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We should sow, what we want to reap

Some people, with who we don't have any other common quality than just living on the same lands, complained about our country to the world under the “Terrorist Turkey” headline. To the world - in other words - to the imperialist West.

We should first look at what the people, who are claiming that Turkey is a terrorist, are saying about Israel and the U.S. This is the scale. Because, this is where their true intentions are hidden. Hidden within their relations with them.

Calling a country, which dealt with the terror calamity the most, will offend God before anything else. It's shameful and is a sin.

They say that the one whose heart is dead, loses their feeling of shame. Aren't they shamed? They are not.

The country, which you want to label as a terrorist, is being a the sole host to more immigrants than the total amount of those in theof European countries. Compared to the per capita income, we are the country that provides the most humane aid in the world.

There are some people; who likes to talk differently while sitting with another person, and, talk and act differently while chatting on the phone or on social media. You will find yourself lost while thinking about which face of this person you should address to and who that person really is. It's weird, but it's real; this type of person complains about values like honesty and morals. There are some habits; a lot of people have done many good deeds for you, you will not tell them to anyone. The same person, knowingly or unknowingly, will do something bad. Let's say he did something that was his a fault. You will tell that to everyone as a maliciousness towards yourself. Good deeds are always struggling in the sea.

There are some people, who always gives credit to others for your good deeds towards them and chooses you as the target of criticism for other people's bad deeds towards them. It's not possible to explain or talk about something to such people.

There are some circumstances; you will be fed up with handling or singing another tune to a person or a group. If you struggled against them, maybe you might not have been fed up. They always expect the abnegation, understanding and common sense from the opposite side. They always live under the Rosacea tree. As a result, they will be impudent and naughty.

Think about how all these attitudes, habits and circumstances gather at one address.

Let us return to the topic and sum up this part: the ones, who accuse Turkey of being a terrorist, are actually announcing their treacheries to the world. They are saying; “You can cooperate with us." Beforehand, the known structure attempted such things. What happened?


Our National Anthem is also our futurity anthem. Our future, not only the past, lies there.

One day, they asked Mehmet Akif, why he didn't include our National Anthem in his works. Our national poet answers, “It doesn't belong to me. It belongs to my nation.”

I'm approaching the people who are disrespecting our National Anthem from this point.

According to Mehmet Akif, Turkey is the strongest, most advanced and last castle of Islam. If Turkey falls, this will be a calamity for Islam. (From Ahmet Kabaklı's book entitled Mehmet Akif, 1970, page 55)

Then, let us say this; whoever is attempting to damage or leave our country in a difficult situation, is also cooperating with the imperialist forces, who desire to destroy/weaken and stop Turkey.

A hundred years ago, the “armed and troublesome imperialism that approaches to curse us”, was again in our geographical area.

Let this be our consolation: We've witnessed and are witnessing how the ones who had wronged our troubled/wounded the nation, had gone bankrupt and didn't do well. Ranging from Shariff Husain to I don't know how many others.

What more can we say?

Maybe, this also: We should sow whatever we want to reap.

Once, I've read a work of an antiquarian dated 1939. (Nurettin Rüştü Büngül, Old Works Encyclopedia) The author begins his book with the following sentence; “In our country that I'm attached to…”

No, don't just say it's an anecdote and move on; let's wait here.


Please pay attention, the “Terrorist Turkey” campaign, which had been started against Turkey in the social media, and the day, when the terrorist Israel had taken nine Turkish citizens under arrest, coincided. The timing is quite meaningful. Whether there is a relation, we still don't know. But, we've seen some flags resting next to each other.

While talking about flags; only ten days ago, a Palestinian youngster hung a Turkish flag on the door of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Not only that, but they also waved our flag up on the dome.

Maybe some of us won't really recognize the meaning of this flag. I'm sure that both the innocent Palestinians and Zionist invaders know what it means.

Right at this point, let's continue with İhsan Ilgar's book entitled “Turkish Martyrdom” dated 1968.

Gaza: Thousands of martyrs' graves had been moved and lost. (By the Brits)

Jerusalem: There is not even a tiniest mark of the martyrdoms in the region.

Jericho: More than 3000 Turkish children had been left here. Nowadays, we can't even find their martyrdom.

Birüssebi: Turkish forces lost 5000 martyrs here. Those martyrs are without a tomb. (Page 70)

The Turkish flag that was waved in the dome of Al-Aqsa Mosque is the tomb, epigraph, nation and meaning of all martyrs. Yes, I'm applying heroism.

How did we reach this point while talking about the dirty campaign on the social media?

Let's continue.


In his memoire book, Hüsrev Hatemi talks about a saddening incident. (Anıcak Ol Meclisi, Dergah Publication, November 2001) In the 1950s, when the Arab-Israel Wars were still ongoing. Let's listen to the rest from him; “We've gone to the İnci Cinema with my friends once. In those years, they used to show the “world news” before the movie started. During those news, we were shown how the Israeli soldiers captured an Egyptian tank along with dead Egyptians and placed themselves on top of the tank with a Israel flag in their hands. While waiting for the movie to begin after the news ended, I've asked my friend why he applauded to this scene. This person, who is a known doctor nowadays, answered; “You've got to be kidding me, are you supporting the Arabs?” (Page 63).

To summarize it all: They want to see our nation in the same position once again. Even if not all of it, at least partially. The whole struggle and lies are for the sake of this.


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