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Will a war erupt between China and India? Why are the world’s two most populous nuclear powers at loggerheads? The Western political mind is egging India onto the battlefield against China. South Asia, the Pacific region will explode. Dozens of countries are at risk

Do not take lightly the conflict transpiring on the Himalayan border between China and India, Asia’s nuclear powers that are the world’s most populous nations.Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in the latest clash in the Ladakh region of India and th... more

What is the groundswell of public unrest hitting the US, Europe all about? The statues of racist leaders are being torn down; Africa should expel those countries from their lands! You say ‘terrorists invaded our city.’ Yet you tried to invade Turkey with those very terrorists! What's behind Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from across the world? What does he fear? Is a coup being planned in the US?

Will the killing of George Floyd, followed by demonstrations in almost all American cities, lead to a groundswell across the world?Will it produce a psychological foundation and atmosphere for a new sort of political awareness, identity or reaction? ... more

As angry masses hit Western capitals, we bid farewell to the world we know. The fight in US, Europe is not about racism! It’s the end of the road for the enslaving Western order. Turkey is now a ‘superpower’; its words carry weight in Libya, the Mediterranean

We are now going to redefine all the problems and crises in the world. Countries, societies, maps, and powers are going to be reevaluated.Colonialism, racism, injustice, income disparity, identity, geopolitical struggle, power struggles, social value... more

Banking on Turkey has become a political identity! We won the Italo-Turkish war a century later. How did UAE’s Zayed and his partners perceive the Erdoğan-Sarraj meeting yesterday? The Mediterranean alliance collapsed in face of the ‘Turkey axis’

Turkey is a global game-changer! It is a playmaker in the region. A pin cannot be dropped in the region without considering the “Turkey effect.”The meaning behind the statement, “No game can be played in the Mediterranean without Turkey,” is that it ... more

Extraordinary events are rocking the US. What do we make of that? When countries decay, weaknesses poison them from within. The ‘American dream’ you say? What is left of that? The world is toying with the US’s political mind, burying it alive! The ANTIFA trained at a PKK camp, Mr. Trump! The guns you pointed at us are now protesting on your streets

The conflict in the U.S. is not only an ethnic issue; it’s the beginning of disintegration.It’s a sign of regression, weakening, inefficiency and internal collapse. It is an indicator that cracks in the system will be revealed one after the other.Ter... more

They wrote ‘oppression began in 1453’ in Istanbul streets We started to recite Surah al-Fath (The Victory) in Hagia Sophia They set traps in the Mediterranean, Libya, Ankara; they waged war against the ‘Turkey axis’ We build defense shields in every corner of the region They were leftist, liberal, Islamist. They all gathered to become pro-tutelage. We were nothing but Turkey; We were its voice, its agility, its fury

They wrote throughout Istanbul's streets, “The oppression began in 1453,” in reference to the year Istanbul was conquered. We, on the other hand, started to recite the Quranic chapter, al-Fath (the Victory), in Hagia Sophia “Mosque.”They attempted to... more

Those trying to duplicate the May 27 coup today, those implying Erdoğan’s fate will be the same as Menderes: you are not going to be able to stop Turkey a ‘third time’! You tried on July 15. Don’t you dare try it again. We passed the final test. The world is now watching the rise of a global power

Today is the 60th anniversary of the coup conducted on May 27, 1960.Today, together with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we too are going to Yassıada (the Island of Democracy and Freedom), where former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes was executed on Se... more

Second stage of operation in Libya: Striking Haftar’s headquarters After Russian Pantsirs, MIGs will also be buried in the desert! Turkey is in possession of a nuclear-like weapon that will foil their plans Who activated the CHP-PKK partnership? and for what purpose?

Turkey’s Libya operation changed every power map in the Mediterranean, and it is going to continue to further change them. Turkey has gained prominence as a new and effective Mediterranean power.The most serious surprise of the “new rising period” po... more

The Turkey effect: How were their plans in Libya foiled? The UAE, Saudi, Israel, Iran gathered on a single front in Libya. What happened to an Arab-Iran conflict? Is Turkey the common enemy? Where does the ‘native front’ stand? But Turkey changed the game. The Mediterranean map has also changed. Mohammed bin Zayed may attempt assassinations in Libya, Turkey

Critical developments have been taking place in Libya in the last few weeks. The “Turkey effect” has ruined all plans in Libya. Not only in Libya but in the entire Mediterranean; the natural gas negotiations and projects in the East Mediterranean, We... more

We’re building an age of compassion. We’re spreading a wave of joy, building a common map. Just wait, Turkey’s surprise has only begun. ‘Turkey axis’ now covers the whole region. Reason underlying anti-Erdoğan sentiment, betrayal of Turkey cannot be concealed.

It is the prayers and supplications of the oppressed that keep us standing. As our armed forces, our state mind, our political discourse, our regional stance, our game-changer role is being equipped with a new force that is as effective as – or even ... more

What will the world be like post-corona? Shock waves will hit the Pacific. A superior mind can no longer hold the EU together. German influence will gain prominence. The world must be on alert for the West’s last great lunacy. How will Turkey change? This is the strongest we’ve been in the last century. Libya, Mediterranean, Aegean: Turkey is just getting started

As soon as the epidemic calms down, the world is in store for a cutthroat showdown. Old claims are going to resurface.As a matter of fact, the fresh enmities caused by COVID-19 are going to be diverted from the health field to the military, security,... more

Turkey is the world’s best in the fight against the coronavirus. The entire ‘pro-tutelage front’ has been unleashed for a coup. Their bosses spoke up from London with ‘financial terror.’ Those attacking Erdoğan for 20 years took action once again. What kind of a connection is there between the dollar operation and the campaign against Turkey’s FinMin Berat Albayrak?

Whenever Turkey excels, whenever its power magnifies, whenever it runs to the aid of the world, whenever it stands out politically, an “army of evil” is ready to counter it.Whenever it takes bigger steps toward becoming a regional and global actor, w... more


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