The dollar was used as a weapon to conduct a coup attempt against Turkey. Loan sharks attacked from abroad, while the opposition struck from within. Beware of native invaders! You will taste defeat again! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The dollar was used as a weapon to conduct a coup attempt against Turkey. Loan sharks attacked from abroad, while the opposition struck from within. Beware of native invaders! You will taste defeat again!

Turkey is once more facing a great intervention in the form of an economic attack. The reality that every honorable person will admit is that the situation cannot be explained away with economic data.  

The international brokerage system and its elements within the country launched an open attack against Turkey. As soon as their gains from interest declined, they started to exact revenge on Turkey. They tried to attack it with money, and make it kneel with the economy. They attempted a coup using the dollar as a weapon. 


A slavery system

 They were exploiting our people to the core through interest. This is a tribute system. You produce, you work, and they siphon this gain. You will be doomed to live in debt forever. You will constantly strive to pay off these debts. This is a slavery system on a global scale. 

 The 2008 global economic crisis was generated by this system. It was a crisis of the system that the West used to make nations kneel through its absolute sovereignty, because the world’s overwhelming majority and new emerging economies had waged a war against this finance system. 


This is a campaign to punish Turkey. But why? 

This war has only intensified today. This crisis is much worse than 2008, and it will hit the U.S. and European economies. Every country is trying to take precautions. Every country is trying to weaken this system, and pave the way for a new economy, a new sharing system. 

Therefore, the West is punishing nations and states that are trying to defect from this system, as they try to escape enslavement. There is nothing it can do to giant economies such as China. They are severely punishing new emerging powers like Turkey to keep stuck them in the system. 


This is a political economy, a geopolitical war. Turkey cannot remain silent! 

This is more than an economic war alone. This is a political economy, a geopolitical war. Every country will have to fight this war. If not, they will have no choice but to be exploited in the Western brokerage system throughout all of the 21st century. 

 Just as the world is entering an intersection, just as it is going through a great power failure, as new power domains and economic basins are forming, as nations lean towards these options, it is impossible for a country with grand claims like Turkey, striving to leave its mark on this century, to remain silent. 


Turkey is not saving the day but the future. Don’t sacrifice it for worthless characters  

Even though it may not have such a claim, a state that protects its own people, its country cannot be expected to submit to this order of exploitation any longer. This is the first time Turkey has consolidated such strength.

A state with long-term plans is obligated to at least try. The alternative would be to surrender. In fact, this war is the fight for liberation from this surrender. No government, no mind that is seeking to save just the day would attempt this.  

However, Turkey is no longer a state interested in saving the day but the future. This is what it is trying to achieve amid the criticisms hurled through cheap politics, cheap discourses, worthless characters, through mental operations, and joint attacks both within and from abroad.  


We’re under heavy assault

Now, all local and foreign elements of this slavery system have taken action. They launched an economic attack through the interest rate and dollar. 

Strangely, they are using the nation’s power to prevent the initiative aimed at saving the country’s treasures. All the weapons within are being utilized to oust the government, to cause social unrest, and reset Turkey's great efforts. 

This is the sort of mental slavery they are plotting. We are facing an insidious game. They are resorting to blackmail. They are saying, “If you harm us, we will ruin your country.” They are saying, “If you push this order, we will oust you.” They are saying, “If you reduce the interest rate, we will attack with the dollar and destroy you.” 

Their endless gains… If we surrender we will be destroyed 

They are saying, “Be submissive, heed our instructions; do not make trouble for our financial operations, or we will destroy you.” It is all about their gains. The entire issue is the endless gains of global brokers and their elements in the country. 

This is what they are doing right now. Hiking the exchange rate to such an extent is an attack. They are punishing Erdoğan, the government, and Turkey. If we submit to this pressure, to this blackmail, we will never again be able to recover. If we surrender, we will never be able to rise again. 


Trade wars may even turn into physical wars. Rough winds are blowing.  

1- Production coming to a halt during the pandemic shook the whole world. Even the most powerful of economies suffered an inflation and supply crisis. This is the U.S. and Europe’s main fear. 

 2- All countries are trying to escape this, thus, leading them to take much stricter measures. Nobody is in a state to care about another state.

3- Turkey realized this and started taking long-term measures. There are much rougher storms in store for the world, and we know this. 

4- The trade wars between the East and West have become so dangerous that they may turn into a physical war. Countries cannot project what it may lead to. Extraordinary measures may be in store. 


Ignorance, statelessness, animosity, evil: the perfect description of Turkey’s opposition! 

5- There is no other country in the world whose economy circles, whose political opposition is “as cheap, as opportunistic, as ill-intentioned, as disregardful of the country and nation, and as bigoted” as Turkey. 

6- The Turkish state is striving to take measures against a global disaster, while its own internal opposition wages war against it! They are working towards their own country’s doom for the interests of other states. There is no such “ignorance, animosity, statelessness, or evil” in any other country. 

7- The global brokerage system’s elements within have risked sacrificing Turkey, and are attacking the country, the nation for their bosses’ gains. As they do this, they are cornering the state that is trying to take precautions against bigger crises. They are clearly native invaders! 


The joint politics-terror front working to topple the nation

8- We are being bombarded internally by a bigoted economy group that has religiously followed certain economy books they’ve read, memorized and submitted to, that are stuck in the 20th century’s economic system, that know nothing about the power activity in the world, that do not care about the sort of future this is leading to, and whose projections can only reach as far as the previous and following week. 

9- These political bigots are acting in cooperation with the “politics-terror joint front” established within “to stop Turkey,” becoming a multinational intervention aimed at toppling a nation. 


The rich are going mad

10- It is the rich who are currently causing havoc, not the poor. Those who are plotting through poverty are not the true victims, the rich are. Those who turn income loss, inflation, and the rise of the dollar into weapons are not the victims of this, but the owners of that usury system. 

11- Major capital groups are running a horrific exploitation operation through poverty. When this operation is prevented, they use the poor. This great exploitation can only be stopped through a mental awakening. 

12- The opposition in Turkey has adopted a position in line with global capital’s interests. It has become their armed organization within. 


Native invaders will not be victorious. Turkey will never step back. 

13- Turkey will overcome this. This crisis will pass. But this threat, this evil must be stopped. Political parties, leaders are publicly firing at our country. This is a dishonorable, an undignified betrayal saturated with lies and plots. 

14- Yes, Turkey will continue on its trajectory. It will walk on with greater strength. The 2023 elections are at the door. It will overcome this economic liberation war as well. Native invaders will sooner or later pay for the damage they caused our country. 

 15- Surely, those standing by the exploiters, their Western bosses, and slyly attacking our country will hit a brick wall. That day is not far. 


Turkey will never step back

Support Turkey’s axis. This is our sole fighting field and most powerful weapon!  

Remember that Turkey will never stop and never step back. This new period will not be reversed. The last major attack before 2023 will also be foiled. 


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