Internal politics has gone out the window. They’re attacking Turkey ‘from within’, using political terrorism as a weapon. Anatolia is clashing with the Western front - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Internal politics has gone out the window. They’re attacking Turkey ‘from within’, using political terrorism as a weapon. Anatolia is clashing with the Western front

Turkey is being attacked by a “new sort of multinational front” established within. Those who failed to stop Turkey from abroad have unleashed all their elements on the ground within.

They all adopted specific positions after receiving instructions – which will continue to come in – from the U.S. and EU. They all mobilized for the new post-July 15 intervention. They have all taken action to strike the final blow by the 2023 elections. 

It’s not about internal politics but Turkey! We were told, ‘Don’t return to your Ottoman roots, you must shrink’! 

The issue is no longer internal politics but Turkey. The issue is no longer internal politics but the country’s existence. The issue is now to format Turkey’s 21st-century experience. 

We were told, “Stay the same. Do as you’re told. Be a front. Be a garrison. Be the West’s eastern post.” We were told, “You are great, even in this state. You must shrink.” 

We were told, “Do not set your sights outside Anatolia; do not pay attention to your surroundings; do not open out to the seas; do not meddle in Africa, the Middle East, or Central Asia; do not return to your Ottoman roots.” 


‘Never,’ we replied. ‘We were patient for a century, but never again’. 

 So, what did we do? 

We responded with: “Never.” We said, “We were patient for a century but never again.” We said, “The world has changed, the power map has changed. The West has lost its former influence. You are no longer the world’s puppet master. We woke up. We are not hostage. We will walk our own path.” 

This is where the fight started: first through diplomatic warnings, then raised voices, followed by embargoes and ultimatums. It later turned into open threats, isolation attempts, military buildups on our borders, and attacks from the south. Turkey came face to face once more with the perpetual battle, a showdown of centuries. 

They wanted to silence us for all eternity. They had complete faith in their plan

Their latest attack was made directly on July 15, 2016. They were sure of themselves. They were certain they would finish off what they started. Turkey would never again be able to show its face again. That was the plan, because the political gene of centuries was awakening, and it would be silenced forever with the 2016 coup.

The course of events that night was more than resistance against a coup. That night, the history-changing political gene of this land, this nation took action. The Western intervention was stopped in its tracks, and history had been altered. 

Thus, Turkey marked a milestone. It did everything necessary. It made a comeback with all its claims and power. It took major geopolitical steps in a very short period. 


The great showdown of the 21st century

Turkey worked on clearing its surroundings through military interventions from Libya to the Aegean, and Syria to Karabakh. As doors were being closed around it, Turkey yanked them all open. It responded to all the threats, blackmail, and interventions with a great showdown. 

Turkey could no longer turn back – it wouldn’t. Then, right at this point, the West stood against it as a whole. The project to “stop Turkey” was turned into a global plan. 

However, no siege plan, economic and political exhaustion intervention, or efforts to oust President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan led to the desired result. 


Anatolia clashing with the West’s plan

There is no longer a political party debate in Turkey. Anatolia’s roots are clashing with the West’s power. The regional dynamics of centuries are clashing with the West’s colonialist policy. 

This conflict existed during the Crusades. It existed during World War I as well, and during Turkey’s War of Independence. As a matter of fact, it is happening now as well. The ideology and political vein are on the same side today as it was in the past. 

Everyone who reads into the great power shifts in today’s world through Turkey’s roots, and the political mind of centuries, will see this very clearly. 


The political terror mission is terrorism

The terrorism that drenched our country in blood and sorrow for decades was more than just terrorism. It was a foreign intervention. Similarly, this too is a new sort of foreign intervention. It is a Western intervention. 

Just as it was a plan to suffocate Turkey within and carve it up into small pieces, similarly, this is an operation based on stopping it, shrinking it and suffocating it through politics. It is a foreign multinational intervention. 

The aim today is the same as the one during World War I. Those who were driven to the fronts then are being driven to the fronts today. 

This country is facing a wave of “political terror.” 


How to create a traitor? 

Just as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) produced a generation of traitors from Anatolia’s pure children, the same will, the same centers, and the same powers have now produced a new internal intervention front, a treachery front through politics. 

Do not reduce this fight to petty political party policies. If you do, you will be blinded, which is exactly what they want. 

If they get what they desire by 2023, this country will lose the 21st century. We lost the 20th century. We will not lose another century.


They will see what a real historic leap is after 2023 

 We believe that regardless of what they do, they cannot stop Turkey. Regardless of the projects they attempt to implement, they cannot shrink this country. 

This state, which has a history of empires, and this nation, which has the acumen of centuries, will stop the final great storm as well. 

That is when the whole world will see what a historic leap really is. Those attacking Turkey today with the West weapons and fighting their own country will be revealed.


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