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The fight within the EU and the US's new power center


The fight within the European Union is actually greater, deeper and rougher than their fight against Turkey. It just has not yet fully surfaced.

The statement "The EU is threatening us, intervening in elections" made yesterday by Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, who is currently visiting the U.K.'s freshly-elected Prime Minister Theresa May, is one of the rare expressions of the ongoing fight.

Great fury toward Germany

In exclusive assemblies and bilateral meetings, the British leave aside their classic tight-lipped and fake-smile faces and castigate the EU. Especially their classic enemies, Germany. They have an “expansionist, colonialist and selfish” Germany in mind. If they were a little tipsier they would call them “Nazis,” but still, their British side prevails.

Rising xenophobia and Islamophobia in the country is creating quite a headache for the journalists, businessmen, and academics living who have been living here for long years. However, they too are observing the EU and U.K.'s fight and, as a matter of fact, the increasing hatred within the EU toward Germany.

The statement “Germany is exploiting Italy” made by a taxi driver in Rome five months ago rang in my ears again. The celebrations in Berlin upon Macron's victory in France were just as lively as those in Paris. Marine Le Pen was going to find the “Exit” door as quickly as possible and give Germany the boot. The Italians included, many nations would have celebrated I guess.

Now, Macron is preparing to answer criticisms such as, “Germany is the real winner, Macron is going to be controlled by Merkel who embraces him like a mother.” I guess the U.K. is going to contribute immensely to the increase of questions that will push Macron into a tight corner.

US-UK line against the EU

U.S. President Donald Trump is watching these discussions from afar. He does not miss any opportunity to add fuel to the fire either. He held U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's hand from the moment she came and would not let go until she left. The lady had a tough time walking. It was as if to declare the birth of a new “political romance.”

A U.K. that has left the EU and the U.S., a candidate to leaving all alliances, are walking hand-in-hand toward their honeymoon.

Yet, he did not show even a pint of the compassion and love he displayed to May to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He would not even shake hands with her in front of the press. Merkel must have kept on saying “verdammt” (damn it) under her breath. Days later, after the media walked all over Merkel, Trump said, “I didn't hear it.” Nobody believed him of course.

Pentagon is the new boss in the US

It is certain that the U.S.-U.K. line is headed toward a new path. However, nobody knows what kind of path this is. Rapport between Turkey and the U.K., in other words, two countries that got their fingers burned by the EU, and their cooperation is the requirement of realpolitik.

However, the big brother of the alliance, the U.S., is very confused concerning their policies on Turkey. The statement made the previous day, hours after the Turkish Chief of General Staff, National Intelligence Organization (MİT) head and the presidential spokesperson's meeting with Trump, that the Democratic Union Party (PYD) would be given weapons, caused quite a stir. Making such a decision right before President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit is not very reasonable.

Bilal Kenesari, who knows Washington weather very well, says: “The U.S. Department of State is literally inactive. The Pentagon is now in charge of the situation. And Trump does whatever they want. The national security adviser and many critical authorities are veterans anyway.”

It wouldn't be wrong to say that the Pentagon is directing the U.S.'s entire Middle East policy. With the exception of rapport with Iran, during Barack Obama's presidency, the Pentagon was still very active in the region. And poor former Secretary of State John Kerry had said, “If they gave me authority [and he was the official secretary of state], Syria would not be like this.” I believe he is now writing his memoirs.

I guess we are going to see the effect of the Pentagon everywhere in world politics. This is also the reason of the escalating tensions with North Korea. They sent the massive aircraft-carrier fleet toward the country. Even though the fleet went in the wrong direction, they still changed the agenda.

Let me sniff out some news in London, where I came with Prime Minister Yıldırım. I'll share with you what I find. After all, everything is brewed here.


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