What’s all this preparation for? Will they summon an invasion army? Will they have American jets fly over Istanbul? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

What’s all this preparation for? Will they summon an invasion army? Will they have American jets fly over Istanbul?

It is crystal clear that very soon, another Dubai-based intervention led by U.S. and Israeli intelligence will strike Turkey. 

Who will they choose as partners this time? They used the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the past. They attacked Turkey through the People’s Protection Units (YPG). They used Daesh. What matters is revealing this partnership, and the elements they will use in the new intervention attempt. 

I do not know what the intervention will entail. I am trying to understand what new format they will implement. I am simply guessing who they will be working with from Turkey. I am trying to foresee the form of the partnership, their weapon of choice. 


They’re making final fortifying efforts ahead of 2023 

But I can see the preparations being made. I am monitoring them. I see how the groundwork is being laid, through which groups this psychological destruction is carried out, who is producing and launching the lies and plots and how, how the political front built within is being used within this framework, and how political leaders are promoting these plots. 

These are not the contradictions of opposition parties but rather the signs of a preparation. This is concrete evidence of the partnership established between political parties and terrorist organizations. They are fortifying the coup de grace ahead of 2023. 


US, Israeli intelligence gave Daesh specific targets, striking our tankers

In all their attacks to date, they attempted coups within, they attempted to break out internal conflict, eliminate the country’s patriots, while also conducting ruthless terrorist attacks that killed thousands of our citizens. 

They gave Daesh targets in operations in northern Syria and struck our tankers, martyred our troops. It was U.S./Israeli intelligence that did this. It was the bosses behind the 2016 coup attack who did this. The U.S., Israel, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were attacking Turkey through Daesh. 

There is no need to even mention the PKK and YPG. They committed all sorts of acts of terrorism, murder, massacre and crimes against humanity against Turkey. The PKK and YPG have been working for decades as the front assassins used against Turkey. 


They’re attacking once again from Dubai with FETÖ claims

They martyred hundreds of our citizens on July 15 through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). They bombed our parliament. They shot our people, crushing them under tankers. They organized assassinations, and implemented systematic terrorism to cause internal instability. They shattered our nation’s trust, blinded their minds, and struck heavy blows on the faith in Turkey. 

All the claims made on organized crime boss Sedat Peker’s videos were prepared by FETÖ on behalf of U.S. and Israeli intelligence in order the carry out the 2013 and 2016 coups. Those preparing interrogation files based on the lists provided to them by Israeli intelligence, handed FETÖ prosecutors’ files to Peker, and are thus reusing them. There is nothing new. 


Will UAE conduct a coup against Erdoğan! We know this plot by heart

If you’ve paid attention, you’ll notice that the broadcasts first started with Peker’s personal issues. Then the “Turkey-terror partnership” theme came in. A short while later, FETÖ’s Iranian intelligence slanders will take over. Israel’s Selam-Tevhid claims will start circulating. As a matter of fact, all of these were prepared by Israeli intelligence. 

It won’t be long before the PKK is supported and U.S. discourses carried on through Daesh are adopted. It will finally reach a point where a multinational scenario aimed at ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and stopping Turkey is revealed. Neither Peker, nor the mafia is the issue. We are waiting for the second phase of a much bigger plot. 

Apart from the Peker operation, this was all tried in the past. We are waiting to see what will follow. We are waiting for their next attempt. 


Why was nothing said about 60,000 trucks filled with weapons being supplied to a terror group? 

Note that they will not utter a single word against the U.S. and Israel that provided 60,000 truckloads of weapons to the PKK, that prepared for a state-to-state war on Turkey’s border. They will not say anything about the U.S. commanders who controlled the PKK in Afrin and Daesh during the Euphrates Shield Operation. 

They will not say anything about the U.S. and Israel, which built fronts on the border north of Syria and Iraq, aimed at sieging Turkey, and built NATO-standard arsenals, each sufficient to equip an army of thousands. 


Let’s see you oppose them… Step forward. Go on!

They will never oppose the Western alliance cornering us from the East Mediterranean, from the Aegean. They will never object to those building military bases against Turkey in Greece, in Balkan countries, on Black Sea coasts, and trying to amass weapons and soldiers on the zero point of our borders. 

They will never utter a word against Greece, which is standing against us in the Aegean; against France, which is standing against us in the Mediterranean; against Armenia in Karabakh; or the U.S. and Israel which attacked Turkey from Syria and Iraq. 


Why were you on the anti-Turkey front in every fight? 

They will sometimes utilize FETÖ, sometimes Daesh, sometimes the PKK/YPG, sometimes the mafia, sometimes the Turkish opposition, sometimes the “conservative opposition,” and they will attack Turkey with all their statements, claims and slanders. 

They are not pleased with Istanbul’s conquest; they dish dirt on the mosque built in Taksim; they belittle the opening of Hagia Sophia as a mosque; they mock the major projects that are carrying Turkey to the center of the 21st century; and they stand against Turkey in all its great geopolitical victories, which the world is watching in awe. 


Is Turkey’s immunity not your red line?  

Are you not bothered by the coordination among these groups? As all this is transpiring, will Turkey’s defense, Turkey’s immunity, the great Turkey concept, Turkey being the highest political identity not be our point of action? 

Will we be able to leave this country to the mercy of intelligence apparatuses, useful fools, and those who have no priority other than political resentment and vengeance? 


We have overcome these tests for centuries 

We passed through these tests for centuries. We put up the same struggle on every inch of land in the region during reign of the Seljuk Empire and the Ottoman Empire. We are doing it once more. What position can we possibly take other than adopting the centuries-old political legacy? 

Are we supposed to stand on the U.S. axis? The EU axis? Adopt Israel’s priorities? The UAE, which is acting like a terrorist organization against Turkey? 

Are we going to surrender to those who want to cripple us, paralyze our minds at a time when the world of the 21st-century is being rebuilt, when we have recovered for the first time after World War I, when we have shook the Western colonial order in the region for the first time? 


This is the third great establishment! The ‘final defense’ is an attack!  

We only gained in strength following every attack they carried out after the 2016 coup attempt. We covered greater distances. We accumulated surprising power. They were shocked. Turkey will make much bigger intellectual and power breakthroughs in the new attacks that will come from abroad and within (all of them being a single project). 

The final attacks are being carried out. The last defense is in place. This time defense will be in the form of “attack”! The “third great establishment” is being built in our region. It is impossible to reverse this. This is impossible in the current state of the world and considering the major power shifts. 

Yes, they are preparing for a new attack, a new intervention. What have they not tried yet? What more will they try? For the first time since the establishment of the Turkish Republic, an open attack from abroad was conducted against Turkey. Could there be anything beyond this? 


Will you summon invasion armies? The world will witness shocking power 

Will they attempt to invade Anatolia? Will they start attacking from the south, from the Mediterranean, from the Aegean? Will they attack from within? Will they summon the U.S. army, invasion armies to Istanbul? 

What will they try next? 

Regardless of what they do, everything will blow up in their faces. The result will not end with their failure alone. Turkey’s counter-operation is going to spread through a much vaster area than theirs. 

There will no place left untouched from European borders to Africa’s coasts, from the Black Sea to the Indian Ocean. 

The world will witness the rise of a surprising, shocking power. 


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