Why did Fukuyama praise Turkish drones? Just you wait, we have just begun. The ‘historic shift’ to come is the real surprise - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Why did Fukuyama praise Turkish drones? Just you wait, we have just begun. The ‘historic shift’ to come is the real surprise

American political scientist Francis Fukuyama, who advocates the theory that Western Liberal ideology is the end point that can be reached by the human race in his book, “The End of History and the Last Man,” wrote an article that sings praises to Turkey’s drone forces.

In summary, he says:

“The main actor in this development is Turkey under President Tayyip Recep Erdogan. The country has developed its own domestic drones and has used them to devastating effect in several recent military conflicts.”

Turkey leaves US, Russia, China behind

“In the process, it has elevated itself to being a major regional power broker with more ability to shape outcomes than Russia, China, or the United States.”

Fukuyama, who pointed to the TB2 and Anka drones, drew attention to Selçuk Bayraktar’s achievements, and emphasized how the TB2s changed the power equilibrium in Syria, Libya, and Karabakh, says: “It seems to me that Turkey’s use of drones is going to change the nature of land power in ways that will undermine existing force structures.”

Fukuyama is a project man. End of faith in the West

Fukuyama is a project man. Every article, every book he has written, and every study he has conducted is project-oriented. His mental structure is limited to the global sovereignty of the U.S. and West. His praises, criticisms and objectives are all aimed at this.

He believes that the West is humanity itself. It is clear that someone who thinks, “There will be no world, humanity or civilization after the West,” does not believe in or value past civilizations and future power rises.

I perceive his “praise” of Turkey’s UCAVs, while this is the case, as a “caveat.” While the “stop Turkey’s rise” theory is equipped with the strongest arguments both at home and abroad, as operations to “siege Turkey” from all directions are in the works, as fronts are openly being built, I believe that such articles are goal-oriented.

We launched the ‘great rise,’ expanded it to every field

We live in such a world, a time-frame that will amaze a man who thinks, “The West is the end-point of humanity; Western liberalism is the highest point that can be reached by humanity,” and make him witness great surprises, drag him into grave disappointments.

Fukuyama’s evaluations are all correct, of course. In fact, there is a lot more to it. This is due to the fact that Turkey launched a great rise, and expanded it across all fields. Political, economic, technological, and geopolitical foundations capable of impacting the 21st century were laid.

A new page in war history. The geopolitical power shift has started

Turkey rejected the U.S. and Europe’s patronage, tutelage. It set off for a new establishment. This is a great mobilization as well. Turkey draws this mobilization power from its centuries of experience and background in state and politics. It gets it from its regional experience; its imperial heritage. It is putting forth a claim, a future for the region and the world.

Drone technology changed the geopolitical power equilibrium, and will continue to do so. It paved the way for Turkey and strengthened its hand. Turkey is now teaching global warfare a brand-new method. Expensive aircraft, expensive air defense systems are useless.

Turkey connects Anatolia to Central Asia

Drones are being used for aerial operations to such a great extent for the first time ever. UAVs and UCAVs, which have been used to date to strike certain individual targets, completely changed air defense concepts.

It was Turkey that achieved this, and it won’t stop. It not only changed the balance of the Syrian war but also eliminated all West-backed organizations in Libya. It altered the power map in Karabakh, which has been an issue of dispute throughout the centuries. It connected Anatolia and Central Asia.

There is no doubt that if necessary, it will produce the same results in the East Mediterranean, the Aegean, and in the Black Sea, which are likely to explode at any moment.

Drones are now Turkey’s new philosophy. Turkey will continue to surprise the world

However, drones are now a defense philosophy. They are Turkey’s new philosophy. One can see Turkey’s entire historical, regional, military and economic plans, its new state discourse, pursuit for a new global power by looking at its drone philosophy.

Drones are not Turkey’s only surprise. Turkey will shock the world in every field in the 21st century. As Western political groups, power groups, intellectual groups are aware of this, most of the evaluations that appear to be “praise,” are actually “warnings” aimed at the Western world.

Hence, they built fronts: Thus, those like Fukuyama will experience grave tremors

This is why they are implemented the plan to “stop Turkey” in northern Syria, on July 15, 2016, in the East Mediterranean, establishing military buildups one after the other and building fronts in the Aegean, and finally focusing on the Black Sea.

Those who, like Fukuyama, believe in the theory that “the West is the final form of liberalism and the end point of humanity,” will experience great tremors due to the changes in the world of the 21st century. Those who think that the experience, tradition and power ascensions of humanity start and end with the West are now going to have difficulty grasping the rise of non-Western civilizations.

Just you wait, we have just begun. The great surprise is the turn in history

Perhaps Turkey is going to be the biggest of these surprises. They are soon going to discuss that which they debate through drones, in defense, in technology, in economy, in culture and in social mobilization upon the comeback of a nation and history.

We are just getting started. But the historic shift to come is the real surprise. This is what is unstoppable, unpreventable; this is what will alter the region and shake the world’s axis. This is Turkey’s big surprise.

Just you wait, we have just begun.


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