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Alternative facts Virtual politics

The first person to use the term "alternative facts" in politics is U.S. President Donald Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer.

Spicer claimed that participation in Trump's swearing-in was higher than Barack Obama's. A journalist also put together photographs of the two ceremonies taken from the air, showing that Trump's swearing-in was actually less crowded. Spicer responded to this, saying that it was an alternative fact.

Reality itself fights alternative facts

Everyone was surprised that day, but did not realize that this concept was actually a new and big problem for politics and the media.

Alternative facts are actually what people want to believe. The photographs the journalist held were the facts, but what Spicer wanted to believe was alternative facts.

So, the fight is growing between the real and the fake.

In politics and the media, some people want to present reality in their own mind as if they were the reality itself and they achieve this.

This is also the reason for the tribute to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) in the media before and during President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to the U.S.

The soldiers in the Pentagon make up a fact in their mind, that is, they claim that those who fight Daesh in the real sense are the PYD. They present this claim in different ways every day. This is also the reason for the interviews with "cute PKK girls" in the newspapers.

'Islamist totalitarian Erdoğan,' the PKK's 'cute girls'

The perception that Erdoğan is an "Islamist totalitarian" has been gradually imprinted in minds for the past four years. For this reason, the answer to the question of whether "the Democratic Union Party (PYD) with secular, cute and freedom fighter girls" or the "Islamist totalitarian Erdoğan" must be preferred has been automatically placed in minds in advance. People are convinced of this lie. Including the president.

Remember, the one who posted a tweet, saying that "the Islamist Erdoğan is a totalitarian dictator," was current CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

This means alternative facts kill the actual truth.

Social media is used as the first floor of creating an alternative perception. Even with fake accounts, it is very common to repeat the same thing, even if people do not fully believe it, to leave a mark in their minds.

When the articles and news following this trace are published in the mainstream media later, alternative facts are settled in the mind.

Those who leave the first impression usually create the first perception as well. It is very difficult to change this perception after it is formed.

A trace or perception left on the internet may remain for decades if it is not removed. Even if God forgives, Google do not forgive and always reveal that perception when it is searched for.

Twitter has turned into a tool of manipulation

For this reason, social media has become an important tool of politics as a way of creating a perception beyond information sharing. The fact that Trump makes all his statements himself on his Twitter account is the most important indication of importance attached to this apparatus.

The U.S. administration does not want the bankruptcy, closure or sale of Twitter which loses millions of dollars every year. Because Twitter is gaining strength as a means of manipulating and creating perceptions all over the world. Why should the U.S. shut down such a tool that it directs as it wants?

Twitter, which turned into a tool of manipulation and orientation with the Gezi Park protests in Turkey, has almost become the center of alternative facts and virtual politics.

While the Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) extraordinary congress is nearing, there is also a strange increase in publications against politicians, media members and bureaucrats. If they want to smear anyone, slander and smear campaigns are made through trolls, rental accounts and shady people.

If the president's men are a problem?

The reason why politics seems to be a battlefield while everything is normal and seems okay in realpolitik, is a desire to seize a place and reckon. Oddly enough, everyone knows who is behind dark accounts. But, nobody does anything in the real world, as they wait for the perception they have created to do away with their adversaries.

U.S. media shudders when it sees that increasing alternative facts (lies) and virtual politics on social media are being moved to real life day by day. Trump and his team's hallucinated alternative facts (lies) have now been moved to television screens and newspaper columns.

Where and how will the correct information and actual truth be found? They think about it in panic. Because those who claim alternative facts (lies) are the authorities in the White House, who are around the president.

Figure it out if you can.


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