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This is the last one!

Prime Minister Davutoğlu said that we are face to face with a century-long reckoning. We refer to this as; “The Last War of Independence". In our official history or our daily lives, we are always celebrating and remembering the victories. Of course, we have no objections to these celebrations. Enthusiasm and self-confidence is good.

If we look at the victory celebrations; we've never lost lands. We are still continuing our reign in three continents.

Let us remember the victories in the best light. However, we also have to keep our losses in our minds, discuss them and search for the reasons behind them. For instance, the only serious book related with the Balkan War belongs to an Armenian author; Aram Andonyan.

Balkan Wars were a result of a painful process. We actually need to know the history of that process, in other words – war-, and take it as a lesson. We couldn't put up a good fight and lose. Before that, what kind of developments happened?

Ahmet Davutoğlu said; “We will ruin the games of the people who play with our ethnic structure". This issue is the essence of the Balkan disaster. A century later, we are encountering the same problem. Even the actors behind the scenes have not changed.

The interesting thing is; as rights and compromises are given to Balkan communities, the number of gangs in the mountains and murders has increased. They terrorized, raided villages and slaughtered countless innocent people.

The Ottoman Empire faced the same question/fear every time before taking a step; “what would the West say?" However, what the West said/wanted since the beginning was clear; removing Turks from Europe. Then, it's to leave them alone in Anatolia and keep them disturbed forever. Look at the Sevres Treaty and our invaded cities.

While saying “what would the West say", in a couple of months we've lost 33 cities in Rumelia. (Numbers according to Yılmaz Öztuna.) As for today, unfortunately our question and fear is continuing; what would the U.S. say? How would European Union approach this? Will we anger Germany? Let's not take Russia on.


Yes, we are talking about before and after a century. A century ago, the West and East built orthodox walls on our borders. Ultimately, our connection with the Balkan Muslims and Asian Turks had been broken and weakened. (Greece, Bulgaria, Soviet Union. Then, Georgia and Armenia.) In the south; Iraq under the Brits' control, and, Syria under the French control. Thus, the siege had been completed. The Turkish nation had been imprisoned to Anatolia.

For dozens of years, we've lived oblivious to the Muslims in the Balkans and Turks in Asia. We didn't know what was happening in the Arab world.

Even though we've objected to the results of the Lausanne Agreement, we cannot disregard this statement, which is said to belong to İsmet İnönü; we've won a century in Lausanne. The Republic of Turkey made serious moves in order to remove this siege. The D-8 initiative, which was pioneered by Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, was one of them. I've approached the attempts of TİKA, researches of the Yunus Emre Institute, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities and aid organizations' charities in this sense. Also, to the “zero issues with the neighbors" statement.

This is what I've seen, understood; while Turkey was about to break the siege, they've encountered a new siege/situation. Internal and external. This is another reason it's being referred to as “The Last War of Independence".

This is a different enemy; governments, companies, terrorist organizations, foreign services and local collaborators combined.


How many countries are there like this? Almost half of our provinces are celebrating their liberation from the enemy invasion. We've gotten out of such mangle/hell. Now, they are invading our minds and hearts. The ones who are exposed to this invasion are terrorizing our cities.

There is no beginning of a friendship, or an end of an enmity. We are face to face with an evil that has no Islamic and humanitarian scale.

Buses, construction equipment, fire trucks, ambulances, schools, libraries and shops are being set on fire and bridges are being exploded.

People are mercilessly being slaughtered, while; sleeping, eating food on the dinner table together with their kids; they are on the market permit with their civil cloths; they are running to the aid of others; they are shopping with their wife/husband, going somewhere with their family; returning from the Mosque and distributing sacrificed meat…. It means that the “May God even give you a brave enemy" prayer wasn't for nothing. We are at where feelings fail, not just words. When the matter comes to them, the ones who conducted all those murders are making this statement: “From now, the ceasefire has no more meaning."

There is a distance of one bus-stop between our home and the Gazi neighborhood. For years, we have had police helicopters flying above us day and night, without a break. We are constantly praying; may God prevent anything from harming our country and nation.

Right at this point, as it's the time and place, let's make an addition; we've celebrated the hundredth year of the Gallipoli victory. Even the most savage army in the world referred to us as “gentlemen". As the publications increased, things changed. The gentlemen have gone away, and the monster arrived.

Before and after the June 7th elections, they've done the same for the terrorist organization. An “environmentalist" corporation that says brotherhood, peace and cannot “even" harm an ant.

Let us say this; they've given garlic as a wife, it stunk for forty days. We know the rest.


Some people and towns are symbols. They have deep responses in the national memory. Manzikert, Çaldıran and Ahlat are like that for our nation. The biggest Seljuk graveyard is in Ahlat province. Turks in Çaldıran said; “We will not be Persians". (In inspiration from Yahya Kemal.)

Manzikert is the first place Turks and Kurds stood against the infidels. That's the beginning. I've been there and have seen the place where war took place. I've felt that sacred air and saintly spirit.

Shooting a Turkish soldier in Manzikert is equal to aiming at that saintly spirit and feeling. It's equal to leaving the infidels and attacking the Turks.

Let this be our prayer and wish; the day Muş was saved from enemy invasion, April 30, 1917. Hopefully, we can see the day it's saved from the murderers.

Let us end this article; it was the day when we've recently finished the War of Independence. A Turkish villager, Hamdullah Suphi Tanrıöver, made the following warning; “We only have Anatolia left in our hands; hold on to it, it's the last one."

What could explain our worry and case better than this?


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