The one who did it is the one who claims you did it - İBRAHIM TENEKECI

The one who did it is the one who claims you did it

You might be distanced from some people and institutions, and you might not share their opinions. However, the country/nation matter is different and it's the reality. People will leave, while the country and nation stay. Our attitude and even anger towards a party or politician group should not drag us further from the reality. It shouldn't bring us to a non-national position in national matters. First, rightness.

Today the last land piece we are stuck/living on is also under siege. If we are to think about it like a castle; the ones outside and the ones inside are poised for battle. There is always a mention of “the ones who are trying to confront our country”. We also have a rear side. Many wells.

Who knows what will happen if our country and willpower is a little bit weak?

Because of this; we are against every kind of intention/formation that will damage the country and nation, aggrieve people and create oppression, no matter where it comes from. Despite much existing negativity, we are saying “Thank God”. Look here for wider information; mentally and lively gratitude of a believer (Kınalızâde, Ahlâk-ı Alâî, page 382)


What happened to us a century ago and how did that happen? We are still far from completely answering this question. One of the answers, maybe the first one is; the toughest enemy is the state of disintegration inside.

Besides, the following is true; “We are a nation that couldn't mourn”. We recently started to understand/remember what we've lost. As our nation turned to basics, we noticed what we've left outside. The efforts of institutions like TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency) are due to this.

During those doomsday years, we know what kind of solitude our nation suffered. This reminded me of the “My crane, I'm grieving” ballad. Such solitude.

Now, it feels like we are once again experiencing that solitude. What I'm trying to intend is administrators and administrations, rather than communities. The final move came from our foster land. Let me tell you what I think; I don't think that we are losing Cyprus, it's already lost.

Our country entered the centenary on its own. Accept it or not, this is the case.

Don't we have any friends? Of course we do. But even they are trying to get rid of the traps laid out for them.


Now, in the one hundredth year of the 1915 Incidents, we are face to face with a new attack. It seems that we are on our own.

All the murderers in the world are in a worry/competition to vindicate themselves through Turkey. This opportunity can't be missed!

The ones who are trying to suppress their dirty past are hugging onto the “Turks conducted genocide” slander. By the way, let's give him his due; Mr. Bahçeli's speech in Germany and reminding them of Hitler was important.

The ones who turned the Bosnia realm, Balkan lands, Caucasia geography and Crimea peninsula into a slaughterhouse…The ones who left Crimea Tatars, Circassians and Meskhetian Turks without a nation… The ones who actualized countless atrocities and robberies in all the lands of the world… They all gathered and were trying to wash their bloody hands in the Turkey spring.

Many people who are judicious and have a conscience are of the opinion that this is a “political crusade”.

It seems that our country's and nation's desire to continue the historic march from where they've left off, is under an attempt of being prevented from doing so by a “wall of shame”.

Ultimately, we are aware of the game; the one who did it is the one who claims you did it.


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