A New Constitution for New Turkey - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

A New Constitution for New Turkey

There is an agenda drifting with the daily arguments. Politicians, journalists and TV commentators are running after the rapidly changing agenda. Before being able to completely discuss, understand or explain one of them, we are moving on to the next one. Before the discussion over the Islamophobia, which started with the Paris attack, and the limits of the freedom of thought is finished, everybody gave themselves away to the Çipras wind coming from Greece. Now, I see that even that fell off the agenda.


From now on, we are in the election atmosphere. In this environment, the daily matters of debates will be burnt to the ground, like small meteorites that enter the election atmosphere swiftly, and what’s left behind will be only great and strong matters. The agenda of the election will neither be the debate over the Parallel Organization, nor Islamophobia nor the Supreme Court arguments of the 4 ministers.

In my opinion, the agenda of the election will take place around the new Constitution discussion, which includes the Presidential system, and the New Turkey Notion. It seems that AK Party will be placing the new Constitution discussion in the center during the elections. I guess that the Presidential system discussion, which President Erdoğan desires, will also be a part of it. Since the day it had been established, AK Party had always kept the new Constitution and Presidential system on the agenda; however, they never managed to succeed in realizing their ideas. Now, the party staff is regarding this election as a last chance to realize their project.


It’s such a great contradiction that Turkey is continuing life with a Constitution established by a military coup, despite its transformation and strengthening. The Constitution is like the repellent power, the engine of a vehicle. If we are going to space and if you don’t change the repellent power, the rocket will fall. If you are in a race, it’s clear that the engine of your vehicle is not sufficient to win. We are experiencing this much nuisance, because the existing Constitution fails to give us the transformation and movement capability we need. Like vehicles, which are modified later on, constantly new parts are being attached; however, this causes frequent faults. The elected President model is the modification of an outdated model; however, we cannot compete on the world division as it is. The New Constitution requires being; able to solve all the crucial problems, suitable to a narrowed and strangled political system, social structure, doing everything together and to compete in the world. Thus, it requires being re-written. This article’s, which in itself is already a problem, integrity and consistency had been destroyed with constant additions and subtractions, and it won’t get better unless a new one is written.


Who knows, maybe the new Constitution might even bring us a new Turkey as a preset. The New Turkey Notion is a Notion, which had been used frequently by President Erdoğan before the Presidential elections and is adopted by Prime Minister Davutoğlu. Actually, it’s the name of an extremely crucial political and communal Project that explains the new objective and future envisagement of the country and points at a new turning point. At least, I know of the sub mentality which embarked on this notion.

Even though it uses this notion as an ideal and philosophy, AK Party has not yet formed a strategic article related with how the New Turkey Notion will be implemented by politics. I guess that there are studies being made in the preparations, meetings and brainstorms, which are done for the elections, about stuffing the effectual notions, and turning it into a political document.


The actualization of the New Turkey visualization is not possible with the present constitution, everyone can see this. Then, if we want a New Turkey, we have to write a New Constitution. In order to do this, the nation’s permission is required, in other words, enough votes from the ballot box is required. It’s being understood that, by looking at the past, the opposing party will be saying “no” to the New Constitution and will never consent to a joint study.

Then, can AK Party create a common dream for the New Constitution, which will surround everyone and even include in it people who are voting for the opposing party? I’m talking about a dream, which will bulldoze through the daily political arguments and raise the bars high.


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