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New Turkey, New Middle East

In the Middle East, the cards had been re-shuffled and the balances are shifting again. Since Saudi Arabia has given the signals that they might pull back their support, all the scales will be disturbed. Putin is visiting Cairo next week, Iran declared that they are ready to cooperate with Sisi, the US is again bewildered and Europe has been caught without politics again. Yemen collapsed. Iran declared their fifth capital as San, after Tehran, Damascus, Baghdad and Beirut. Everything happened within ten days. In ten days many developments, which will affect the rest of the world, had happened in the Middle East; Turkey’s faith might also change, we cannot only be mere spectators.

Some nations has no right to complain

The New Turkey argument should be carried out together with the New Middle East argument. From now on, Turkey cannot think, act or designate strategies alone. In the Middle East, there can be no plans without Turkey. Thus, while filling up the New Turkey notion and making future fictions, it’s necessary for the Middle East to be taken into account. Today, Turkey, who has two wars near its borders and has been a side in the oldest and chronic crises of the region, no longer possesses the luxury of living alone. If a war is affecting the lives of your citizens and lands, then, it means that you are a member of that war.

Actually, it wouldn’t be possible for a country, which is the most effective actor of the geographical region for centuries, to step aside. You cannot separate yourself from these lands, which embrace the artifacts, recollections, relatives and love bonds of your ancestors.

Faith has loaded some Nations with heavy responsibilities without giving them the right to complain.

We need the new Middle East layout

We require a New Turkey adjustment. It’s correct; however, the world is in need of a new Middle East adjustment. From now, the existing situation cannot be maintained. Saudi Arabia’s Egypt riot is also based on this blocked case. Don’t mind the shallow comments, on TV and in newspapers, which don’t understand the Middle East, asking Turkey “what are you doing there?” What could be expected from an opposing party, which reduced the Presidential system to a monarch turban and a Hitler moustache, and, which states to conduct the law of job security by taking Molotov cocktails?

Thus, AK Party, Davutoğlu and Erdoğan face a difficult task. They are obliged to think in the place of the opposition party, and take the demands and desires of the people, who don’t vote for them, into consideration in the New Turkey adjustment.

This can’t be the Constitution of a country holding regional power

We, as a regional power, as the last hope of the nations in this geographical area, need a new Constitution that is suitable for this country. The nation has become scanty, sweltered and the politics have become deadlocked. The biggest reason for this is the existing Constitution, which had been realized by the military and belongs to the Cold War period. In the constitution of the strongest country of the Middle East, which affects the future of the whole universe, the instructions on how a TV channel works, the administration style of an investigation institution and structural details of an institution, which will supervise the media, had all been explained within.

With this Constitution and understanding, it’s not possible to challenge the world. The Middle East is changing, the balances in the world are shifting with it. Turkey can no longer be excluded from all of this. We require a New Middle East system, just like our necessity for a New Turkey. For this, we need to expand our perspective, raise conscientious humans, act with an awareness of the historic responsibility, and, prepare a new Constitution. This time, we shouldn’t miss this opportunity.


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