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Look at our problem and what they bother with

I have received loads of messages since the early morning. Apparently, the known hitmen were interpreting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's comments upon his return from India on TV and social media. Based on their comments, Erdoğan was scolding the conservative and religious writers/journalists of the circle that includes me – and they are saying they agree with him.

Apparently they are overjoyed!

Upon reading Erdoğan's statements, I realized that they were statements that could be taken anyway one desired. But that specific group continued to insist that they agreed with him. The list of "he meant this" went on and on. I couldn't think that Erdoğan would support a group that called the religious group "crazy, traitor, FETÖ supporter, the queen's Islamists." But because the message was one that could be interpreted in many ways, no one has yet come up and explain what he really meant. Let's wait and see if the president will later explain what he meant.

Excited about Jerusalem

This morning, I was in a different kind of joyful mood. I'm going to Jerusalem. When you read these lines, I will be roaming the streets of the ancient city and enjoying the beautiful site of Al-Aqsa Mosque, a place which the Muslim world sheds tears for.
I was trying to understand what Hamas's statement meant for the issue of Palestine. I have been asking those who know the issue better than me, I've been reading about it and gathering information. But most importantly, I will sit and speak to the Palestinians of Jerusalem and try and understand what they feel. I will once again visit the Anadolu Ajansı (AA) office, which I once helped set up and where I hung up art on the walls. I know that I will be saddened and remember all my previous worries once again. We opened that office while Gaza was being bombed and literally witnessed people being martyred by the bombs that fell near our office. I am going to the center of one of the biggest issues of humanity.

Look at our problem and what they bother with

I was feeling a little down recently, because of a conversation I had with a friend who came from Morocco. He was talking about the state of the Muslim world, the issues we have as Muslims and what everyone expected from Turkey. He asked, "What will Turkey do?" I could only keep quiet in sorrow.
Just when I was worrying about all of this, I woke up to all these messages. Look at our problem and look at what they are concerned about. This explains the issue very well.

If their problem is taking over space, they can have it all. I wouldn't have any objections. As a person who has been in positions they would sell their souls to even get close to, I don't have any personal expectations from Ankara.
But if they have a different concern, a hidden agenda, then they will receive the answer they deserve.

Those who care about this country and those who don't

I am annoyed by the fact that these psychos can take so much of our time. By answering their lies and slanders we are kind of helping them grow. Therefore, I never mention names. But whenever I say “schizophrenic hitman,” they seem to jump up and answer back.
It is tragic how some people watch these discussions and then discuss them in newspaper columns or TV programs. They obviously have nothing else to talk about or worry about for this country.
We have plenty to say for this country. We have ideas for this country and for the whole Muslim world. The beautiful people who write to me expressing their concerns and ideas should be proud of themselves. I want to be the voice of those people who have dreams, worries and ideas about this country.

We have worries about the dark age humanity is in, about the crisis Europe is suffering, about the traumas in the Middle East and we worry about explaining all this in the right way and leaving a better country for our children.

You will be ashamed

We have been worrying about a certain issue since we were children. I will not even address those rascals because I'm not after some benefit. I will not taint my name with their dirty names. But I have something to say to those – who once used to call me “my friend” – who have opened their newspapers and televisions for these rascals:
Have a look at your new journey friends. Think how you would be remembered in the years to come. One day, even if you are not ashamed, your children will be ashamed of what you did. I am sure that will be the day you remember me once again.
Now leave me with our worries and Jerusalem.


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