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Propaganda wars and the Uyghur poet

The most successful and effective war propagandist in the world was Hitler’s right hand, Joseph Goebbels.The propaganda methods and tactics Goebbels used, who was discovered by Hitler and later appointed by him as the Minister of Public Enlightenment... more

How the US creates it enemies and allows them to thrive

The U.S.’s attempt to change the regime in Venezuela in an anti-democratic manner before the eyes of the world has confused us all. I intend to confuse you further. Let us push the mind beyond its boundaries to produce something right.I will say that... more

A Turkish anti-populist strategy for the Trump/Syria/PYD deadlock

Trump tweeted at 2:00 in the morning and stirred up trouble again. The last time he woke up the entire world declaring in a tweet that “we are going to withdraw from Syria.” This time, he openly threatened Turkey and reshuffled the deck.You can’t rea... more

Will we live long enough to see the ‘worst case scenario’?

We always force ourselves to be optimistic. This is a kind of a wish for the world to become a more livable place. Those who follow the developments in the world a little bit are stuck between their wishes and realities.On the one side, there is hope... more

The rebellion of Europe’s restlessness

They are uneasy. Therefore they are unhappy. However, they cannot fully describe the reason why. They could be unhappy for any reason.European societies have for a long time been living in a state of unhappiness caused by a restlessness they cannot d... more

The pains of change in AK Party

Everyone is talking about the fact that most mayor candidates will change in regards to the upcoming local elections. But it is still not exactly clear how these changes will be made.There are the classic arguments: those who served for three terms w... more

Who has been victorious in the Middle East to this day?

Whoever enters into a dirty affair with a foreign country in the Muslim world, especially in the Middle East, always loses.All the countries, their governments, and peoples emerged losers when they allied with Britain and France before the Second Wor... more

A tough year awaits the Middle East

Day by day we lose our hopes for a better future in the geography we live in. I really want to tell you that war, terrorism, poverty, ignorance, and fragmentation will end and that everything is going to be alright.However, the developments, and the ... more

Turkey’s silent power in the Muslim world

Naser el Duwailah is a legal expert who was a member of parliament in Kuwait. He published messages defending the rapprochement of Kuwait and Turkey, Turkey’s opening of a military base in Kuwait and that Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Salman is greatly... more

My country, my President

There are some moments when you have high expectations of your country and the people who rule it. These are generally moments of crisis.Now, I feel like we are in a that kind of moment.The Khashoggi murder has become a crisis not just for Turkey but... more

Second phase in the Khashoggi murder: saving Private Salman

Let’s make it clear, consider the big picture:It is unprecedented for someone to be lured into a consulate and murdered there. This is the first time we are facing such a case.There is no other state in the history of the world that has murdered its ... more


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