Blame Muslims for Jerusalem, not the US! - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Blame Muslims for Jerusalem, not the US!

Palestinians are saving the honor of Muslims.

There is no other Muslim nation than Palestine that is persevering for the sake of Jerusalem.

Palestinians have been the most suffering Muslim nation in the last century of the Islamic world, being banished, driven out of their homeland, and killed. Despite all this, they are also the nation that has been resisting in the most resolved manner.

In the last two days, dozens of youngsters tried to protest the U.S. embassy opening in Jerusalem by giving their lives, while what all the other Muslim countries did was make statements, condemnations, express concerns, all of which remained as rhetoric.

Once again Palestinians were the ones to give their lives for Jerusalem and raised their voices to the world. And they had nothing else to give except for their most precious belonging: their lives.

Dying is easy, going to Jerusalem is hard

I have seen these young people in Ramallah, East Jerusalem, Gaza, and Hebron. I have talked to them. It was easy for them to die. But going to Jerusalem through Gaza and Ramallah, and praying there was the difficult part. Yaseen (30) had never left Ramallah. And Ramallah is nothing but a small settlement.

They told me that they know many old people who were born and had died in Gaza. None of them had seen Jerusalem, or even had gone out of Gaza. Gaza is quite small as well. Approximately 1.5 million Palestinians are being kept hostage there.

I have been in Gaza during the bombardments and in Jerusalem when the al-Aqsa Mosque was raided by Israeli soldiers. I have seen with my very own eyes how a nation can put up a resistance showing no fear of death as if it was a natural reflex.

So many young people have been martyred during the protests that have been ongoing for days. Yesterday the death toll has increased dramatically. However, the number of the protesters has not decreased for even one day. Thousands of young people who are ready to sacrifice their lives have marched in crowds, stood up in lines. They tried to withstand the bullets of the intruding Israeli soldiers with stones in their bare hands.

As I said, the Palestinians are saving the honor of Muslims.

What about the rest of us?

Jerusalem is being held captive not because of Israel’s power but because of us

The occupation of Jerusalem is the result of the feckless and shameful attitude of Muslims. We have lost the city not because of the overwhelming power of the Israelis or the English.

And today, Jerusalem is still being held captive because of the imprudent, feckless, degenerated, morally corrupted rulers of the Muslim world.

In all truth, neither the Israeli army nor could U.S. aircraft stand against united Muslim countries. But Muslim countries cannot unite, resist for Palestine and save Jerusalem because of the states with rotten regimes.

Every signboard leading to the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem is a stake nailed into the heart of Handala, who is the symbol of the resistance.

The pain of these stakes in our hearts is not worse than the pain of the betrayal from the so-called Muslim countries that allied with U.S. and Israel and overlooked the occupation of Jerusalem.

A group of states led by Saudi Arabia with the UAE on their side, and other states with weak and corrupt regimes following them blindly, have blatantly encouraged the all-out occupation of Jerusalem.

As Palestinians are saving the honor of Muslim countries, those allying with Israel are dishonoring the Muslim world to the same extent.

The ones to blame are Muslim countries

I am no longer mad at U.S. and Israel. They do whatever their religions, interests, beliefs and ideals require.

I am actually mad at the Muslim world. The real problem is inside of us. Just look around and see if you can find any other country sincerely crying out for Jerusalem as Turkey does. How many countries have profoundly been concerned with this matter?

Forget being concerned about the matter, there are some states that are in cooperation with invader states—and as long as this continues Jerusalem cannot be saved.

Let’s face the ugly truth:

Jerusalem is being held captive because of the imprudent, reckless, corrupt regimes of the Muslim world, not because Israel is powerful.

Let’s turn our anger to the right direction.

Here is my final word:

If Muslim states do not unite, Muslim peoples must.


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