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Turkey’s manifesto, “trajectory” for 2023... What sort of speech will Erdoğan make?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “The speech I will make on Wednesday is going to be Turkey’s manifesto for 2023.” Therefore, this speech, which will be made at the Justice and Development (AK) Party’s Great Congress on Wednesday, is going to be Turkey’s roadmap for the 21st century, and “Turkey’s Trajectory” will be declared in all its dimensions.

In fact, every one of Erdoğan’s speeches in recent years are manifestos in themselves. The statements I selected, noted one by one from his speech texts, which reflect Turkey’s great plans, emit a sense of the region’s entire significance, and contain extremely powerful claims regarding the establishment of a new world we have never before heard of from any other political leader to date.

Those speeches are a summary of the last thousand years: Sometimes he embodies Alparslan, sometimes Salahaddin al-Ayyoubi, sometimes Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, and sometimes Sultan Abdulhamid II

No country, no leader in today’s world is able to make such powerful statements and carry their country to the future with such determined and persistent words. There is no equal.

These statements that are embedded in the depths of centuries, which are much beyond party policies and everyday politics, and contain great goals established for the long term, are a summary of our nation’s past one-thousand years.

We are witnessing tragedies, victories, claims, questioning, collapses, rises, breaking points in history, re-establishments, sorrows and joys, but most importantly, powerful claims, and a strong spirit of resistance.

He sometimes embodies Sultan Selim the Grim, sometimes Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, sometimes Kılıçarslan, sometimes Alparslan, sometimes Sultan Abdulhamid II, sometimes Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, sometimes Yunus Emre, sometimes Köroğlu, sometimes Prophet Muhammad’s companion Umar bin Abd al-Aziz, and sometimes Salahuddin al-Ayyoubi.

He fights to build every statement

But we always see a love of the cause, a love of the nation, a historic march, and always the ambition to transform his country and region into the hub of the world.

Every day, every statement is built, fighting the betrayals within and the fronts abroad. We also see the traces of patience, resentment, and sorrow, as well as the traces of joy, power, resistance, compassion, and the love of Turkey and the region.

However, the two main themes that pervade the president’s speeches are constant: The pain of the collapse in the last century, the elimination of the Ottoman Empire off the face of the region on the one hand; and on the other, the tragedies experienced and the relentless struggle aimed at reversing all this history, and building an honorable and powerful future.

What will he declare to Turkey and the world?

What does the 2023 manifesto mean? How is Turkey preparing for a new “establishment” or “rise” a century later? What sort of a Turkey is being built a step after the continuity of the Seljuks, the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic, just as the world is being reshaped?

How will Turkey resist against the plot to “stop Turkey,” which has been set both at home and abroad at this critical threshold, and plans that can no longer be kept a secret? What steps and actions will be taken to this end from now on? What will the president say on Wednesday to Turkey and the world?

Fighting political, economic, social, mental tutelage.

The political, philosophical infrastructure and state mind of the 2023 project is clear:

Political tutelage will be completely eliminated. The era of formatting Turkey with the Western mind will be over. The systemic transformation within will be shaped entirely based on Turkey’s priorities. The era of “controlling” Turkey from Western capitals, “influencing” it through their reinforcements will end.

Economic tutelage, interventions, and the view that American and European interests are priority will be ended. Global capital will not be allowed to exploit Turkey’s fortunes, gains at certain intervals, and use this as a method of income or investment for decades.

Social tutelage, tampering with the country’s nerve ends, overt and covert networking for mass mobilization, and foreign intervention will not be allowed. Turkey’s dynamics will be determining. Deals with the EU, relations with the U.S. will be prevented from being used to camouflage the intelligence networking carried on under the guise of civil organization.

Seljuks, Ottomans collapsed from within. Turkey will not have the same fate

Measures will be taken against mental tutelage, against the perception of Turkey and our country’s great achievements from being overshadowed, and against atrophying the confidence in Turkey. Local resistance, perception, and identity will be strengthened.

The West-based identification, which has been ongoing throughout the 20th century, will be stopped from controlling the power domain and social awareness. Most importantly, social support for Turkey’s great rise and all areas of partnership will be fortified.

The tutelage fronts within will be fought. In this sense, no political organization or terror organization will be allowed to emerge as an internal threat.

Similar to the internal collapse of the Seljuks and Ottoman Empire, a great struggle will be put up against attempts to destroy Turkey from within. Turkey’s axis will be strengthened for this purpose. Regardless of their party, a mutual political participation domain that transcends all political parties will be developed on Turkey’s axis.

2023 will be the year in which the Republic of Turkey will be freed from all its dependencies, enslavements, and shackles of the 20th century, and emerge as the world’s central country. This is the desired goal. This is what Turkey is fighting for.

Similar to the establishment of the Seljuk Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Republic of Turkey, this is a new milestone, a new beginning. It is the objective to end an era of confinement within the borders of Anatolia, and make Turkey, which is now a regional power, a global player. In this respect, 2023 is a sort of new “establishment.”

Erdoğan is Turkey’s axis. But what about those who are fair-weather friends?

This is the sole reason underlying the rage against Erdoğan, strengthened both at home and abroad. This goal, the steps taken, the leaps and bounds made by the political mind today frighten those who established tutelage over Turkey in the past. It is these fears that trigger the attacks against Erdoğan.

The current hate speech is only to promote and strengthen this fear. There is nothing that those who oppose within produce above all this or promise to Turkey.

It is because Erdoğan is the architect of Turkey’s new rise. He is Turkey’s axis. If you notice, after this axis took shape, those who were “temporarily” standing by Erdoğan’s side, those feeding on tutelage have all left him.

‘Turkey’s Trajectory’ is set

The 2023 miracle is, in summary, the determination of “Turkey’s Path.” Who is standing where, on which line, on which front? This is the only political identity now.

Abandon your political positions and evaluate Turkey together with the new trends in the world; you will reach the same conclusion.


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