The US is ‘concerned’ about Erdogan’s sensitivity for Jerusalem, Palestine! Opposition spreading animosity against Turkey like the U.S. and Israeli far right, European neo-Nazis. Nobody can say that this is a part of the internal power struggle. Their concern will exponentially intensify with Turkey’s every action and plan in the region - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The US is ‘concerned’ about Erdogan’s sensitivity for Jerusalem, Palestine! Opposition spreading animosity against Turkey like the U.S. and Israeli far right, European neo-Nazis. Nobody can say that this is a part of the internal power struggle. Their concern will exponentially intensify with Turkey’s every action and plan in the region

The U.S. is apparently very concerned about President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s sensitivity regarding Jerusalem and Palestine! We are honored by the concern felt by the U.S., the world’s biggest Jewish state, which shipped weapons to Israel even during this massacre, lending the utmost support to the total elimination of the Palestinians.

The immoral attitude adopted by the U.S., which was a partner in the Jenin and Gaza massacres, which had its special units join the war with Israeli soldiers to hunt down Palestinians, is null and void for us. This only aggravates our anger, while encouraging us to act with greater determination.


We will upset you a lot more! 

Their so-called concern is going to grow in multitudes. They will be “concerned” regarding every one of our actions and plans in Syria, in Iraq, in Libya, in the Mediterranean, in the Black Sea, in the Aegean, in Jerusalem and Palestine; in the whole of this region which they call the Middle East.

They will be monitoring us carefully. They are going to try and gauge what we will do, when and where. They are going to try and predict our moves, “figure us out,” and take counter-measures. But they will fail. Because we are the ones that have the intelligence now. That identity, that awareness, that political claim is on our side.


Tremors of the magnificent return reached Atlantic coasts

The geopolitical, political and cultural tremors of Turkey’s magnificent comeback will reflect on Europe, on the Atlantic, and U.S. shores. This is due to the fact that our return to the stage of history and the region is not limited to protecting Palestinians and stopping Israel alone.

We returned as the owners of the region, with the aim to nationalize it, recover it, as the legacy of the last 1,000 years, and to escape all colonial remnants.

We knew that the U.S. and Europe, that Israel, the regime and leaders under their control in the region would respond to this comeback with the fury and memory of centuries. We knew that they formatted their undeclared wars against us in the form of a foreign siege and native invasion. We had been experiencing it in the form of most vicious attacks in the last decade.


They are the civil military of a destructive internal intervention!

The same concern exists within as well. Pay attention to the words used and statements made by those who are set to siege from within. They speak as if they were Israel’s mouthpiece. Since they are afraid Israel’s statements will draw ire, their statements resemble more that of the U.S. and Europe.

They are acting as the spokespersons of the multinational plans made under the name of “opposition,” the plans to stop Turkey, and their attempts to oust Erdoğan.

They are partnering with every terrorist organization, mobilizing for all financial terrorist devices, carrying out a destructive “internal intervention.” They are attacking with U.S., European and Israeli weapons.

We saw how they stood with the U.S. and Israel, even with respect to Jerusalem, the killing of children, and against mass slaughters.


Akşener’s immoral words echo the same statements

From the Republican People’s Party (CHP) to the Good Party (İP), from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) to the conservative opposition figures that defected from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), they are all echoing the same statements, displaying the same behavior, and similarly investing in the disaster of Turkey. This is the biggest trap set against Turkey, the biggest project of the 21st century against Turkey.

In her speech the previous day, İP leader Meral Akşener served as a striking example to the webs woven within by foreign groups.

The immoral and irresponsible statements considering Erdoğan equal to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Turkish soldiers equal to Israeli soldiers, and identifying Turkey with Israel, is a sign of how a political party leader loses control, how they are seeking vengeance, how they are doomed to the mission imposed on them from abroad, and how they are mentally enslaved.


These are FETÖ, PKK words!

 You decide for which operations this group, which lacks any political decency and was established against Turkey’s axis, is preparing. This project, which filled the void vacated by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which transformed the joint political discourse of FETÖ and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) into its official political view, has nothing at all to do with politics or opposition.

You can be sure that CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and all the other party leaders under the opposition alliance think the same, have adopted the same stance, are mobilized from the same position, and have been commissioned within the same project.

They represent the political objectives of the British soldiers who entered Jerusalem in 1917, the British soldiers who were deployed to Çanakkale, the soldiers deployed to Kut al-Amara, and the invasion forces that divided Anatolia, tore the region into a thousand pieces and plundered it.


This is not opposition but an inside intervention. This is hate speech! 

This political front, this internal front is openly using hate speech. It is spreading animosity against Turkey throughout the country much like the hostile sentiments displayed by the U.S. far right, Israel’s far right, European Nazis, and those who hoisted the Israeli flag on Austria’s state building.

Nobody can convince us that this is an “opposition discourse.” Nobody can say that this is a method of the internal power struggle. This is an inside invasion, siege within, a political operation aimed at collapsing Turkey from within.

The destructive discourse filled with lies and fiction, which the U.S. has been using for years, is now being used within and against Turkey. The reason for this political discourse is no different to the reason behind the destruction caused by the PKK for decades, the reason behind FETÖ’s coup and theft.


Operations conducted against the CHP, MHP, and AK Party

Those sieging Turkey from abroad built the most terrifying front within. This is a distribution of tasks that normalizes the collapse, and even the division of the country.

The first operation was conducted on the CHP. Former CHP leader Deniz Baykal was ousted with a tape conspiracy, bringing Kılıçdaroğlu to the helm of the party. CHP was removed from Turkey’s axis and positioned against the country, and turned into a group intertwined with terrorist organizations.

Then the same operation was conducted against the Nationalist People’s Party (MHP). The party was divided; a party was established against Turkey’s axis from among the pro-tutelage, and by using FETÖ engagements. The MHP operation was thus completed.



This is how the ‘internal front’ was completed; then an attack on Turkey was launched

Later, an operation was launched against the AK Party. The individuals and groups tasked to Erdoğan’s side defected upon specific instructions and turned into new parties. Thus, this is how the operation against the AK Party was completed.

Similar interventions were made against many religious groups and civil organizations. They all eventually gathered under a single roof. Neo-nationalists, right-wing, left-wing, representatives of the global finance lobby, and conservatives became a single front.

In other words, groups were established with representatives from every political color and identity to complete the front.

Now they are attacking Turkey full-throttle. The war has begun.


We are watching the roughest clashes

We are watching the foreign intervention and the roughest clash of the resistance within. This is going to further intensify until 2023. This is the showdown of centuries and is ongoing throughout the whole region.

We will see who will emerge victorious. This is a hopeless pursuit as Turkey, the Anatolian, Seljuk/Ottoman political gene returns to the history stage. When victory is won, it will be much clearer who stands on which invasion front.

This is the sole reason behind the immoral, irresponsible and destructive political discourse used by Akşener and the opposition. We are watching a pitiful state of how everything sacred is being destroyed.


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