President Erdogan is trying to prevent war in Ukraine. Pay very close attention to the Black Sea! What’s behind Herzog’s planned visit to Turkey? Encirclement fronts are collapsing one after the other. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

President Erdogan is trying to prevent war in Ukraine. Pay very close attention to the Black Sea! What’s behind Herzog’s planned visit to Turkey? Encirclement fronts are collapsing one after the other.

The U.S. withdrew from the EastMed project. The Greek solution to transport Mediterranean natural gas to Europe has collapsed. The biggest projects they could devise and weaponize against Turkey went bankrupt.

As soon as the U.S. withdrew, the Israeli-Turkish rapprochement gained momentum. President Erdogan also announced that he was in talks with Israel with regards to the EastMed issue. Now, Israeli President Isaac Herzog is expected to visit Turkey.

What happened to the Mediterranean Front? Whose plan was rest? So where’s that containment?

This development is one of the most important indicators of how all the plans aimed at suffocating Turkey in the Mediterranean have been reset one after the other. Israel, certain Arab countries, Europe and the U.S. had together established a Mediterranean Front against Turkey.

From joint exercises to joint energy projects, from extravagant and reckless posing to open challenges, they all succumbed to Turkey's resistance. Those who were unable to close the Southern Gate tried to seal the Mediterranean-Aegean-Western Gate! It seems like they're all taking a step back.

From the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, from the Aegean to the Balkans, projects aimed at containing, encircling and stopping Turkey are failing one after the other. It seems that Turkey's theses will build new alliance axes on the Mediterranean energy chessboard.

The Arab Front has also collapsed. First the UAE, then Israel. Is a new economic basin on the horizon?

Let's remember; The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and Israel had established an "Arab Front" against Turkey. The U.S., Europe and the Arabs were going to try and stop our country. That project also collapsed.

Tge UAE signaled its desire for rapprochement with Turkey. If this business goes well, relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey will gain momentum and a new rapprochement will begin. This may trigger the formation of a new political and economic basin.

It is noteworthy that Turkey-Israel relations softened right after the rapprochement with the UAE. Both the ice that thawed between Arab friends with Turkey and the collapse of the EastMed project and the importance of Turkey's theses were decisive factors for Israel.

Turkey is present in every sphere as a global player

Despite the fact that this achievement is diluted and exploited by the domestic opposition in Turkey, what has transpired can be called a regional convergence. Yes, Turkey needs this. But the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel need it even more.

You can actually measure this based on individual project opportunities alone. You can measure it with tactical maneuvers. But the most accurate metric is understanding it by looking at the global and regional power shifts, divisions, divergences, and the new positions determined by the countries.

Turkey is a global player in every field. No one can cover it up with the blackouts inside. No one can dilute this power building. No one can isolate Turkey from the world by strangling it within its borders. Nobody can try to compare their three-penny delusions to Turkey's politics.

Plans through Kazakhstan crisis were foiled. Any war in Ukraine will set the Black Sea ablaze.

Right next to us, to our north, a war is brewing. Russia is overtly threatening to invade Ukraine. The U.S.-Russia, NATO-Russia talks failed to prevent the looming crisis.

A war that will break out in Ukraine will set the whole Black Sea ablaze. Nor will it be confined to Ukraine alone. It directly engulfs Turkey and endangers all of Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

Attempts aimed at diverting Russia's attention to the East, to Kazakhstan, to distract it from Central Asia, and to keep it away from Europe failed. Kazakhstan stabilized very quickly. After this experience, similar crises in Central Asia will be fabricated very soon.

What if Turkey does what NATO, U.S. failed to do and stops this looming crisis?

And Russia picked up right where it left off and brought its gaze back to Ukraine again. The echo of bellicose rhertoric over Ukraine was heard all over Europe and the U.S. Ukraine is the main front of the East-West power split. That's why it's under threat. Similar crises will occur in all countries on this line from Poland to the Aegean.

Now Turkey has sprung into motion. President Erdogan is heading to Kiev. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky were invited to Turkey. Ankara is on good terms with both countries. It is more than capable of brokering a solution.

Well, what if Turkey's initiative is successful, if it at least delays the crisis? What would happen if Turkey did what the U.S., Europe and NATO all failed to do? What would be the perception of Turkey in the world?

So, where were these maps hidden at?

The "front within" can’t grasp this. Although they know full well what it means, they try to dilute it and launch a new smear campaign. But it is Turkey that brokers peace in the Black Sea, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe. President Erdogan will be the one to do it. Turkey is more than capable of achieving this.

Let's look back not so many years ago: They encircled Syria and northern Iraq. They drew a map that stretched as far as the Mediterranean. Then they established another front with the Euro-Arab alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean. They besieged the Aegean. Then they took Armenia to Azerbaijan and established the Eastern Front. Notice how all of these have been foiled.

Most importantly, the internal invasion attempt was destroyed on July 15.

Turkey’s bridges are altering maps

Now Turkey sells military helicopters to the Philippines. It supplies combat drones and military equipment to all African countries. It builds armies in those states.

Joint military projects are in the works with Pakistan. Ankara produces extraordinary security technologies. It is making drastic, permanent geopolitical changes. In fact, Turkey is altering maps.

It is working hard to minimize the damage done to Turkey by the global economy, which ground to a halt after a pandemic that ravaged all countries.

Erdoğan’s ‘doormat,’ the smear campaigns within

Turkey is making headlines every day in the European, Arab, U.S. and Asian press. Turkey is the most spoken language in all continents. But those outside are capable of seeing this very clearly.

The malicious blackout within has now become a threat to Turkey. It has become an instrument of war with Turkey. It has been weaponized.

Far-right French politician Jordan Bardella yelled the following statement in the European Parliament: “You have turned Europe into Washington's backyard, Beijing's victim, Erdogan's doormat and Africa's hotel.” 

Everyone wins by siding with Turkey

We are grappling with Ekrem İmamoğlu's adolescent delusions and greenness, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's constant state of flux and Meral Akşener's malicious aggression.

Turkey puts an end to the siege from Iran to Syria.

Turkey breaks the siege in the Mediterranean. After the UAE, take a good look at Israel and Saudi Arabia. Turkey altered maps across the Caucasus. Those who face Turkey are losing. Those who side with it win!

Erdoğan has achieved all that. What have you all done?

Turkey can help untie the knot of the Ukraine crisis. Turkey can end the new tensions simmering in the Balkans through good tşes with Serbia. It should be given a chance.

Erdogan is doing all this. The whole world knows that he achieved this. That's why those who admire him do, that's why those who he upsets are riled up. Both abroad and at home, Turkey's friends and foes have become clear at this juncture.

So you, who attack from within, who do you think you are!


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