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They want to kill Turkey

In spite of some insufficiencies, Refahyol government (a coalition government formed by Welfare Party (RP) and True Path Party (DYP) was the first national government of the Republic of Turkey.

Well, who were against this government? Let's give names: Doğan media group, DSP which we can call today's CHP, Devlet Bahçeli, Cumhuriyet newspaper, black capital, the congregation leader who said “you failed, quit”, the known factions in the jurisdiction and army.

How could we forget the years full of lies? The false news, slanders etc. emerging from the same origin.

Even if their judgment lasted short, unfortunately they succeeded. Because the pious community had limited and narrow circumstances. Their voice could not go far away and reach everyone. We could not explain our problem. After the heinous ambush in Dağlıca, the same people and institutions were in the field as a full team again. Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. But with a little difference: This time the Turkish army isn't supporting them, but the terror organization.

Obviously they were collaborating with the separatists. Although 18 years passed, with an unbelievable determination/ stubbornness, they were protecting their presence. They did not have any missing. Bülent Ecevit went; instead of him, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu came, and that's it. Even if they seem to be from different environments and have different opinions, it is obvious that there is no drastic difference between them. We also know that they did not change at all.

Inevitably, other things come to people's minds.

A superior mind. A big boss. In order to understand this, it is enough to follow the tweets from the official accounts on Sunday night.

Let's also note the ranking. Who are starting, who are continuing?

How do politicians intervene? Why does their mode look like each other?

Eventually, that day, altogether they did this, and they succeeded: They relieved the anger that the terror organization and its political extension could face because of the bloody ambush; they diverted a part of this anger to another address.

All of a sudden, this has turned into a dispute on “four hundred deputies.” Therefore, we have witnessed a successful perception operation.

Coordinated with the ones in the mountain.

Let's remember the Refahyol period again. There were two important names of the February 28 process: Necmettin Erbakan and Süleyman Demirel. Aggrieved one and the aggrieving one.

Demirel was forgotten the day he died. When did you last hear his name? On the contrary, Necmettin Erbakan is becoming more important each day and is being remembered more.

He has a permanent and precious place in the hearts of the people. Make sure, the result will not change. I think one of the things that seems not to change is:

The hatred and enmity of some people that will last for a thousand years. For the native and national names, the religious values…


We still cannot completely count who we fought against in how many battlefronts during WWI. Surely,feware missing.

A hundred years after, again there is a similar situation. The method is different, but the target is the same. A lot of fronts from the media sector to the capital world, from the terror organizations to some political formations. There are a few different countries behind each address. They are like a multi-national/partnered company that has just won a tender.

Let's say: This is the struggle between the professional evils and amateur good ones.

That's the Turkey intended to be killed.

While writing this article, just in this part, sad news came from Iğdır. As I would write: Those who martyred the police while they were sleeping could not be our brothers. The enemies of religion and the nation cannot be our brothers. If they are our brothers, who will we call enemies?

As honorable Erdoğan also said, this is an issue of terrorism.

It is an issue whether the nation's life will continue or not.

Every day, weare exposed tonewthreats. Publicly and without hesitation. We can't live like this. We can't call this a “national life.” We can't talk about honor and dignity.

We watched the video of the clash two terrorists were “neutralized” in Tunceli.

They are angry with the police who had a martyr saying, “Why are you killing the terrorist?” They say “Let them kill you.” Here we came to such a point.

Today, there is a second armed force in our territories being supported and having the capacity to make big operations.

Tolerating this is death. It is to give up independence.

After now, sitting around the table with them means not being able to leave that table again.

Urgently and out of necessity everyone saying “homeland first” should ignore the political separations, old accounts, old resentments and come together. Against those who want to darken Turkey and cloud the truth, a mobilization from the heart should be declared.

This nation and country have been tortured by stateless and godless people a lot. Can't bear more than that.


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