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Online Islamic unity for Jerusalem

In fact, our starting point is a statement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He said:

"The obstacle in front of expanding peace is not the leaders of neighboring countries. This obstacle arises from the public opinion in Arab streets. " (22.11.2017)

What he means by “peace” is occupying Jerusalem; what he means by “Arab streets” is the Muslim civilians resisting the invasion of Jerusalem; and what he means by “leader” is incompetent greedy puppets.

As a matter of fact, the obstacle hindering the Muslim world from uniting is the leaders of the regimes of which Netanyahu is pleased with.

Because the leaders of these corrupt regimes have secret talks with Israel and they take joint action. Netanyahu declared this the very same day:

“We have secret connections with many Muslim and Arab countries and generally the party getting ashamed of this is not us. The party demanding these relationships to be kept private are the opposite parties. This is not a problem for us. However, we show respect to the request coming from the opposite party. This is the reason why we keep it confidential."

For these reasons, let’s accept the fact that the main reason why Muslim countries don’t take joint action on the Jerusalem matter is the regimes of those countries and not have any false expectations.

Those who can unite are the civilians on the streets

What Netanyahu is complaining about is the main point that is keeping Jerusalem alive and which we should focus on.

The people on the streets.

Civilians who will resist the decisions of the corrupt puppet regimes have to be our main scope of effort.

This is the reason why the concept of “United Muslim Nations” was created.

Maybe, the matter that will make us angrier is this: Because the puppet regimes in Muslim countries wanted to keep the production of ideas, different thoughts, scientific developments, technological innovations and economic independence under control, Muslim societies could not develop to the desired level.

Nevertheless, there are virtuous, robust Muslims objecting to all these all around the world.

There are opinion leaders, decision-makers, and public opinion makers. Those who should come together are these people. They can influence the rest of the society.

We must establish independent networks of information/news/education

We need to do something to influence public opinion, bring all Muslims together on a common ground, form solidarity and a shared consciousness in the Muslim world through communication technologies.

The common ground is Jerusalem. Let us delay any controversial subject until Jerusalem is liberated.

Isn’t it possible to create ideas that will raise awareness, create content, and provide online education about various topics such as war, conflict, terrorism, racism, ignorance, misery, hunger, corruption, moral collapse?

I am talking about independent, multilingual online news/communication/education networks that will provide freedom of news/information to Muslim communities against the absolute control of totalitarian regimes of Western countries.

Online Islamic community

We will achieve this with the new generations that are civil, Muslim, libertarian, anti-bigotry and anti-violence, independent of the control of states and governments. We must establish legal, transparent and auditable systems. We must provide the unity of the Muslim world through online platforms where no controversy will be spoken or discussed until Jerusalem is free.

This is what I meant by “If Muslim states do not unite, Muslim nations must.”

Civilians can do this, whereas decrepit regimes, rotten states, corrupt governments cannot.

The Internet has lifted the artificial boundaries between Muslims. It has let us have a space of freedom. So we all can meet there, discuss, create new ideas, and prepare manifestos.

A street power that contains ideas, solidarity and resistance, without being contaminated by terrorism is the power Netanyahu is most afraid of.

Because, this power, which will have provided Islamic unity, has the potential to affect the puppet regimes and the world.


The idea of establishing online platforms for the “United Muslim Nations” is a project that has been worked on for a long time. This issue has been discussed among various non-governmental organizations, universities, think-tanks, technology companies, and media representatives. It is ready to be put into play when independent financial resources are available.

However, our businessmen who are willing to sacrifice anything to build mosques are not as generous when it comes to a think-tank or online platform.


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