What is Turkey’s secret? It has no equivalent worldwide! Why is Macron in a fit of rage, yet again? What's the reason behind America's failure? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

What is Turkey’s secret? It has no equivalent worldwide! Why is Macron in a fit of rage, yet again? What's the reason behind America's failure?

Turkey has not failed in any of the military interventions it launched since 2016 (post-July 15 coup attempt). It yielded its desired results in every single one of them, or the process is continuing in its favor toward success. 

There is no other state worldwide that has been able to achieve these victorious outcomes in such a short time, and, furthermore, on so many fronts. It generated surprising achievements in Syria, Libya, Karabakh, and northern Iraq. 

All these interventions were permanent, long-term, geopolitical plans. They were plans set to cement Turkey’s great future, much beyond a short-term fight against terrorism. 


Middle Zone partnership: All their efforts went down the drain! 

We destroyed all their international plots set to corner and suffocate Turkey inside Anatolia, their map projects, and their internal and external sieges. 

Turkey reaped victory in the overwhelming majority of its diplomatic breakthroughs, political ventures, and economic efforts in the vast area from Central Africa to Central Asia, from the Middle East to South Asia. 

It achieved results in areas such as “regional partnerships,” “middle zone partnerships,” and new generation political discourse partnerships spanning the Atlantic and Pacific shores, which were shocking and staggering, especially when viewed from the Western point of view. 


The most influential country in soft power

Turkey became the most effective country in terms of using its soft power. It limited the East and West’s impact. In fact, it was able to achieve this in a short period after the 2016 coup attempt, and at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees. 

As the U.S. and Europe’s influence weakened in the old colonial world, as their area of influence atrophied, as the perception that “the West’s power is insurmountable” was reversed, Turkey challenged the West and simultaneously became a role model for those countries with its fresh mindset, awareness, and vision for the future. 

The West’s colonialism was coming to an end; it had to end eventually. The West’s oppressive reign of despotism offending countries, nations, cities, cultures, and people’s personalities had to come to an end. The 21st century had to be a new start for oppressed communities and countries. 


The end of the ‘Western Age’

This was a quest for a mental revolution. As the world was being re-established through new power maps at the end of the “Western Age,” the countries and nations that comprise the earth’s main axis should not become the colonization and plundering grounds of the East or the West once again. 

A power needed to emerge; an idea needed to come to the fore; a personality needed to develop and shake the earth’s axis. The region that was oppressed a century ago needed to awaken and ascend.

Do not think that Turkey consists solely of military operation areas, its strenuous negotiations with the U.S. and European capitals, the Sochi meetings, and the water-well-opening videos in Africa. Do not think it consists solely of the never-ending storms of evil unfolding within.  


The US simultaneously losing on all fronts

 Do not look at Turkey through the lens of these capitals, through the vestiges of what the U.S. and Europe did, through the archetypes ingrained in your minds, and the West-centered world order that is no longer effective. 

Look at it as a wave of consciousness, a mental operation from North and Central Africa to the farthest ends of Asia. 

Let’s make a comparison: As Turkey has been making all these great strides since 2016, since the July 15 coup attempt, the U.S was simultaneously experiencing failure in all its military operations. Not once did it succeed, whether this be militarily or politically. On the contrary, it was trying to get rid of its old baggage, and conceal its failures. 

It withdrew from Afghanistan. It is now trying to pull out of Syria and Iraq. It is losing power in the Middle East and Africa. Its impact in Central and South Asia is weakening. There is not a single example that can boost U.S. power and influence. 


Turkey is toppling France’s fortresses in Africa, one by one. 

 Let us take a look at Europe. In fact, let us take the example of France, the EU’s most peevish country. France has lost strength in every field since Emmanuel Macron came to power. It attempted a great number of aggressive interventions and lost in all of them. This was not limited to Macron’s failure alone. 

It tried to open a new front in Afghanistan but lost. It could not establish a foothold in Syria. It established a front against Turkey in the East Mediterranean and suffered disgrace. It supported Armenia in Karabakh and lost. 

France faced the gravest defeat in Libya. It could not hold on against Turkey in any respect. However, France’s true defeat has just begun. The fortresses it built in its former colonies of North and Central Africa are collapsing one by one. 

Turkey is deactivating and defeating France in all of these areas; this is the reason behind Paris’ rage. 


Why is Macron angry with Algeria? 

One final example, then: Macron recently stated, “Algerian history was rewritten entirely with Turkey’s influence. It is based on hostility against France.” He is trying to say that “Turkey influenced Algeria, and Algeria turned against France.” 

Upon this statement, Algeria summoned back its ambassador to France. A crisis broke out. I’m not even mentioning his previous statements that  were along the lines of “Turkey is meddling in France’s internal affairs.” 

Macron will see the same result in other African countries as well. This is the reason underlying his panic. 


The US lost, France lost, but we won. Turkey represents a joint heritage! 

The issue is that Turkey conducted military operations in numerous areas around the world in a period as short as six years. It used soft power. It activated the world’s common identity and heritage, and boosted solidarity. It set an example to countries with respect to “being themselves.” It generated no failure in any of these. 

The U.S., on the other hand, lost in every field during the same period. So did France. No Western country could hold a candle to Turkey’s power rise. They regressed while we came to the fore. 

Turkey will continue these ventures from here onward as well. In fact, it will be successful in every field. This is not valor but a realistic interpretation. As the power map reshapes, no other country is holding the cards Turkey has – because Turkey represents a joint heritage. 


This is only the beginning. History has just begun to be written. Plan to stop Turkey from the inside must be destroyed 

The world is going through a period in which “one can get away with anything.” It is not time to take defense but to march on, and rapidly at that. The secret behind Turkey’s success was it coming out of defense mode. This will be the case until the global system settles. Turkey must never give up, and never stop. 

We must carefully interpret the statement that “Turkey, China, and Russia are threats to the EU’s future.” Because Europe is losing in every field in which Turkey becomes involved. 

We are just getting started. History has just begun to be written, as long as the vast front they established within is not allowed to stop Turkey. This plan to stop Turkey from the inside must be destroyed! 


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