Rising countries are clashing with the West's global order. Perseverant nations are making a comeback. Turkey is a leading sovereign of this global power shift. It cannot be destroyed from within. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Rising countries are clashing with the West's global order. Perseverant nations are making a comeback. Turkey is a leading sovereign of this global power shift. It cannot be destroyed from within.

The 21st century’s most formidable showdown is going to go down between those investing in the world’s great change, attempting to re-establish the world, and those that want to maintain the current global status quo, continuing the established Western order.

The 21st century’s form, power map, political and economic system, and welfare level will be determined in accordance with the power struggle between “emerging powers” and “worn-out countries.”

The 21st century is going to be rife with clashes between the “new world order” and the “Western world order,” power shifts, and the deep tremors spread across the whole world.


Great showdown after centuries. The Western world order is over 

This is a much stronger wave of change than World War I and II, and the Cold War. All three great showdowns resulted in the West’s victory. In fact, they further strengthened the Western global system.

But this confrontation is perhaps materializing at a scale that hasn’t been witnessed in centuries, since the “geographical discoveries,” when the world map was redrawn, since the start of “European colonialism,” and after the global hegemony of the U.S.

Those with an imperial tradition, the civilizations and identities oppressed by the West, the East’s ancient nations and cultures, and the powers that emerged as a result of the void formed by the 21st-century power shift, are returning with powerful plans, innovations, old claims and new statements.

There is a great challenge, not only against the U.S. and Europe’s sovereignty but also against their established order, global perception, power order, political discourse and philosophy, regional definitions, technology and defense philosophy, security theories, defense concepts, economy systems, and geopolitical theories.



Nations oppressed, countries plundered, identities banished from history by the West are being resurrected

Those powers, civilizations and identities that were oppressed, destroyed, excluded from history, with their awareness eviscerated by the West, are being resurrected.

The nations invaded, colonized and plundered by the West, the countries whose mentalities were paralyzed by the West are waking up.

Vestiges of the nations that the West exposed to mass slaughters and genocide, and in fact thought it destroyed, are recovering.

The countries, nations and societies whose resources were plundered by the West, whose fortunes were seized and exploited by them, are coming to their senses.



Their 21st-century projects collapsed

This is no simple challenge. It is a historical/political comeback equipped with resources, economy, finance, technology, civilization identities, human power, knowledge and experience, geopolitical claims, and the hostility against the Western world order’s greed, which has been wreaking havoc on the world for centuries.

The counter flow of history, which has been ongoing since the 1990s and has now reached its final stage, is going to crystallize with the introduction of post-pandemic geopolitical activities.

All projects aimed at rebuilding the West-based world order, like the U.S.’s “New American Century” project immediately after the Cold War, collapsed. Yes, they occupied countries, but their area of influence diminished, and these invasions further expedited the collapse process.



The West is losing its last fortresses as well. It will never be able to invade Asia, Africa, the Middle East again

Considering the clashes over Africa, the new trade routes over Asia, the economic and political partnerships within Asia, the political awakening across the Muslim Middle Zone that spans Indonesia and Morocco and forming the earth’s main axis, and the new positions adopted by states, it is clear that this storm cannot be reversed.

The West, the pro-Atlantic power alliance can never invade Asia, Africa or the Middle East ever again. Such a future can never be established again. The U.S. and Europe are losing their last fortresses in all these areas. The influence of the French in Africa; the the British in South Asia; and the U.S. in the Middle East and large parts of the world, is diminishing.



This is return of ‘patient nations’ to history stage. The world will rise, as they lick their wounds 

They dragged the world into such a showdown with their arrogance and unlimited greed, their selfishness that refused to share the earth’s power and wealth, their genocidal tendencies and actions against other civilizations and identities, and their never-ending plundering.

It is now “time for patient nations to return to the stage of history,” and that is what is happening. The West is now “exhausted,” regressing while the rest of the world is rising. The perception of and belief in the West has changed in the minds of the vast majority of humanity. This is the biggest loss and perhaps the strongest weapon that will hit them.



Those claiming ‘Islam will bear witness to internal conflicts’ will be saying, ‘The West will clash among itself.’

We are going to witness the West fight among itself for power in upcoming years. We are going to watch those in favor of the established order clash with those setting sail for the world’s change. We saw it in the U.S. in the last elections. We are seeing it in France. We are seeing the signs of an internal conflict in almost every European country.

All the umbrella organizations they built after World War II are disintegrating. This was proved with Brexit in Europe. It seems like for those who have been coming up with theories that “Islam will clash internally” to start saying, “The West will clash among itself.”



Turkey is a flag-bearing country. They’re attacking Turkey from both abroad and within. Because it is back with its claims

Turkey is one of the leading countries of the global power shift, awakening, claims and theories. It has returned to the world of the 21st century with the imperial mind, the power and global perception of centuries.

They spared no effort to halt this comeback. They tried everything: terrorism, coups, direct attack, assassination attempts on leaders, dismissal of staff, economic collapse, siege from abroad, siege from within, and building fronts on Turkey’s borders.

The greatest fight against those wanting to settle in the center as the world is being re-established and those wanting to prolong the Western world order is taking place in Turkey. In fact, the U.S. and Europe as a whole are in this fight. The West is striking Turkey.



The U.S., Europe could not stop Turkey. Neither can you

The opposition in every country advocates change. It is the complete opposite in Turkey. The ruling government advocates innovation, the change in the world, while preparing Turkey accordingly. Meanwhile, the opposition in Turkey, which is now a single front, is trying to drag the country back into the pit of the 20th century.

But while even the U.S. and Europe cannot resist against this, the front within cannot possibly stop Turkey. They are missing out on history and the future.

Whether you remember or not, the past will find a way to you, as it did to Turkey. Thus, we are moving forward from here – regardless of who may be driven to which “foreign” front.


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