious Affairs. This important report prepared by the Supreme Board of Religious Affairs was announced yesterday by its President Mehmet Görmez himself.

Eighty books printed by FETÖ in Turkish were examined, and about 40,000 minutes (approximately 670 hours) of FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen’s audio and visual speeches was listened to. All the sections contradicting Islamic faith and belief were ascertained, one by one. Then announcements were made to explain why these were wrong.

It is an extremely important report. An issue that is as important as this operation is to explain this to the community and the organization base. Here, strong communication planning is necessary.

The fight in the area of faith is as important as the efforts to be made in the area of security and judiciary. This should not be forgotten.

Hence, DİB President Görmez should be lauded. I guess President Görmez was rewarded for this and similar great efforts, by the acceptance of his resignation. This is another stinging metaphor


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