A new mobilization, mass enthusiasm, media discourse, and community network… Prioritizing Turkey, everyone needs to be called to stand in solidarity - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

A new mobilization, mass enthusiasm, media discourse, and community network… Prioritizing Turkey, everyone needs to be called to stand in solidarity

Can a new mobilization be launched for Turkey? Can the clouds of evil both from abroad and within be dispersed to form a new wave, a new social and political spirit? Is it possible to overcome the erosion in our minds and emotions, and ensure that millions march toward goodness and beauty?

Is it possible to lend strength to those who are carrying the beacon of the great historical struggle on Turkey’s axis, for a country that prioritizes the homeland, its nation and values, a country that does not pursue personal interests and grudges, a country that is free from all tutelage ties in 2023? Can such an axis be further expanded and turned into a superior identity or understanding?

Of course, not only is this possible, but it is also being done. An incredible struggle is being put up for the breakthrough of the centuries. All prices that can be paid are being paid to convey the understanding of past empires to present-day Turkey and the world, to re-establish a great plan in an age in which all calculations have been reset.

Surviving in an age of madness: A superior mind, understanding, move, claim!

Those leading the march have interpreted the new state of history, the region and the world. They realized that all great powers are preparing for a new beginning. They realized that a change and transformation never before witnessed in human history is approaching at extraordinary speed.

They discovered a way to survive in the age of madness. They also became aware of the shortcomings of the 21st century, the paths leading to destruction, that it offers us a spectacular opportunity, that numerous great powers will collapse while other countries will rise.

They offered a superior mind, idea, movement; they offered claims that transcend all mundane internal arguments and plans that serve personal interests and power. They combined the plans of centuries and the present. They parted the door of this new age for Turkey. They put out a call to tread this path.

A cry for help, a mentality, a guide has caught up with us again

This is due to the fact that this mind knows that there will be no future otherwise, that we are opening out to a world in which the weak will be crushed, that Turkey has one option alone: to overcome all the obstacles confining it and launch a great rising history; that anything contrary would end in downsizing and being divided.

This mentality took action during the most adverse of conditions, at the stage of the most critical choices. Just as it arrived during the history of centuries, after all great collapses, after all great crises, after great conflicts and major changes, it came to our aid once more.

It presented itself as a cry for help, a gateway, a guidance.

Turning nefarious sentiments darkening our hearts into patriotism

Casting aside the fronts you stand on, the political circles you defend, the restricted power domains, the personal showdowns paralyzing our minds, weaknesses, and those feelings of evil darkening our hearts, take a step back and take a look at Turkey and the world.

From the East to the West, from Europe to Asia, from Africa to Russia, take a look at the central region of the world we live in, from the past to the future.

Whether it be on the economic scale, geopolitical scale, homeland/national scale, global scale or on the scale of the power shifts we are experiencing at horrific speeds…

Regardless of how you cut it, make sure you take a good look. Humanity never before pushed the boundaries of the mind and knowledge to such an extent as it has today. It never reached a speed as horrific as this.

This storm will destroy orders. Then we must make a new, strong start

This storm will destroy all established orders on earth. It will alter all traditional structures. It will re-format all minds. It will build new country, new societal, new human relations, and new power domains.

Which country will remain standing and how in such an age? What sort of a future will be built and by whom? What sort of a Turkey, what sort of a defense shield, what sort of a new establishment and collective conscience will develop?

Will Turkey put itself at risk trying to preserve what is in such an age? Or will it make a new and strong start using the vast area of maneuver afforded by these conditions?

Preserving what already exists is impossible! This will never happen. It cannot. Hence, we turned to the second option. We adapted, becoming stronger, bigger, richer, and more effective.

Well, what should we do?

There is a plethora of things that can be done to ensure Turkey, this country that has been surrounded by evil emotions, focuses on a new kind of goodness, a strong initiative, social solidarity, and the ideal to be a “great country.”

1. A powerful and new political discourse must be produced on Turkey’s axis. The language of internal politics, regional policy, global discourse on Turkey’s axis must be re-written. The world’s general crises must be meticulously processed. It should be conveyed that the problems in our country are not specific to us and thus, not a result of our inadequacies.

2. The negative change in the world, the positive breakthroughs in Turkey pre- and post-pandemic must be compared and explained very well to the public. Examples should be provided about how countries like Turkey can rise.

Prioritizing Turkey, everyone needs to be called to stand in solidarity

3. The internal front that was established against Turkey’s axis, the structure that appears to be an “internal intervention,” the intensive foreign support provided to these groups should be questioned and monitored; their connections should be exposed and presented to the public.

4. The individuals and groups that are unintentionally standing on this front should be called to the solidarity, and in such a manner that prioritizes Turkey. The experience of the past should not be allowed to blind our minds and eyes. Regardless of which political group they belong to, the religious, the patriots, the nationalists, everybody who prioritizes the welfare of Turkey should be called to become a part of this movement.

5. Non-governmental organizations (NGO) should be local. New NGO examples should be shaped in place of corroded and ungainly structures, and the foundation should be laid to ensure that these penetrate deep within the capillaries of the society. These withdrawn structures should be ensured to focus on civilian domains rather than pursue plans to come to power, and be effectively included in this process.

The discourse of the media should be altered. A new civil language should be built through the media and NGOs

6. The discourse of the media must change. Rather than media that considers itself superior, that is detached from society and appears to be elite, media outlets that are focused on individual and social sensitivity, that is focused on conveying Turkey’s great struggle both at home and abroad must gain power. A faster, more effective, more productive media language must be built.

7. Media and NGOs need to produce and use a “civil” language and discourse. It is no longer possible to establish influence using cliches.

8. All these must be relayed not in the language of the state but using a civilian tone. The state is already doing this. The civilian domain is weak. The NGOs, media, intellectual groups and cultural groups.

Permanent islands of resistance that will reach the farthest corners of Anatolia…

9. The problems Turkey is facing, the internal and foreign interventions, Turkey’s fight for the economy and defense, and the fact that the preparations for the world’s new future are not solely the responsibility of the state or the government, but also the responsibility of civilians should clearly be spelled out.

10. A start can be made here. A wave, an action, an awareness, an area of struggle can be developed from here. A new nervous system, a new web of awareness should be formed to reach the farthest corners of Anatolia and all the streets of metropolitan cities. Permanent islands of resistance should be formed. This is what I mean when I say mobilization.


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