What would the destructive opposition do first should they ever come to power? Turkey will be the 21st century’s surprise country. Every patriot must join the struggle. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

What would the destructive opposition do first should they ever come to power? Turkey will be the 21st century’s surprise country. Every patriot must join the struggle.

Regardless of what anybody says, regardless of how much they try to undermine, regardless of how much they try to disregard, and regardless of the mocking and destructive language they use:

Turkey has been the country to gain the most power in the world, expand its area of activity the most, surprise the world the most, raise curiosity, while everyone waits with bated breath for whatever step it decides to take next.

You cannot see this by looking at Republican People’s Party (CHP) chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. You cannot see it by looking at politicians such as Meral Akşener, Ali Babacan, Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP), or its terrorist extensions such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). You cannot perceive any of this by looking at the obscuration activities they are carrying out through their angry speech.

Pay no attention to the hate speech, destructive storm. Turkey is more active than EU.

You cannot see this in the opposition play performed within the country, in the lie and perception operations, in the malevolent politics that mock our minds and intellect, in the discourses that go to the extent of hate speech, in the package programs that have turned into a destructive storm for Turkey and are certainly “foreign.”

You can perceive these through the ongoing Turkey discussions in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. You can see it by looking at their praises, criticisms, rage, and threats.

The armed drones discussion alone surpassed many countries’ specific weight. It struck heavy blows against the established military technological tutelage. Turkey’s military, geopolitical operations surpassed the EU’s total weight.

Turkey’s stance’ is going global

The criticisms and questions Turkey raised with respect to the Western world order, its promises for the new world order are now a foreign policy position for numerous countries. “Turkey’s stance,” the “Turkey model” became a role model for the world outside the U.S. and Europe.

Turkey’s impact on the vastest borders of the region surpassed the world’s central powers. Turkey’s presence in Africa surpassed colonialist powers. The new political discourse raised by Turkey, spanning a vast area from Morocco to Indonesia, the Atlantic to the Pacific, has become the most dynamic global political position.

We see surprising news praising Turkey in European media almost daily. They appear in U.S. and Asian media as well. As a matter of fact, these news are not solely ideological or political, but they are also on highly intellectual and technological topics. We are aware that both the praises and criticisms are in fact the confession of a power rise.

Turkey overcame the biggest barriers. It fought the world’s bosses.

Turkey overcame in the last five years all great barriers aimed at stopping it across its entire southern border, in the East Mediterranean, in the Aegean, in the Caucasus, and between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.

All these barriers and, in fact, all fronts were apparently established with organizations, with local forces. Yet, the truth is, the world’s big powers were behind them all. The U.S., Europe, Russia, and the regional countries collaborating with them were behind it all.

Turkey overcame all this with skill, intellect, and the most effective new methods. It introduced new methods to war history; it overturned air defense conventions. It made extremely radical geopolitical interventions that will shape the region’s future – and will continue do so.

Turkey will be the 21st century’s biggest surprise!

If a country is able to overcome all this on its own, it is one of the world’s few powers. If a country is taking extremely cautious steps, very carefully calculating the Western world order’s collapse, and if it is doing all this with success, if no power is able to openly stand up against it, it has a deep, well-seated state mind.

Whether you consider this as the Seljuk, Ottoman or Republic of Turkey’s mind, this is – as we insistently repeat – a nation, a political gene’s return to the region and the history scene.

This is going to further accelerate in upcoming years with extraordinary momentum. “Turkey’s return” is going to be one of the 21st century’s biggest innovations.

We’re not looking through rose-colored glasses. We are aware of our weaknesses.

We are not looking at Turkey through rose-colored glasses. We are aware of our weaknesses, shortcomings, failures, the disunity within, and our problems. If Turkey is able to achieve all these surprises despite all its weaknesses, it is even stronger then perceived.

Many countries withdrew during the pandemic period. They pulled away from the world. They were too exhausted to see beyond the health and economic problems they were experiencing. In fact, the majority of these countries were the world’s richest, most developed economies.

Meanwhile, Turkey continued full-throttle during the pandemic period as well. It did not slow down. It both fought the pandemic and the global economic chaos caused by it. And better still, it managed to become even stronger.

The project was initially aimed at ‘preventing an awakening.’ It’s now aimed at ‘stopping Turkey’s rise.’

But as Turkey was doing this, it received the heaviest blow from within. The project aimed at “exhausting its energy within” is an old practice, and is being used against Turkey for years.

They used to do this through terrorist organizations. They were doing it by promoting an economic crisis every decade. They used to do it back then to stop “Turkey’s awakening.” Now they are doing it to stop “Turkey’s rise.”

They first did it with terrorist organizations. They’re now doing it with political parties.

They are trying a new method now. They are doing what they did in the past through terrorism through political parties today. They gathered opposition parties and leaders under a single umbrella in efforts to stop Turkey internally. The role certain groups assumed in this sense is parallel in nature to the role the PKK had undertaken in the past.

This is why they are using the PPK and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) arguments as their political stance. This is why they are using the same language as a mob boss. This is why they are backing all coup attempts and internal interventions.

This is why they are carrying on a destructive campaign against Turkey in the name of “opposition.” This is why Kılıçdaroğlu, Akşener, Babacan and Davutoğlu are using the same statements, the same words, and making the same sort of attacks.

They’re going to hand Turkey hostage.
They’re going to immediately withdraw troops.
They’re going to shut down military bases.

Let us consider that they come to power with their current opposition stance and current view of Turkey. They will waste no time to hand over Turkey as hostage to the U.S. and EU. Turkey’s great awakening will be stopped, and it will be made a front country all over again. Turkey will be made economically and politically dependent again.

But it will not stop at this.

Giant defense projects will be suspended, ended. The factories and plants that were built will be shut down.

Our troops will be immediately withdrawn from Afrin, from the Euphrates Shield area, from Libya, and from Karabakh. Terror will settle in northern Syria and Iraq again and start striking. The military bases we established in several parts of the world will be shut down.

Everyone who loves Turkey must clearly choose their side, join in this struggle.

This group needs to cooperate with the U.S., Europe, FETO and the PKK, because they are partners. The central powers ruling those organizations, those shaping the opposition within, and those imposing this destructive language on them are one and the same.

They could not stop Turkey externally. Will they be able to do it from within? I have full confidence in the political mind and gene dating back centuries. This is no internal political competition. This is a major multinational plan aimed at stopping Turkey in its tracks.

Submission is destruction. If Turkey surrenders, it will lose the 21st century as well. This is a struggle for history, for the region, for the homeland. All patriots of Turkey must unite according to this great plan, which is above all political ones.


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