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A matter of faith

In fact, this was going to be an article for the Ramadan eid. I had already taken notes and made the writing preparations. However, it didn"t crystallize that way.

On the eve"s day, I watched a barrel bombardment slaughter in Syria. On the same day, I learned that Turkmen were executed by gunfire. Can Islam order this? By no means.

Also, we entered the eid with the slaughter of our kids by the Jewish terror organization, Israel. What kind of a problem will it solve when they kill the kids playing in the park? Why kill a whole family at the sunset meal of Ramadan? If killing really helped, they would have wiped out the Palestinian cause already.

They are killing kids as if they were playing Atari games. With every murdered kid, a universe or a family also fades. By Monday evening, 251 kids were slaughtered. The injured child toll reaches to that of 1994. Let us remember that many of the injured are in worse condition than the dead. (I just noticed painful breaking news when writing this article: "A while ago, four kids" corpses were excavated from a wreck. The bodies are all burnt. ) Now the death toll is 255.

Those who use such brutality towards children unfortunately do not signal any kind of resentment. Of course, they have lost their feeling of morality. They lost the distinctions and properties of being a human and remaining as one.

To live in the same world with the children killers… I hope from the Almighty that he will consider the words in this article of mine and others" as a curse against the oppressor and a prayer for the oppressed.

Let me speak under the inspiration of Ismet Ozel: Jews have chosen wealth and oppression and not humanity. The Palestinian authority is under the blood shedding hands of a mafia. They come from such a place that they even kick out those who live on mountains and hold the ownership of vineyards.

According to a survey, 86.5 percent of the Israelis are against a cease-fire taking place in Gaza. The remaining believe in the cease-fire for the sake of the fear or lest a rocket hits their houses or streets. What about the rest? In short, it"s the great pleasure for them to have the slaughter of kids and women. If the reverse had happened, the Zionist regime would not have presented the damage it caused to Palestinians and wouldn"t show "pride and joy " to its people

Indeed the answer to the question "How come someone can strip off its human qualities?" is today"s Israel. It"s even worse than a dirty pith. They are not only bombing them alive, but the dead, too. They are bombing the graveyards. This is the level of their barbarism.

Once Sadi Sirazi said, "If you say a pleasant word to an immoral person or an elegant one, his arrogance or stubbornness increases (Osman Toprak, Transforming Ideas, P. 54) If we update it, Israel does not understand a word. If you tell them "stop", it becomes even more impudent. We realize that behind Israel there is a meaningful "unbalanced supported" from the western world. During the hours when kids in the park were being slaughtered, 100 senators from the American congress applied to the United Nations to condemn Hamas. It"s like they are playing and mocking with our pain and honor.

Okay I admit that they are the false party. Still, they are doing what they ought to do. What about those who are righteous or claiming to be so? The coupists in Egypt and other countries, administrations? Let me quote from the same source mentioned above, but this one belongs to Alija Izzetbegovic: "As for the ninth and the worst layer of the hellfire, Dante allocated this to betrayers" (P. 56) The situation is clear: Palestinians are killing the occupying soldiers, while Zionists are killing innocent kids. We cannot come into terms with those who call this a "war". Whoever talks about the self-defense right of Zionists, he is not one of us. Thank God, we are not one of them. However, we cannot say "but" like "there are good Jews", or like "Hamas is not doing good things" or that the US makes a statement "No matter what, we are behind Israel". No matter what, whatever they do, our attitude must be certain in this way, because this is a matter of faith.

The Prime Minister has called repetitively to identify this as a "Crusade" war. He also said that Israel is committing a genocide, which it presents as a struggle against terror.

Whatever nation stopped or used their body as a barrier against the tormenting and burning Crusade Attacks, our belief and prayer is that the same nation will stop the Zionist persecution. If not today, then tomorrow.


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