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Tailored terror and the German impact

What has been happening for the few last days in Okmeydani is simply due to the fact that it is a ''tailored'' terror. These events are a part of the problem that builds up a plan against the national security in Turkey. After the resolution process ... more

The imposters!

Who are they? They are those who do not have anything sacred. They have no values. They lack mercy and are never modest. They are simply self-conceited, haughty and ostensible people who are self-interest oriented.They are obsessed and worshippers of... more

Germany and Daily Hürriyet to overthrow gov"t!

Did you also notice Germany''s extravagant desire to interfere in Turkey''s internal politics for the last one year?It has always been this way, actually. Some social operations, capital movements had been conducted covertly and Turkish society has a... more

The untouchable man!

Surely there is a kind of fault, negligence but it is absolutely unpredictability in this incident. This high number of the death toll, this much pain and such a huge destruction are bound with crucial questions and unless we receive their answers, h... more

Condolences to our nation

We have gone through a terrible catastrophe today that choked us in mourning. From its earlier hours we had strong signs regarding the size of the accident and thus we got quite concerned. We were hopeful, though. We thought that it would not be so b... more

The age of heroes

Times of crises beget heroes. Leaders and teams emerge at the time of historical transitions. Sometimes modest teams undertake epic and sad roles in history of countries. The course of world history causes significant transformations. Every change th... more

Freedom House and December 17 partnership

The last attack to Turkey has been made by Freedom House. The report of an organization - which is marketed as a "think tank" organization is in fact an intelligence service which implements the fifth column activities for the deep American state – s... more


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