Prince Salman has nowhere to hide! - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Prince Salman has nowhere to hide!

Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination directly leads to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The evidence indicating that his own guards were part of the operation and executed Khashoggi is undeniable.

The conversations of the police/soldiers who carried out this execution and got their orders directly from the prince were recorded and in the hands of Turkey. We can also claim that video footage of people entering and the voice recordings might not be the only strong evidence Turkey has. There may be other strong evidence.

The rage against Prince Salman is surfacing

With this murder, the rage against Prince Salman is slowly coming to surface. Because he has done so many terrible things both inside and outside the country, hence he has no friends left.

Saudi prisons are filled with members of the royal family, with people who don’t obey Salman, and with those who meekly criticized him. Including the imams of the Kaaba, he is forcing and threatening everyone to obey him and make statements to this end.

Hence, Khashoggi’s family were also forced to make statements against the issues after they received threats. Going beyond the scope of a reign of fear, we have a cruel mafia order in Saudi Arabia. That is why people living there are also striving for the murder of Khashoggi to be solved, finding the guilty and naturally overthrowing Prince Salman. Due to the difficult conditions, they might be only praying at this moment, but there is such a tense environment there that even a small incident might lead to something huge.

There is a great turmoil in the Arab world as well. Besides countries like Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, which have already accepted to become satellite states without reservations, there are other Arab countries that hate the recent policies of the Saudis and seek a way out.

No one respects the Saudi king and his family, who were humiliated by Trump under the eye of the public, any longer. They are keeping quiet because they haven’t consolidated the power they need yet. They also believe/and hope that after this murder there might be a breakup and that all the balances may shift.

Europe and the U.S. are focused on the murder

European countries which are not comfortable with the conspiracy set up by Trump, Netanyahu, Salman and the UAE’s Zayed also turned their attention to this murder case. We can see that Britain went beyond this and is actually on the field. They are ready to cooperate in order to support Turkey’s theory. Likewise, Germany and also France will want to go beyond praying when the dominoes start to drop and this murder leads to primarily Salman and then to Trump .

Don’t expect anything like Trump taking action against Salman, whom he considers to be his most valuable spoils of war. Why would he sacrifice such a prisoner of war for a columnist, while he funnels money to Trump all the time? Freedom of thought, human rights, and morality: Trump isn’t concerned with any of this.

However, within the Republican party, Senator Lindsey Graham is making harsh statements about this issue. If the murder is proven, this would not only destroy Saudi-U.S. relations but also many others in the international community. This senator is not one of those anti-Trump senators. On the contrary, he has recently become very popular for getting Trump off the hook. Twenty-two other senators who support Graham wrote a petition to Trump and demanded a special investigation on the Khashoggi assassination.

The U.S. might be looking for a way to get out of this matter before something happens to Salman or to the king. That is why they might try to hand over the execution team and the consular general help them get away with it. But it is not that easy. I don’t think they can ever preclude the rage against Salman.

Turkey has a game-changing role

Salman, whom everybody is talking about with great anger, has nowhere to hide after this murder. There were reports saying that he stays out in the open seas in a yacht.

Wherever he stays, he already has the blood of the children killed during the siege in Yemen, of the civilians killed in Syria, of the Ikhwan in Egypt, of the opposition in his country, and lastly of Jamal Khashoggi on his hands. It doesn’t matter if he thinks that he is a professional killer, he can never wash the blood from his hands.

Finally, let’s finish with saying that Turkey, with its political authority, intelligence, diplomacy and communication team, is exactly in a game-changing role right now. It is carrying it out quite successfully too. It is applaudable.


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