This is not legitimacy but pride! - İSMAIL KILIÇARSLAN

This is not legitimacy but pride!

Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, age 17, was found dead in the forest of Jerusalem.

These are the headlines of the news reports flashing this hot news. And nothing else happens.

Why? Because the boy"s name is Muhammad and his other name is Hussein. If your name is Muhammad or Hussein, nothing happens even if you are murdered or put on fire. The whole world would not consider you as a minor issue, let alone a loss. No one would care about you.

Why is it so? Well because if your name is Muhammad and Hussein you are either a terrorist or a potential terrorist. In either case, you are an imminent threat. You deserve to be killed after being burnt.

After WW2 broke out, the world classified countries as first, second and third categories. They established an association that granted the right of veto to the five countries that sell the most weapons in the world. Those were the days when they started to have a good time.

I want to address the authorities of those countries. You have the oil. In fact, you possess almost all of the subterranean and superterranean resources. You have all the foolish African dictators and Arab sheikhs under your hands. When in such circumstances you are enjoying the earth"s resources over 90 percent, the rest of world struggles with hunger, sickness and misery.

There is nothing wrong if you invade a million people"s blood through "legitimate" ways. There is no problem when you directly or your proxies kill people in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria in your name.

However, you cannot show any tolerance to even a slightly democratic regime such as in Egypt. You cannot show any tolerance with the hope carried with two ships to Gaza. You cannot tolerate if we come into power in Tunisia.

You make a big fuss when the Taliban put down a few idols in Afghanistan. You ruined the whole Ramadan of Gaza because three murderous soldiers of yours had been kidnapped. Why is it so? The answer is we have no "legitimacy". Our existence per se has no legitimacy for you.

Then you used your bitter media dogs, your all-know sociologists or all the predictions of your esteemed political scientists. They simply involve the process and tell you "the ISIS is a seriously horrific organization!"

You put a 17-year-old boy on fire! You kidnapped our 9-year-old Gaza girl and killed her. You raped 54 daughters of ours in Egypt. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Eastern Turkistan, Central Africa and Bosnia, you have spilled the blood of millions. Is there any more horrible organization than what you are in this world?

You are wrong, if you think we are going to buy your tactic in presenting to us ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda or Taliban as the excuse. These are all the outcomes of your blood policy process.

Well, take your legitimacy and go away. Also, take those "high values" of yours to the gullible moderates and pour all of your tales over their heads. At any rate, they defend you even better than you do. You can find people among them who claim, "the Muslim brotherhood made a great mistake" or "if you kidnap 3 soldiers, such an outcome will happen". You have tones of voluntary defenders.

However, let me tell you one thing that we are a handful of people who fear a plague by God just because there are some idiots among us and we have no intent to believe in your stories.

We are resisting not because of legitimacy or things that you consider legitimate, but because of our pride and honor.

Since you have the power to organize an occupation, then we are powerful enough to revive a "global intifada". If it is not today, then tomorrow. If it"s not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow because God is greater than you are. He keeps his promises.

Do you remember the word of the refugee? "When Palestinians respond with two rockets from Gaza after Israel attacks heavily through ground, sea and air strikes, it"s yet Palestinians who will be considered as terrorists." Duh!



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