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The Great Turkey Revolution

It might seem fantastic to some. Some might find it visionary. And some might disgrace this sight with bad intentions. Though, World War I had ended a century later for us. A new history has started and this history is constructing the new Turkey.The... more

Erdoğan, Davutoğlu, Fidan and the payoff over the borders

Tayyip Erdogan, Ahmet Davutoglu and Hakan Fidan...These three names are under a systematic attack over the borders.Turkey is judged by means of these three names.This war is against the idea or discourse they hold and the way their standpoint influen... more

The Great Operation and those conversations

- Was there any directive given abroad? - When are we taking down the Prime Minister?- We won''t let them take a breath- We will gather cabinet council here Severe swearing, insults, ugly behavior, levity and impudence.These are the examples taken fr... more

Gaza is a mutual shame and Israel is a deviation

The one, who doesn"t have anger, won"t have a future, a word or any worry. The one, who doesn"t feel any pain, also will not have the feeling of justice.If our statuses make us forget about our jobs, knowledge, opportunities and our humane essence, t... more

The children of heaven

Atef, Zakariyya, Mohammad and Ramez were killed with rockets when they were playing soccer on the beach. A so-called "state" did this. That "state" commits to major immoral crimes that even the most extreme organizations would avoid. The concept of s... more

What"s happening in Maraş?

What kind of a plot is the mastermind setting in Turkey? The mind that is driving masses in Maras, Adana and Gaziantep against Syrian refugees who sought shelter? What are the relationships between these social tension projects and the political proj... more

A century ends, a new state is established

28 June 2014 had reminded us that a century has passed since the World War I, which began with the killing of Austria-Hungary"s crown prince by a Serbian nationalist.The emphasis on the century was quite important for me. During that century we had l... more

Gaza, ISIL, Ekmel and the British scent…

Every night, in the time between iftar(the evening meal during Ramadan) and sahur(meal before dawn during Ramadan), systematic airstrikes are carried out on Gaza. This is the continuation of Israel''s attacks, which we are acquainted with and have be... more

Take this man away from here already!

We were supposing that we got over the ''Custom-made Presidency'' era. We were thinking that the custom-made establishment era had passed.We were saying that ''Project names'' had no ''response in the society of Turkey'' anymore.We believed that the ... more

"Custom-made President" candidate Ekmeleddin is a project…

Sometimes you need to ask the questions openly…Does this hostage situation of Turkish citizens in Iraq have any relevance to the internal political developments, especially the Presidential elections?Does ISIL"s "Caliphate State" declaration and the ... more

The name of the new front: Turkish-Kurdish-Sunni

An organization, which suddenly appeared out of nowhere, is forcing the Iraqi army to lay down their weapons and taking control of cities one by one. They are insistently targeting oil-gas regions, pipeline routes and taking every region they can rea... more

As Iraq is divided into three, the maps will change…

Two questions exist: Will Iraq be divided into three? Will ISIL attack Turkey?There are tens of questions that are still developing. If Iraq is divided, will Syria be divided as well? How will of all these reflect on Turkey? In which direction will t... more


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