Deceit has transformed into terrorism, a weapon of mass destruction. It has become an internal threat. Remaining in 'defense mode' spells defeat! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Deceit has transformed into terrorism, a weapon of mass destruction. It has become an internal threat. Remaining in 'defense mode' spells defeat!

Deceit has become a national security problem in Turkey. It has become an “internal threat” that is, without exception, calibrated and presented daily, aimed at a systematic objective, promoted by the political opposition, posing a threat to social unity and political integrity. 

Lies have been turned into a weapon of mass destruction in the new age of sociology and communication, which is perceived as the post-truth age or the age of fiction. It is true: we are living in a world where perception is produced instead of the truth, and hypocrisy is promoted instead of righteousness coming to the forefront. 

They are partners with the PKK one moment, with mob bosses the next… 

 Instead of ensuring the situation at hand is manageable in an individual sense, now terrorist organizations, capital groups, and mafia organizations with political agendas are in possession of a very powerful weapon. 

For example, an organized crime boss, such as the likes of Sedat Peker, is questioning the state in accordance with his personal vendetta or the intelligence agenda of another country, and his videos are being promoted by legitimate political parties and leaders. 

Another example is that a terrorist organization’s, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), war with Turkey is being defended by legitimate political parties, and the perception that this dirty relationship is “normal” is being spread among the masses through preconceived forms of deceit. 


FETÖ attacked Turkey, yet its so-called innocence is being defended! Those laundering money for a fresh intervention are supposedly innocent too!

For example, the declaration that the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which attempted to carry out a coup in Turkey on behalf of U.S. and Israeli intelligence, shed blood, made secret negotiations and deals to divide the country, led the greatest foreign intervention since the establishment of the Republic aimed at Turkey’s collapse, is a victim, and this victim perception being promoted through opposition political parties is another of these lies.

For example, Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, who was assigned the lead role for an operation within the system, who launders dirty money of certain groups in the U.S., who manages funds for new covert interventions targeting Turkey, who transfers this money to the system in Turkey, and is able to maintain the image of being a philanthropist by buying out the media and journalists, and building strong ties with the business world is yet another form of this deceit. 


Removed from Turkey’s axis, CHP is now a national security problem. 

For example, the removal of Turkey’s “founding party,” the Republican People’s Party (CHP),  from Turkey’s axis and its restructuring in accordance with the priorities of foreign intelligence services; it assuming a position on the anti-Turkey front; and waging an open war locally and globally against Turkey’s priorities is another example.

The CHP standing against everything in Turkey’s favor, it using extraordinary forms of deceit and slander as a political discourse, protecting terrorist organizations against the state and nation, acting as the spokesperson of every country that is against Turkey’s great geopolitical and security operations, and promoting it all as if these are all just run-of-the-mill politics is yet another case.


 Good Party: FETÖ discourse, PKK partnership 

 For example, the Good Party (IP), which identifies itself as “nationalist, pro-state,” which broke away from the nationalist political bloc and established a new organizational structure, which acts in accordance with FETÖ discourses and plans, which is partners with every political wing of an organization like the PKK, promotes all this as if it were normal.

There are several more examples. Such as the contradictions of those who left the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and founded a new political party; the Felicity Party (SP) displaying common discourse, a common theory, a common attitude with all these organizational structures and in all these areas. 

Strangely, almost all political opposition parties, from the CHP to the IP, speak the same language as FETÖ and the PKK terror groups. They are prioritizing the exact same theories. They are promoting the same lies. 


 Lies, slander, hypocrisy, systematic set-up, deception… They inherited them all  

 Strangely, almost the entirety of Turkey’s opposition, from the CHP to the IP, are acting not based on the priorities of the state and society, but more so on the statements of and positions taken by mafia leaders, and countries that are displaying open hostility towards Turkey. 

FETÖ was the one that introduced this “lie and calibrated terrorism” to Turkey. We saw such critical, such incredible examples of lies, slander, set-ups, hypocrisy, and deception that over time we comprehended that this systematic operation was planned by countries intervening in Turkey, and launched through them. 

But this dirty discourse was inherited by certain groups. Now they are applying the same method. They are using this as a political attitude, a style of politics. They are using this weapon even though they are well aware it will drive Turkey to disaster and lead to social conflicts. 

Just as FETÖ was established to serve this purpose, opposition parties and leaders were structured in the same manner.


Ekrem İmamoğlu is first person to use FETÖ’s lie, schemes

After FETÖ, lies and schemes were first used by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu. He was used in the elections as a project. His election campaign was filled with promises and lies. People’s emotions were played on. 

After the elections, however, his actions were in complete contrast with the pledges he made. He said, “we will create services,” yet existing services were suspended. Furthermore, even the fact that services were not created was transformed into an unbelievable campaign. 

He said “people will not be made redundant,” yet thousands were fired from their jobs. He said the “environment” will be protected, yet he waged war against nature. He said, “we will prevent waste,” yet astonishing waste and display of favoritism emerged in tenders. 

What İmamoğlu promised, did, and the “terror of deceit” he implemented is, as a matter of fact, an exemplary political study field. 


Using lies as a weapon, driving Turkey to destruction

 After FETÖ and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality elections, the same method of administration was embraced by all opposition parties. The FETÖ scheme, lies, animosity, revenge became their joint political discourse. 

Now we are watching this sad situation unfold. All of Turkey is watching deceit drive the country and society to destruction. 

Staying on the “defensive” against this storm, which is jointly being carried out by legitimate political parties, terrorist organizations, mafia leaders, and foreign intelligence services, containing all forms of enormity, including internal conflict,” is defeat. Trying to convey the truth is futile. 


This has now become a national security, social unity, territorial integrity problem

 Attack is essential, not defense. A relentless attack must be launched against this “mental terror operation,” against these attacks of destruction. All dirty businesses, covert affiliations must be revealed and called to account. Because they are targeting Turkey. Because this is now an issue of national security, social unity, and territorial integrity. 

They need to be prevented from gearing up with internal chaos, weapons of civil war, and hiding behind grand statements. In this respect, political communication methods need to undergo a radical change. 


They mistook the post-truth age for ‘anti-Turkey sentiment’! 

 They mistook the post-truth age for “anti-Turkey sentiment.” They are using every weapon in their arsenal to attack Turkey. But what they will see here is a national struggle, a “War of Independence.” 


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