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Defending Mohammed Morsi…

Turkey and Egypt are the two important countries of the world of Islam. Because of this importance, they have always been under the open arrest of the west. They have been subject to various projects/ operations.

The imperialist powers know better than we do what may happen when these two countries act together.The full independence of these two countries, their being administrated with the national staff, means getting rid of many troubles in the Islamic geography. That's why, all kinds of ugliness against the local names and national willpower, namely the military coups and political murders, is only being treated by the west with “worries”. We know what this attitude means. Deep worry has turned into a sign and password meaning “go on”. It's not useful for anything other than accelerating the tyranny and strengthening the injustice.

Turkey and Egypt, even if the methods seem different, have been the scene of the same attack.Today we are watching the fall of Egypt and denial of its origin.If these succeeded, besides the things we are watching, the things we are experiencing would be added. Rather than the state, it was the experience of the nation that took/rescued Turkey out of this dirty and big game. At every turn, we don't say “national school” in vain. Yeni Şafak Editor-in-Chief İbrahim Karagül had important determinations in his article dated May 18. Briefly: “This coup is the greatest war against the people of Egypt. It is the occupation of the country by the hands of pro-tutelage circles.” What we mean to say is if the Zionists occupy this country, they would do the same thing and put into effect the similar administration.

Coupists seem to have the duty to annunciate inside the decisions taken outside. Some, formerly, used the statement “our boys” for Kenan Evren and his friends. It is certain whose boys these are. Let's remember their first activities: Closing the Rafah border gate trying to break the resistance of the people of Gaza.I need to say: if the seal was in the hands of the coupists, they couldbe convincedon some issues.But not. Namely, their making of decisions far from mercy, is not out of courage, but stems from fulfilling their duties.


For my own, I see every injustice against Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood is a step taken against our country.
We can say it is a message.We well know that, one of the reasons Morsi is made to pay the cost is because he is close to Turkey and acts together on many issues.

The state of the Turkish Republic and the present government, at any price, must protect Morsi.There is no excuse for this duty, and cannot be. His Excellency Ahmed Ziyaeddin Gümüşanevî talks about collecting the consent of the right. Yes, this is firstly a matter for us. If not, it should be.

Our people pray as “May Allah not give a state to the tyrant”. We can see what this sincere appeal means, over Sisi we see in Egypt. A tyranny that exceeds the limit of endurance. Justice turning into a disgrace. Our consolation can only be: Despite having people losing their lives, they should not lose their case. (Inspired by Yeni Şafak columnist Abdülkadir Selvi.)

Right here, let's say a few words to the flagship of the fleet that attacked Turkey: Which of the politicians/parties that you supported till today came into power with fifty-two percent of votes? Have the compliments of the nation been honored this much before this? So your problem is different.

Let's finish now: If you make bad friends, it is said that you begin to think negative about good people.

This is what happened to the good people in Egypt.


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