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A revolution expectation in the Muslim world

Let me recapture the discussion: The Western world has entered a serious crisis. This crisis erupted after the Brexit and Trump's election, but these were not reasons, instead they were results.

The crisis the West is currently experiencing has expanded on a wider scale in terms of human values. The crisis further discloses itself through Islamophobia, xenophobia, racism and anti-globalism.


This is my theory: Western civilization is in crisis and it can no longer produce new values that pave the way for humanity. Therefore it is going downhill and it will collapse in a while.

But what will replace it? Who will takeover the civilization flag that will pave the way for humanity?

Some of our academics argue that the Muslim world will fill in this gap. I had written about the misery of the Muslim world and that we were not able to offer an alternative to Western civilization. However, I had also added that the essence of Islam had this potential but it needed a serious reform to unveil this potential (15.03.20017).

Thus, in this case, Islam needs to be understood/interpreted again and needs to turn into a management system that embraces the whole of humanity.

A dear colleague, Taha Akyol, joined the discussion and wrote the following in his column in Hürriyet newspaper (25.03.2017):

“To understand/interpret Islam again based on the problems of the era, is an issue that needs great thought and effort within the scope of Renaissance.

Unfortunately, political Islamism wastes the energy of Muslim societies in the fight for power.”

I have an objection. First of all the issue doesn't have anything to do with “political Islamism.” Everyone from governmental figures to sect shaykhs, from intellectuals to plain citizens, waste the energy of the Muslim society.

But I do agree with Mr. Akyol on the issue that it is currently impossible for Muslim countries to produce an alternative to Western civilization.

But will it never be possible? Let's pause there for a moment.


I believe the Muslim world is expecting a great revolution. Yes, this may be rather challenging. But I do have justifications.

Currently the Muslim world has hit rock bottom due to religious sectarian wars, terrorism, chaos, coups, bad administrations, bribery, poverty and ignorance. Sociologically speaking has to be some kind of energy created from the downfall.

The first test for this was with the Arab Spring against Hosni Mubarak and his dictator regime and rotten state. This revolution was suppressed in a very bloody manner with the support of Western countries. Puppet dictators like Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi were brought back into the scene.

But has this wave, which has its roots deep down, calmed down? No.

Those who created this wave are now interrogating themselves. They are reviewing their mistakes. This isn't something organized. A great mass is questioning everything from religious sectarian wars to the scary face of ignorance (Daesh), from the sword of superstitions like the Hashd al-Shaabi to traitors like the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ), from deceivers to those exploiting religion. Upon all this, when the West's pressure and constraints, attacks, hypocrisy, exploitation, injustice and exclusion is added, the desire to question increases.

For this very reason, there will be a serious uprising and inquisition against every idea, thought, sect, disposition and regime. I think this will start with a movement of thought and then turn into a social wave.

This will be an objection not only to the atrocities happening in its midst but also to the West's colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, globalism, fake democracy, lack of principle and ethical issues.


Muslims who have freed themselves from all chains, superstitions, dirty lives and inferiority complexes against the West, will re-interpret Islam and transform it beautifully. At that point, there will be a civilization suggestion to cater for all of humanity's issues against that of Western civilization.

When will all this happen? I don't know. Who will pioneer this? I don't know.

The only thing I know and believe in is:

The strongest potential that exists to produce humane values and be a remedy for humanity's social crises is Islam as a religion and Muslims in terms of historical experience.


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