Those who put ‘Turkey above all,’ it is time to unite! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Those who put ‘Turkey above all,’ it is time to unite!

Cleanse your mind. Purify your heart. Expand your horizon. Activate your mind, power and enthusiasm. 

Do not allow those who hold their petty plans, anger, hostility, selfishness and personal interests above Turkey to poison you. Stop them from suffocating and blinding you. 

Most of all, see the bullets being shot at our country, our nation, our brotherhood; stand firm against the gales of evil against our country. 

Stand by Turkey 

We are facing relentless attacks carried on jointly both from within and abroad. This agenda, launched from the same headquarters, the same centers, are directly targeting Turkey. This is a historical showdown, a regional showdown. 

Regardless of the justification, never abandon Turkey in such a fight. This is the struggle of the past and the future. This is the struggle of centuries. This is not something that can be pigeon-holed into narrow political agendas. 


 They started the fight out of fear. They found partners within. 

 We were not the ones who started this fight. They did. They took action to weaken, immobilize, and stop us. They built fronts against us within, on our borders, and in our seas. 

They took action out of fear of the Ottomans, the fear of the Seljuks, the fear that a new superpower would emerge from Anatolia. They realized the potential of this power, and hence started launched open attacks. 

This multinational front found partners within the country; it found capital partners, political partners; it invested in Turkey’s areas of weakness, gathered individuals and groups under a single roof, played upon identities and found supporters. It found political figures who became slaves to their personal grudges and greed. 


‘The Turks are making a comeback,’ they said. So they built the Crusader alliance of the 21st century. 

This multinational front found partners in the region. It fooled them with the fear that “Turks are making a comeback,” the feat of the Ottomans. It utilized their fears. It used their weaknesses. It used their ambition to come to power, and their greed. 

It reactivated the groups it had activated across the region during World War I, from Yemen to the Suez Canal, from Iraq to Saudi Arabia. 


This multinational front activated the Western world against Turkey, resembling a Crusader alliance. It drove it against Turkey with a motivation to plunder and loot, as if to take over Jerusalem, as if to take over the Mediterranean, as if to plunder Anatolia and commit massacres in Muslim cities. 


If Turkey is silenced, humanity will be silenced… 

This alliance wants to suffocate Turkey, weaken it, confuse it, and drain its energy through social conflicts. It knew that if Turkey fell the region will fall. If Turkey is cornered, the region will be theirs to do with as they wish; if Turkey is silenced, humanity will be silenced. 

Therefore, we are their main target once more. Just as we were their target for the past thousand years, we are the target again now. The fight we are putting up today is much like World War I in terms of history, the future of the region, and in terms of the past and the future. 


Nefarious groups with contaminated minds… We will foil this plot

Be alert against nefarious groups with contaminated minds, the disease they are spreading through our homes, cities and streets. They are spreading a mental epidemic much more destructive than the global pandemic. They are mocking Turkey’s attractions, trivializing them, and constructing calamity in their stead.

We will not allow this. Regardless of who we are, if we have a shred of love in our hearts for our homeland, if we love our nation, if we a devoted to this land, if we know history and the region, if we remember the past and are able to foresee the future, we must foil this game. 


They succeeded during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. They stand no chance in rising period! 

Carefully interpret the position of Turkey and the world. See how another one of history’s most critical power slides is transpiring, and that this reflects on us as an extraordinary ascension, rise. 

Perceive the kind of Turkey being built, whom this scares, whom they are unleashing on the ground, whom they are using as assassins, and the identities of those shooting bullets at Turkey.

We are going through an extremely strenuous period. We are about to overcome a critical threshold. We are experiencing one of the roughest showdowns in our political history. However, we are more fortunate now compared to the past. A century ago the Ottoman Empire was collapsing. All their games had proved effective. They attacked us both from within and abroad, and silenced us. 

However, we are in a rising period today. We are in such a position to restart history, help the region recover, and march to the center of the world with a political legacy that spans back thousands of years. 


Those who put ‘Turkey above all,’ it is time to unite.  

Regardless of what they do, this is a war they will lose. This is not our concern nor our problem. 

Our concern is that the people who love their country, and who are able to see all this may drift off into the wrong fronts through lies and plots, through plans designed abroad. This is what we are trying to prevent. 

Raise your voices, boost your resistance, and clench your fists where necessary. This is the fight of the 20th and 21st century. Never abandon Turkey. Those who say, “Turkey is above all,” gather, merge your powers! 


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