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Who will be West’s ‘new enemy’? China, Russia, or maybe Turkey?

The West’s (U.S. and Europe) global power is based on marginalizing and plundering. This has been the case for centuries. The 21st century will be no different. Even a brief summary of their enemy-producing strategy will be sufficient to foresee the steps the U.S. and Europe will take from now on. 

The West produced its enemies at the time it started the colonialism period by identifying the rest of the world as “barbarians.” It marginalized the natives in Southeast Asia and America with the concept of “civilization,” and started to build power towards globalization. 



 Andalusia, Ottomans, Crusader attacks. It’s all repeating again today… 


This is how it expanded, from Latin America to the Malay world, India to the Muslim region, by producing “enemies.” This is how the global plundering started. This history is filled with blood-soiled pages of horrific pain and shame never before seen by humanity. 

The West did the same in Andalusia and against the Ottomans. It chose Islam and Muslims as the enemy and positioned itself against this new enemy. It united against this common enemy. It fought the Ottomans for centuries. It wiped out the centuries-old Andalusia civilization. It is responsible for an extremely bloody, savage political history since the Crusader Wars. 




Abu Ghraib, torture centers, Islam-terror connection all part of same project. 


The Crusader Wars and Iraq’s invasion were one and the same. Their collapse of the Ottoman Empire and sharing its lands were all the same. Islam was the “enemy” for centuries. This never changed. They presented every attack with different reasons. But, in fact, the primary motive was all the same. 

While torturing the poor Iraqis in Abu Ghraib, while running torture centers at Bagram Airport, while building the “Muslim terrorist” image in Guantanamo Bay, while spreading CIA aircraft and slave trade across the world, while establishing secret torture centers in 35 countries, and dooming the world to the “Islam and terror” twist, it acted with the same motivation. 

This is those using torture at these centers and those who joined the Crusader Wars acted with the same mission. They all had the Crusades spirit, they all had the primary objective of “war against Islam.” Some poor Muslim country administrations and regimes joined this dire history to gain the West’s favor; they did not hesitate to be involved. They attacked their own history, their own people. 




20th century’s enemy Soviets collapsed, leaving West as sole boss! 


The West’s enemy in the 20th century was the Soviet Union. Communism was the enemy. Dozens of countries, from Russia to China, East Europe to Vietnam, Cuba to Africa and Southeast Asia became victims of this war. Millions of people died, countries and cities were destroyed. The West was “setting the world on alert against a great threat,” and building its own global empire under the guise of war against the new “enemy.” 

It won the Cold War, divided the Soviets, leaving no obstacle to stop it from establishing a one-sided global order. It was time to launch the “New American Century.” The West gained unquestionable sovereignty over the world under U.S. leadership, while all countries, the rest of the world and humanity was taken hostage and enslaved! 




If it can’t produce an enemy, it will fight among itself. So, they wasted no time starting ‘War Against Islam’ 


However, the West could not take advantage of these opportunities after the Cold War. It could not do this as it had no enemy to fight. It has never been able to build anything without an “enemy.” It had no such tradition. If it could not find an enemy, it would fight among itself. It was well aware of this. 

But there was no Soviets nor any other power that would confront the West politically or economically. Yet the Muslim world was on a rise. An extremely powerful wave of opposition, a very powerful political emergence was becoming apparent. A new awakening was happening for the first time after the Ottoman Empire. 

Hence, they wasted no time after the Cold War in starting major discussions on the “Islamic threat,” “Islamist terrorism,” “fighting radical Islam.” A mental operation launched first through intellectual groups, then the media, and then through Muslim intelligentsia, it was shortly turned into a project through “security groups,” and into a clash through military units. 




Emerging Islamic civilization would be stopped again! 


It came to such a state that Islam and Muslims were declared as a threat to the world. Even state leaders in Muslim countries, including Turkey, were showering the West with offers such as, “Cooperate with us to fight against radical Islamists.” This had now become the way to power. 

Yet, it was not “radical Islam” that they were fighting. It was any sign of a civilizational leap that had the potential to stand up against the West, and the West’s need for a new enemy. 

It was redesigning the world through this enemy, and the West guaranteeing its position as the world’s boss for another century. Neither Muslims nor political groups were aware of this. They are still yet to fully perceive it. 




‘We collapsed Soviets, we will defeat Islam as well’ 


Even countries such as China and Russia, which are against the U.S. and Europe in terms of their stance, allowed themselves to get caught in this global campaign. They acted based on U.S. and European theories, and established positions on the East and North gates of the Islamic geography. 

It reached such heights that the Muslim geography was completely sieged and set for war among itself. Initially, sects and all identities were used for this internal conflict. Almost all European and U.S. leaders were making clear statements along the lines of, “We will defeat Islam the same way we collapsed the Soviets.” 




West planned Muslim genocide. But is lost ‘War Against Islam.’ 


We saw extremely dire examples from 1990 to 2015. Countries were raided, civil wars were started, leaders were ousted, a sort of cultural and mental genocide was committed, and economic crises were caused. Interventions were made to ensure no country had the strength to endure these. 

But the West failed in its “War Against Islam.” It led to horrific destruction, but ended in a fiasco. The attack sparked stronger social reactions. The shock waves prepared the ground for an incredible awakening of the memory and awareness. 

What the West tried to achieve by declaring Islam as the “new enemy” started to collapse as of 2016. There was no more “New American Century” project left, not plans for a unilateral world order. The wind was reversing. The West was stalling while the rest of the world was rising. The U.S. was now staging ridiculous scenarios, and EU countries were sending off waves of pessimism regarding the future. 




Plan to keep West united by fighting Russia, China. Otherwise it will have to deal with internal conflict. 


The U.S. and Europe forever lost the capacity to establish a one-sided Western order and rule the world. There is a new situation at hand now: The U.S. and Europe, namely the Atlantic alliance, are going to produce enemies from now on, not to gain sovereignty over the whole world, but to protect what they have in their hand from slipping away. 

This is the reason behind the approaches taken by the U.S., which is targeting emerging China, and its historical rival, Russia. The world is getting smaller for them and they are deeply experiencing this stress. They are implementing a project set to keep the West united by fighting China and Europe, and protecting the West from internal conflict. This is currently the U.S.’s only plan aimed at the future. 

But the “enemy production” is not limited to China and Russia. If the emerging countries and powers that have an imperial history do not cooperate with the West, it is going to identify the as enemies. Turkey is the most striking example of this. 




Turkey: Extraordinary intellectual leap. West no longer has strength to limit it. 


Turkey achieved the newest and most powerful political and economic rise aimed at the 21st century; it made an incredible intellectual leap. Despite the fact that all Western institutions are among it, it drew a path for itself and those institutions are no longer able to limit Turkey. 

Both the U.S. and Europe lost the strength and opportunity to teach Turkey something, to protect it, to keep it on the “front,” to drive it to opposition front against rising powers. The Seljuk and Ottoman political mind and gene, its political history with the West, going back centuries, the area of maneuver provided by the re-establishment of the world have already made Turkey a surprise country. 




This is reason underlying plan to ‘Stop life within, Turkey outside.’ 


This was the whole reason behind interventions such as July 15. This was the reason behind all interventions aimed at eliminating President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who led Turkey to this path, his leadership, political mind and staff. This was the reason behind the siege from Iraq, Syria, the Mediterranean, and the Aegean. 

This was the reason why they built a “joint front” within consisting of political parties and terrorist organizations. This is why they imposed upon them a destructive political language that would devastate Turkey. This is the reason behind all attempts aimed at “stopping life within, Turkey outside.” 

This is the sole reason underlying all tarnishing campaigns, negative image and attacks targeting Erdoğan and Turkey. 




West will focus on making Turkey greater enemy than China, Russia. But it will lose this battle. 


Just as Muslim country administrations acted without foresight in the West’s project to “present Islam and Muslims” as the enemy since the 1990s, today the opposition groups within are making the same betrayal, in fact, the same mistake, in the project aimed at “presenting Erdoğan and Turkey as the enemy.” 

Following China and Russia, Turkey will be made the enemy. It needs such an enemy. It used the political gene it has been applying for centuries towards Turkey this time. 

Because Turkey is more than Turkey alone. It is the speaker for a vast and dynamic region spanning the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. It is the leader of an awakening. This power and awakening will lead to extremely strong tremors in the world system and greatly limit the West. 

Turkey will be attacked both within and from outside; but it will overcome this. Just as the West lost the war against Islam, it is similarly going to lose the war against Turkey. We have already started to see this happen. 


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