The world no longer revolves around the West's axis. The American, British plan to launch wars spanning the ‘middle corridor’ has materialized. A trap will also be set for Turkey! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The world no longer revolves around the West's axis. The American, British plan to launch wars spanning the ‘middle corridor’ has materialized. A trap will also be set for Turkey!

Economic isolation. Political isolation. Military isolation. Diplomatic isolation. Cultural isolation. It's destruction beyond isolation, it's a state of ethnic, cultural insanity. It is as if the world is on a path of no return. 

Yes, a country (Ukraine!) is under invasion. Moral consistency requires the world to oppose and object to this invasion, and stop the war. That's all fine and well. But both Russia and the West are destroying a nation because of their own fears. The people of Ukraine are right in the middle of a fight for power, and they are paying a heavy price for the rage of those states. 

Two possibilities, one source of fear

Current developments are likely to drive the entirety of Eastern Europe to the battlefield. How can a ceasefire or peace be established if Russia is isolated based on hysterical, paranoiac concerns of the Soviet era?

There are two possibilities. 

One possibility is that the U.S. and Europe believe Russia will invade the remaining Eastern European countries as well, leaving Europe completely defenseless. Hence, they are turning the countries along the eastern border into a massive defense line. 

This shows that all countries are under not only Russia’s threat but also the West’s threat. Weaponizing the countries in question for the sake of Europe's defense, Europe's prosperity, and Europe's comfort, driving all the countries along the “border line” – from the Baltic to the Aegean region – to the front is a huge European and American scheme. 

Both Russia and the West are a threat to Eastern Europe

Countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Romania, and Bulgaria must be extremely cautious. True, Russia is a threat to them. However, the U.S. and Europe's covert plans pose a greater threat. 

The second possibility is that the U.S. and Europe are concocting plans to drive Russia into Ukraine for a long-term war. They will then take advantage of this opportunity to divide Russia for a second time, and take over its massive resources. This war will certainly continue after Ukraine as well. 

It’s about encroaching upon all resources, not only fuel and natural gas. Think about what the Russian region signifies for the world's new trade corridors. Everything will become clear then.

World’s central axis no longer under Western control

Turkey is in the same situation. For the first time in centuries, the control over global trade corridors is shifting from the West to countries like China, Russia, Turkey, and Iran. The majority of sea passages are already located in the Muslim region. 

The earth’s main axis is emerging once again, while the West is being pushed aside. A new world is being built; a world that stretches from China to North and South Africa, as well as Central and South Asia, in addition to the Middle East. This is a historic collapse for the U.S. and Europe. Thus, they are trying to prevent this fate from unraveling. 

Turkey will be next

It was the West, the U.S., and the U.K. that started the Ukraine war. Plans are being made to drive Russia to war in other areas as well to collapse it at the cost of other countries’ destruction. Once this plan succeeds, it will mark the start of the plundering era for the Russian region and its resources. 

After Russia, Turkey is the West’s next target. All of the presently “undefined” threats are U.S.- and Europe-based. The U.S. and Europe's current attitude completely reveals the threats that will befall Turkey. 

Turkey is right in the middle of the newly shaping power map. It is not only the main country of the middle corridor, but it is also consolidating power at a magnificent rate. It is developing an incredible wave from central Asia to the Middle East, and to Africa. This is against the West's interests; it is against Western imperialism and colonialism. 

The West’s two great objectives

In this respect, the crisis that erupted in Ukraine will be felt everywhere, from Eastern Europe to the Mediterranean, from the Aegean to the Middle East, from Central Asia to South Asia. The Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Sea will be the stages of the severest global power battle that Turkey will face. 

The U.S. and Europe have two objectives:

1- To stop Russia, to stop the power rise emanating from the East in Eastern Europe. To unite the U.S. and Europe. To prevent Europe from being divided. To keep the Western order alive. 

2- To sabotage the formation of a new world order, which flourished in China and reached Europe's border, which built a new power order in the heart of the old world, which is using Turkey’s and Russia’s influence in the region, pushing the West aside. 

Will Russia surrender?

Will the U.S. and Europe manage to bring Russia to its knees? Will they be able to deter it from its mission? Will Europe thus be able to quell its fear?

The West launched a stringent isolation operation against Russia in every field: from the global financial system to transport corridors, from luxury consumption to energy, from food to fashion, from trade to media, and from culture to art. 

Russia has been excluded from all established global Western systems. All Western companies have abandoned their activities in this country. All investments have been stopped, factories closed. The reaction Ukraine's invasion caused in the U.S. and Europe transcends the invasion of a single country; it has been planned to prepare Russia’s fall.  

Neither before nor after the Russian invasion, the U.S., the U.K., and Europe’s focus was never solely Ukraine. They incited the war. They provoked Ukraine. They provoked Russia. Then, a week after the invasion started, they provoked the whole world. 

Will the West employ military measures against Russia?

The world is in such a state that defending Ukraine has turned into defending the U.S. and Europe's future plans. Many people and countries have hesitations in this regard. The minds of global masses are being taken hostage through the superiority of information. 

Besides the military option, everything that can be done to a country has been done, every decision has been taken. Now we are waiting for the results. So, what will happen if this heavy “isolation” produces no results? What will be the next step?

To close off the world's seas to Russia? To sink Russian trade ships? To strike Russian pipelines? To judge those who go to Russia? To kill the Russian citizens in the U.S. and Europe? To isolate in the same manner the countries that continue to have formal diplomatic ties with Russia?

This leaves us with the military option. 

The world will abandon the Western system

But the world is no longer under the West's complete sovereignty. The West long lost that power. True, it still has control over the institutions and systems remaining from the former order. 

Though, won't every country think they will be treated similarly in the event they have a problem with the West in the future? Did they not realize they will experience the same treatment? Will they not start taking measures accordingly?

No country other than the U.S., Europe, and a couple of colony countries are likely to surrender to such a state of insanity. They already seem to have taken an alternative inclination regarding matters such as finance, resources, markets, and foreign exchange. This already existed.Majority of the world is going to leave the Western system. 

US-UK will try to drag Turkey into war 


1- The U.S. and Europe will do the same thing they did to Russia, to Turkey as well. They will use Turkey's public and opposition to drive Turkey into a huge war. 

2- Regardless of the next step that follows in Ukraine's invasion, the U.S. and Europe will break out new wars. They will open new fronts for Russia. 

3- The U.S. and Europe are launching counterattacks to prevent the West from losing its control over the new world order. But this attack is being carried out through third-party countries. 

4- As a matter of fact, the world war has started. This war is being sustained through the global power struggle, resources, markets, international institutions, and the financial system. 

Attempt to ‘coax a state mind’ through masses

5- The “middle corridor,” trade routes, resources, and transport corridors are the main targets. Every country whose path crosses these linchpins has the possibility of being drawn into war. Turkey is at the heart of all these. 

6- The West is now carrying out the wars, which it once conducted through terrorist organizations, through third-party countries. Direct clashes may follow the Ukraine war, which means destruction for the world. 

7- The West is trying with all its might not to lose its grip on the global order; however, it is thus being shoved aside. The Western mind and ambition will not hesitate to turn the whole world into a battlefield in an effort to prevent this. 

8- This transcends the invasion of Ukraine. They are trying to make states go insane through the masses. Every country needs to be on alert. 

Trap will be set against Turkey

9- Turkey knows that it will be targeted next. So, if it avoids giving in to the Western order all over again, refuses to become Europe's defense apparatus, and continues its power rise, a huge trap is in store for it.

Turkey must and will overcome this by utilizing its imperial mind and experience. 


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