Geographical discoveries are being reversed. The power of six Muslim nations will change the West's axis! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Geographical discoveries are being reversed. The power of six Muslim nations will change the West's axis!

The 400-meter Ever Given ship getting stuck and blocking off the Suez Canal for a week caused not only an economic crisis but also a geopolitical one.

While 320 ships were awaiting passage in the Canal and tens of millions of dollars in losses were incurred, the accident revealed a new front of the great war in global trade: Who will control supply routes, maritime and land trade corridors?

We witnessed that the corridor wars, which we always discussed through energy corridors, which triggered deep ripples in determining the 21st century's power map, have now begun over global logistics, over supply.

All channels, corridors are located in the Muslim Central Zone

The Malacca Strait, which controls one-third of global trade, the Suez Canal, which carries 10 percent of global trade, the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, and Turkey's straits are the world’s most critical routes.

All these routes are in the Muslim region, in other words the “Central Zone” that makes up the earth's axis. This is the reason underlying the coup in Egypt, the wars in East Africa and Yemen, the never-ending crises in the Persian Gulf, the tensions in the Red Sea, and the plans to drown Turkey in the East Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, this is an area made up by weak countries. Hence, countries are oppressed, with corridors under the control of others. Those who hold global economic and military power in their hands will stop at nothing to sustain this control, and destroy many countries to this end.

New trade routes, new world, new economic circle, new powerful states

New corridors have joined the traditional ones now.

Examples of these new corridors are: the new “Silk Route” from China to Turkey, the new transportation route that formed as a result of the North Pole melting and caused crises between Russia and Europe/U.S., the recently initiated trade and transportation routes over Africa, Israel and the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) canal project as an alternative to the Suez Canal.

The central countries that are seeking to format the world of the 21st century are fighting a relentless battle through these new corridors.

Power and influence are all being re-established through resources, corridors and markets. The showdown’s slogan is, “New world, new geography, new economic circle and new powerful states.”

'Geographical Discoveries’ reversed: Six Muslim countries’ power will change the West’s axis.

For the first time, the West is losing the superiority it gained and maintained for centuries with “Geographical Discoveries.” The East emerging as an extremely dynamic new force, the Muslim countries that have control over these straits and corridors realizing that they possess this power and making efforts to invest in it are two extremely critical predicaments that will dethrone the West and cause it to lose its axis!

Turkey (its straits), Indonesia and Malaysia (Malacca Strait), Egypt (Suez Canal and Sinai), Iran (Persian Gulf), Saudi Arabia (Red Sea) may be the new era’s major actors.

Their investment in the power provided by the control over global economy and trade routes may make them the 21st century’s rising powers. Therefore, mental enlightenment will be enough to be free us from the 20th century’s traditional Western tutelage.

Surprising actors may make an appearance

Those who control these corridors will have dominion over global trade and energy supply. This will thus allow a major political, military and cultural breakthrough.

These countries may make a surprising, game-changing move in the ongoing fight between Russia and China, and the U.S. and Europe, to reign over all the lands and seas of the earth.

They have both the power and intelligence to achieve this. One or a few of these countries may settle right at the center of the 21st-century global system. This will happen.

Those who are quick to act will be the future’s architects…

The coronavirus pandemic further intensified existing geopolitical conflicts. Routines went off course, plans were altered, and everything gained pace. Those who are quick, brave, those who make intellectual leaps, who disassociate themselves from overnight destructive debates and set great goals will be among the architects of the future.

We have a world waiting to be claimed by every country that will present its own game-plan on the stage instead of assuming supporting roles. This is due to the fact that the world has been spinning on the Western axis for centuries; and their sovereignty, which formatted the world, is shattering for the first time. For the first time, the world is truly changing.

Turkey is battling both an internal and external siege, and taking giant leaps. Every step Turkey takes against foreign and internal sieges, every step it is trying to take is determined in accordance with these great plans. At a time when a ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal can reveal the axis shift in the world, Turkey is taking giant steps with an extraordinary intellectual leap. This is the reason why it is at the center of so many discussions in both the West and the East.

Turkey’s serious military interventions in the south, east and west, its gambols in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean, its outreach as far as Libya, and efforts to normalize relations with Egypt and Saudi Arabia are all part of regional strategies.

The fact that it is making extraordinary breakthroughs in every field, taking every step aimed at complete liberation from the tutelage tools of the past with great determination is preparation for much bigger crises.

Turkey will take its place at center of new world order at all costs!

Turkey will take its rightful place at the center of the new world order at all costs. The Canal Istanbul Project and the objection to the Montreux Convention, which is limiting our sovereignty in the Straits, are preparations for global logistics and trade rivalry.

Other canals may be opened over time from the Caspian to the Black Sea, from the Caspian to the Persian Gulf as well. Perhaps much greater projects will be launched.

While all this is happening, those who tell Turkey to “Back off, stay out of it, remain on the sidelines,” will never be heeded.

Wave of terror may be in store for Canal Istanbul, Montreux!

We have seen those who planned the Gezi Park terror to stop the Istanbul Airport project, and tried to drive Turkey into a civil war. That terror was controlled by U.S. and European intelligence agencies.

They may launch a similar wave of terrorism against the Istanbul Canal as well. Those who spoke on behalf of the U.K., France and Russia for Montreux will invade the streets, newspapers, television channels, and communication bodies.

Those who are resisting change of the old world’s security and economic concepts will set us into motion. It is already obvious who was unleashed on the ground to this end.

Those in question would have done the same if they lived back in the time of Sokullu’s Caspian-Black Sea canal project. Because treachery is treachery. Times will change, but this legacy will not.

A mental invasion worse than the 2016 coup attempt is in the works! Pay no attention to those who say, ‘Turkey should stay out of it!’

Turkey is currently the subject of an invasion attempt that by far exceeds the coup attempt that transpired in 2016! This is mental invasion, mental myopia. Those who tell Turkey to “stay out of it” while the new world is being established, are carrying on the biggest siege from within. Fighting against these “native invaders” is a fight for independence as well.

Turkey is striving to modify all the restrictive structures of the old. And it will succeed too. This sums up everything. Western mental models restrict us; they narrow our thinking; they unilaterally format our global perception.

The local reserve against Turkey’s large-scale steps is partly because of this. A “Western” fear, prejudice or presumption is trying to break Turkey’s courage. We cannot allow this. We will not.

Turkey must be ever generous!

We will not allow them to doom us once again to being a weak regional country. We will not stand on the sidelines while the world is being re-established. We will never be a front or garrison for another country.

Regardless of all their efforts to siege from within and without, regardless of the mental embargoes imposed, this is no longer possible. Turkey will never be stingy in terms of overcoming the obstacles it encounters. Whatever is needed will be done…

That threshold has been crossed. There is no turning back. They are launching their final attacks, albeit with futile hopes. Their masters are losing worldwide. They too will lose within. If only they could understand.


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