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Events taking place and the unfinished

Is there anyone left on the face of the earth who has not gotten his/her share of the ruthlessness of the western world? Which nations did they exterminate throughout history and how did they do it?

Think about a person who advances through breaking people's hearts, exploiting and deceiving them. The rise of the west is quite similar to this analogy. They advanced through ravaging others and violence.

Yes, those who attempt to give a lesson in humanity should first look at themselves. Ercan Yıldırım, in his prominent piece called The Spirit of Islam in Anatolia, asks, “Is European history a history of oppression?” And responds by saying: “There is no reason for us to prevent us from saying yes nor are there any doubts to say so.” (Page 140) There is also an example on the same page, which talks about how a town with an indigenous population of 300,000 was exterminated within a period of 50 years. There is not even a single person from that community, who survived to this day.

I would like to remind those who say, “Whatever happened in the past is history now” about the Abu Ghurayb Prison, the Guantanamo camp, torture flights and death boats.

It is evident that here we are at a period when murderers are composing letters of credence. A tough job awaits us. We have to spoil the game and be the playmaker at the same time.

We are in the centenary of the 1915 events. Today, they want to call our nation to account and say, “Why did you survive and not die?”

We wrote this before, let's mention it again: Anatolia is the only piece of land which the West lost and was never able to take back. They refer to it as the “Bible Land.”

This truth lies at the bottom of many of the problems we are facing. For instance, take a look at the countries which support terrorism. Take another look: those over there and here speak the same language and share the same feelings. Those who prepared eulogies for those who assassinated Sultan Abdulhamid and the ones who support the so-called genocide resolution passed by the European Parliament. World War I was the life-or-death struggle of an ancient nation/civilization. It was the effort to protect the last piece of the homeland left, and the anxiety of failing to protect it. For the West though, it was the great fatal assault. Many of their sources claim it was a “Crusade war.”

Some mistakes might have been made, and individual extremism could have taken place throughout those hellish days. On the other hand, who do the countless mass graves in our Eastern provinces belong to? What about the skulls with pegs in them? What are the things explained under the title of “Atrocities committed by the Armenians” and are all of them lies? There are hundreds of documents and witnesses about this atrocity and the gory murders. Which of these should we write about or explain?

And afterwards: unfortunate incidents which took place during the ceasefire period. How assassinations became a tradition/culture. The pashas, followed by diplomats who were martyred abroad by the Armenians. In short, there were attacks to take revenge, where each murderer was hailed as a hero.


Focusing only on what took place during WWI and taking them as a base will delude us.

Right before WWI were the Balkan Wars, where the land on which Ottomans lived for 500 years was lost in a matter of two months. A total of 158 districts and 33 provinces were lost, never to be taken back. “Hundreds of thousands of Turks left everything behind and only a part of them reached Istanbul, and were dispersed throughout Anatolia. The oppression committed by Bulgarians was especially gory. Tens of thousands of civilian Turks, including women, children, babies and the elderly, were chopped and were subjected to all kinds of torture.” (Yılmaz Öztuna, A Short History of the Balkan Wars)

Mutual testimony indicates the terror of the Bulgarian massacre.

Alright, but did you know that there were voluntary Armenian troops within the Bulgarian Army? Do we have an idea or information about the harm caused by these soldiers? Trotsky, who went to the Balkan War as a journalist, says, “The legion in question would soon earn an evil reputation for themselves due to the persecution they are committing.” (The Balkan Wars After a Century, page 125) What we mean here is that the 1915 incidents have a background. What has happened cannot solely be analyzed based on a single implementation. It is known that the separatist Armenians took a leap of faith and took all sorts of risks by going as far as assassinating the Ottoman sultan. Everyone who pays attention to this issue is aware of the fact that Armenian religious figures had instructed people to “sell their jackets to buy weapons.”

Under these circumstances, I do not find it just to carry out a single-sided prosecution, holding Turks accountable, and trying to punish them for what has happened in the past and what still remains unfinished.

Zırar means mutual damage, which is somewhat like what has taken place between the Turks and the Armenians.

To tell you the truth, -which I certainly should- the revenge of the relocation in 1915 was taken right after it. After remembering the Adana Incidents which took place on April 14, 1909, let us mention that the French had used Armenian troops in December 1918 when they invaded the region. After the fall of Istanbul and Anatolia, - during the ceasefire years - a large-scale hunt for humans had taken place. Numerous innocent Muslims were stripped of their right to life through false witnesses chosen amongst Armenians. For instance, on April 10, 1919, Kemal Bey, who was the district governor of Boğazlıan, was executed in Istanbul's prominent Beyazıt Square. Nusret Bey, the governor of Urfa province was initially acquitted, but was later executed on August 5, 1920. And many others.

One of the tragedies which is rarely mentioned is the fact that the occupying forces were going after Turkish children, under the guidance of Armenians: “The patriarchate and Armenians claimed Turkish children, as they alleged that they were Armenian children. It is evident that Turkish families faced a great danger and were constantly and rightly worried about the possibility of their children being abducted at any moment during those years.

Bülent Bakar's piece entitled the "Issue of Turkish and Armenian orphans" could be read to learn more about this issue. How many Turkish children were abducted, brought to America and Europe and Christianized within that chaos is unknown. There is just so much to write and explain. Let us put an end to it. The Turks have ruled over the Balkans for 500 years, with their religions, language and laws. At the end of this period, the nations in that region have revolted with their own culture, religion and language, like nothing has taken place. We know that in response to this, the Christian world has entered the region and became a dominant element. They swiftly exterminated those who were not like them and refused to be them in no time. From Andalus in Spain, to Latin America.

It's odd but real. Now they are accusing us of committing genocide


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