Erdogan’s speech is an appeal: The voice of both past and future. This is the same century-old ploy. This time it will be foiled. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Erdogan’s speech is an appeal: The voice of both past and future. This is the same century-old ploy. This time it will be foiled.

Turkey has set all its goals for 2023 and beyond.

Everything has changed from goals to political rhetoric. The dimensions, claims and areas of interest and influence have also changed. Turkey’s perception of the region and its history, as well as that of the world and its own power is now different.

Security policies have been reformatted on a regional and global scale. Economic competition and struggle have become a form of mobilization. Social inclinations and consciousness have been directed towards this new goal. Preparations and struggles were undertaken for whatever was necessary for the regional and global rise of a power that is beyond domestic politics.

To this end, as the world is being reshaped and power is moving from the West to the East, and is being redistributed anew, former colonial powers are losing ground as other countries rise and the center of the globe moves further away from the Atlantic, all of which was foreseen by Turkey, prompting it to lay the foundations of a new “entity.”

Turkey is shaking up the world’s center.

Despite all the operations that are aimed to cloud judgments and blind people inside, and all the objections arising in the U.S. and Europe, clearly reflecting the scope of their worries, all of that points to the fact that Turkey has perfectly judged the present moment and it has a very good idea where that might take it in the future.

Both the U.S. and Europe know full well that, as Turkey rises and returns to its region, it will change their calculus and shake up all the foundations of this balance, they also know that this awakening will shift the axis of the region and destroy the West’s post-Ottoman status quo, making Turkey, with its indigenous political rhetoric, a prime threat to them.

Is Macron claiming “Turkey is intervening in our internal affairs” just mere paranoia or fear? Or maybe provocation!

This the reason behind their paranoia, particularly those shown by France and Macron when he said “Turkey will interfere in our 2022 elections.” As well as the fortifications established by the U.S., together with Greece and Israel in the East Mediterranean.

This is the reason behind all Western campaigns of hatred and anger that are directed at President Erdoğan, this is why they’re sparing no effort to stop and contain Turkey both within its borders and outside.

They will even say “Erdoğan is building a new empire”!

To this end, yesterday’s speech delivered by President Erdoğan at the AK Party Congress contained very deep sentences. He spoke of the reckonings of past and present, history and symbols, the awakening and struggle, identity and claims, the state mind that is hundreds of years old and the goal of putting Turkey at the heart of the world, and most important of all the proclamation of a “Great Turkey” in 2023.

The world can’t stop talking about Turkey and Erdoğan. I’m sure every sentence uttered will be analyzed in Western capitals. It will be judged repeatedly as a big leap forward that has followed the Seljuk and Ottoman Empires, and the foundation of the Republic. Perhaps even, in their own words, they will even go as far as to say “Erdoğan is building a new empire”...

“They’re at it again. This time they won’t succeed.”

The President had the following to say to those who, a century ago, pillaged the Ottomans and plundered the region, to those who tried to drive our nation out of Anatolia and out of history, and to those who kept whatever remained under guardianship:

“Those who have kept our country and our nation out of such radical changes for the last two centuries by constantly keeping us busy with our own internal troubles, are at it again. But this time they won't succeed. Because this time, there’s a different Turkey. "

"This time there is a Turkey that is not content to just protecting what it has, it is determined to take its rightful place at the new global political and economic order."

“This time there is a Turkey that tears up and throws away centuries old scenarios, destroying the traps laid in its way, particularly those of the past eight years, as it marches forward, never turning away from its goals.”

What does civilization compel us to do?

"Turkey is determined to be one of the essential elements of the new global political and economic orders. We’re building a powerful Turkey that will embrace the 21st century and beyond."

"Turkey's position today, its glorious history and heritage, is walking a fine line among the targets set for the future. It is our civilization that compels us to dream big and make them these dreams happen."

“This time, there is a Turkey that proclaims a unified homeland, promising to make life unbearable for those who set their eyes on an inch of our country.”

These words transcend parties. This the most pressing political priority..

These words transcend politics. This is not a matter of domestic politics. It’s not about settling personal scores. These words must awaken the hundreds-year-old memory of a political genum that made Anatolia home since 1071.

It should be viewed as the top political priority against those who want a repeat of everything we have experienced from the Crusader Wars to the First World War, from Çanakkale to the War of Independence.

All of Erdogan's speeches in recent years were actually a manifesto. A step in the Seljuk, Ottoman, Turkish Republic continuum, literally reshaping the world and outlining what kind of Turkey will be established.

Turkey will never back down. Even if it is encircled from within, it will not back down even if it is besieged from the outside. These old powers who are trying to limit and back Turkey into a corner will then be forced to adopt a new position when faced with this ascension. That is when those inside will then experience the shock of their lives.

Erdoğan’s words are a call to action. The voice of past and future.

Erdoğan’s speech is a call. It’s one that is loaded with messages to today and tomorrow’s Turkey, as well as to the whole world, one that comes from the depths of history, from the cities of our region, from the Seljuk-Ottoman-Turkish continuum, from the imperial mind.

It’s beyond politics and internal feuds. It’s the voice of both the past and the future. It’s the most supreme political identity for our country. It’s a goal, an ideal and a march. These are the words of a thousand-year-old reckoning and claims.

It’s another reckoning for everyone whose hearts and minds are with this country.


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