Who gave that list to Kılıçdaroğlu? What other items does it contain? What was he promised? They want to bring life to a halt at home, stop Turkey abroad. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Who gave that list to Kılıçdaroğlu? What other items does it contain? What was he promised? They want to bring life to a halt at home, stop Turkey abroad.

Republican People’s Party Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said: “When we come to power, we will stop Canal Istanbul. We will not pay off the loans. We will not pay companies their money. Also, we are going to distance ourselves from the countries that pay them.”

Let us ask: What other projects will you stop? Which ones are you going to end? What else is on your list, and who gave you these lists?


 We recognize that list. They inflicted Turkey with terrorism to stop these.


There was a list during the Gezi Park events as well. This was an event that inflicted Istanbul with terrorism and sowed the seeds of a sectarian war in Anatolia. The list that was presented to then-Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç demanded that “the third bridge, third airport, and Canal Istanbul be stopped.”

The third bridge was built and named Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. The third airport was built and named Istanbul Airport. As for Canal Istanbul, it is at the groundbreaking stage.

Those who opposed all these projects, who inflicted Turkey with terrorism so that they would be ceased were not the organization that gathered under the name of Taksim Solidarity Platform. They were countries that are aware how Istanbul Airport would deeply impact European and world air traffic, countries that knew what it would gain Turkey and what it would make them lose.

They were countries that wanted to prevent the 21st-century economic corridor, which the “third bridge” would build from China to London. They were the countries that know well Turkey’s “middle corridor” project would form the economic leg of the political rise.




Other items on the list will be revealed soon.


Hence, it was German and U.S. intelligence agencies that directed the insurgency through Istanbul’s streets. Their sole aim was the, “Cause chaos inside Turkey so they are unable to realize these projects” agenda. Everybody who has the faintest idea about how international relations’ power activities work should be aware of this.

Now, Kılıçdaroğlu is talking about the same list. He is trying to say, “We could not stop Istanbul Airport, we could not prevent the third bridge from being built; let us at least stop Canal Istanbul.” Or he is very shortly going to start mentioning one by one whatever other projects are on the list that got handed to him.



A political stance based on destroying everything built is not innocent!


A main opposition party and its leader need to discuss what they can contribute to Turkey. They should be saying, “We will do more and better.” They should discuss their own theories, and these theories should consist of elements that will further improve Turkey’s standing.

An opposition party leader cannot position him/herself or talk about destroying what has been built, spoiling plans, sabotaging everything that strengthens Turkey, and projects aimed at weakening the country.

We are following carefully, but he has not made a single statement about “Making Turkey better and further boosting welfare and power.” But this does not apply to Kılıçdaroğlu only. Good Party (İP) leader Meral Akşener, as well as the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP), Felicity Party (SP), and those who left the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) are all making the same statements.




This is no political path, it is a project!

Is this preparation for a new intervention?


If only one or two of you would say something different. If only one of you would make statements about constructive, strengthening and pleasing matters. We do not see this from any of them. Why?

Therefore, we see that this is not a political path, that it is a project, and that statements aimed at Turkey’s destruction are not at all innocent. One thinks what all this will lead to, what will follow these discourses, if the infrastructure of a new multinational intervention is in the works, and whether such a game is being set on mass psychology.




Should we not think?


The man who said we will stop Canal Istanbul is, in fact, saying, “We will stop Turkey in the 21st century.” He is thinking about confining within Anatolia this country that is overflowing outside the borders of the region, and to drive it into chaos with internal conflicts and tensions.




‘Bring life to a halt at home, stop Turkey abroad…’


They are carrying on a war of position to “Bring life to a halt at home, stop Turkey abroad.”

Yet, who would want this? Regardless of the political group they are in, could there be a single citizen in Turkey, who loves their country, that would want such a thing? Would any one of our citizens want our country to be harmed, collapse and be susceptible to attacks?

Nobody inside would want this, but dozens of other countries would. We can see through Kılıçdaroğlu’s words who wants it. The U.S., EU countries, certain countries in the region, and Russia would all welcome it. All countries that are disturbed by Turkey’s growth, that are concerned about Turkey becoming a rival to the world’s giants would want it.




Who, which countries are planning this destruction storm?

Anatolia has questions!


Then what is the source of this motivation? Then who is planning this destruction storm? Then which countries and which power groups are supporting our opposition parties? If these parties and leaders, who are saying “We aspire to rule Turkey,” are going to stop everything, in whose name are they acting?

We have the right to ask these questions! We have the right to ask the world these questions from Anatolian territory.

Everyone is busy handing each other lists. They handed out lists during the Gezi Park events. They gave lists on Dec. 17-25. In fact, they targeted the citizens of this country, launched investigations, and tried to eliminate them based on the lists provided by U.S. and Israeli intelligence. None of them were related to Turkey’s priorities.

Now, it seems they handed a list to Kılıçdaroğlu as well. We will carefully follow who gave it to him and what method they will employ. We will see how they are going to target Turkey’s priorities.




Who gave you this list?

Are these also included on the list?


Let us as Kılıçdaroğlu the following:

Who gave you this list? What else is on the list you were given? Which projects were you asked to stop, and which achievements were you asked to sabotage?

For example:

Were you asked to stop the production of the armed drones?

Were you asked to stop the production of the missile systems?

Were you asked to prevent the fleet investments, the production of TCG Anadolu?

Were you asked to have troops withdrawn from Libya, Iraq, and Syria?

Were you asked to have the defense shields we built in the Mediterranean brought down?




What were you promised in exchange for all this?

We have many questions. So Many!


Were you asked to close down the military bases we established abroad?

Were you asked to stop the terror operations targeting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)?

Were you asked to start a war with Russia?

Are projects the only items on that list?

What sort of a Turkey are they planning to shape? Did they tell you the sort of a tension plot are they going to follow inside Turkey to achieve this aim?

Most importantly, what were you promised in exchange for all this?

We have many questions. Many! We will insist on asking and insistently wait for answers.


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