The era of Israel being on the offensive is over, it’s now playing defense. The wind is blowing in the opposite direction for the first time. It’s time to provide military assistance to Palestine. Turkey must take action. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The era of Israel being on the offensive is over, it’s now playing defense. The wind is blowing in the opposite direction for the first time. It’s time to provide military assistance to Palestine. Turkey must take action.

Israel is the sole racist, genocidal state and the biggest terrorist organization posing as “state” on the face of the earth. It is a great threat to all of humanity. It is such a threat that it is the first country after the U.S. nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki capable of using nuclear weapons for its own selfish reasons. 

It operates like a terrorist organization not only in Palestine but everywhere around the world and in all fields, and is reckless and erratic with the immunity provided by the U.S. and Europe. It is immoral, offensive, fanatical, and must be brought under absolute control. 

Most despicable attack after Sharon.

They think Palestinians are on their own! 

A plot was planned through Jewish fanatics. Israel attacked al-Aqsa Mosque. It not only attacked the civilians present in Aqsa’s grounds but directly the place of worship. This was the most despicable attack after the Aqsa provocation by Ariel Sharon, who was notorious for mass slaughters and using terrorism methods.

The Palestinian people’s struggle to protect Aqsa was met once again with massacre. While the state was busy killing, Israeli people attacked civilians on the streets. They thought Palestinians are on their own with no one to protect them! Regardless of the amount of killing, nobody would protect them or hold Israel accountable! A plan was made based on killing defenseless people.

Israel is a coward state.

It only picks on the weak. 

Israel is a coward state. It fears resistance and counterattack. The people of Israel fear death and only pick on the weak. When they are faced with a force, they try to get out of it with all the tricks and games they have in their hat. They take shelter in the U.S. and Europe and mobilize them. But if there is no force standing against them, they will use unchecked violence. This is the method employed by the completely immoral, who have no nation or state mentality.

Palestinians in Gaza, in West Bank gave the most natural reaction. They strove to protect their own people and the Aqsa. If they did not react the way they did, they knew the heights the Israeli state and state-sponsored violence would reach. They experienced this numerous times!

Israel first attacked Aqsa, then Gaza. It directly targeted civilian areas, children and women. Like always. Like the Jenin massacre. It was going to attempt ground attacks following air raids. This time it was probably going to completely occupy Gaza and eliminate it.

Most convenient ground for attack laid by UAE’s Bin Zayed! 

Because it knew: There is war in Syria; there is war in Yemen; Iraq is yet to recover; a coup happened in Egypt, weakening the country’s resistance.

A new colony, tutelage mechanism was launched through the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman. A deal was made over Jerusalem, over Palestine through two puppets like Zayed and Salman. Arab states became captivated by their love of Israel. Forces and states in the region were incapacitated from taking a stance against Israel.

These two puppets promised Israel, “Do whatever you like, we will control the reactions in the region.” Nobody ever reacted to Israel despite its almost daily attacks on Damascus. The atmosphere was prepared for these attacks. “The most convenient atmosphere” was formed.

Power that will set Israeli homes on fire has emerged… 

But this time their plan did not hold up. All plans made by Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, Zayed and Salman, those trying to establish a “New Middle East colonial order” have been ruined.

A surprising response came from Gaza. While Israel has been setting their homes on fire for decades, a power that will set Israeli homes on fire emerged. They were not expecting this. Palestine’s missiles were now reaching all Israeli cities, streets, and Jewish occupiers’ farms. Sirens started going off in their cities. Israelis ran to shelters. Their Arab friends could not stop it either.

This is novel for Israel. Turkey’s return, power leap 

This is a novel situation for Israel. The order that had been ongoing since the first quarter of the 20th century to the first quarter of the 21st century was collapsing. Considering the extraordinary reaction from the Muslim world, that order will not be able to recover.

Turkey’s return to the history scene, to the region formed an extraordinary power leap, and this excitement is now reflecting on Palestine as well. The confidence that gave rise to geopolitical aftershocks in Karabakh, Libya, and the East Mediterranean, that helped nurture a powerful political wave from Morocco to Indonesia. The impact of the Western world order teetering was being felt in Palestine.

All three fronts will open at once. Now is the time for Israel to play defense.

If Israel launches ground attacks on Gaza, a second front from Lebanon and a third front from Golan Heights will open against Israel. All three of these fronts will receive enormous support. Those ensuring Israel’s immunity are starting to lose their influence in our region. This will largely minimize Israel’s maneuver space.

This new power leap is going to spread in waves, minimizing the discord and conflicts in our region.

The occupation and attack era, which Israel has been pursuing for decades, is over. It is now time for Israel to play defense. The order the U.S., Europe, Israel, and some Arab regimes collaborating with them have been trying to establish is collapsing as a result of the resistance and martyrs of the powerless, unprotected Palestinian people.

Western order collapsed. Wind blowing in opposite direction. Israel will be hit first. 

Israel’s immunity, brazenness, extremeness, its golden age has reached an end. The Atlantic-based world system has collapsed. The western world system is over. Extraordinary powers emerged, bringing on the end of history for the West.

This great tremor, power slide will weaken all the organizations for which the West ensured immunity. Israel will be the first example of this. The wind is blowing in the opposite direction for the first time after World War I, and this new wave of political awareness is being strengthened by Turkey. The moment the “native invader front” within is taken under control, this power will become extraordinary.

The United Nations and institutions, the weak regimes and futile meetings in the region are no longer the places to seek Palestine’s rights. Political, diplomatic reactions and mechanisms are no longer the only way to go about seeking Palestine’s rights.

Time to provide military support to Palestine. Fronts should be built across the region.

All countries that are aware of the power slide in the world and are able to interpret its results, including Turkey, must provide open or covert military support to the Palestine-based resistance line, and develop the mechanisms necessary for this. Economic, political and military support structures should be established for Palestine across the region.

This is required, because from now on, Palestine’s resistance is as much a geopolitical rise, a construction of power as a nation’s quest for freedom. Palestine will be one of the most solid fronts of the new world order.

Therefore, intelligence organizations must establish and use all the means and methods required to provide arms support to Palestine. This movement should be led by Turkey.

Erdoğan: We’re taking action in Palestine like we did in Karabakh. 

We too must mobilize all of our “effective and smart” vehicles against Israel, which is carrying on a covert war against Turkey and attacking it in every field, in the East Mediterranean, in Syria, in Iraq, in the Aegean, in Turkey by supporting terrorist organizations.

Defending Palestine is defending Turkey. Challenging Israel is equivalent to protecting the region.

A statement by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is exerting incredible effort for Aqsa and Palestine, striving to mobilize the world, is a striking example of Turkey’s return to the history scene and region: “We are taking action against the oppression in Jerusalem and Palestine with the same enthusiasm we supported Azerbaijan’s fight to recover Karabakh and its occupied lands.”

Yes, we are “taking action” in Palestine as well.

Yes, Turkey is back. All geopolitical plans will go down the drain!


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