Erdoğan had the final say and put an end to the Mafia Operation targeting Turkey. Journalists questioned a Turkish minister as if they were the mouthpiece for organized crime boss Sedat Peker! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Erdoğan had the final say and put an end to the Mafia Operation targeting Turkey. Journalists questioned a Turkish minister as if they were the mouthpiece for organized crime boss Sedat Peker!

An organized crime boss is questioning a state tradition that dates back millennia! He is attacking the state’s government, ministers, political parties, and institutions.

He is trying to oust the government, oust the interior minister, wear out Turkey’s leader, sow chaos in its institutions, create doubt and cloud that country, develop the perception that “Turkey is a mafia state,” and present the image that “Turkey is a country of flaws.”


‘Sedat Peker’s statements are shattering Erdoğan's government’; This is exactly what their plot is aimed to achieve!

 A local mafia leader enters the command of a global mafia. He then offers his personal accounts and all the skeletons in his closet to them on a silver platter. He starts attacking Turkey – under their protection and from their headquarters.

An ordinary mafia leader has become a hitman for U.S. intelligence, for UAE intelligence, for those who are at loggerheads with Turkey. His statements are supported by international media.

He has received the utmost support from central broadcasting institutions in the U.S., U.K., UAE, and Israel. His videos are fully supported to ensure they go viral. Western media then publish headlines such as, “Sedat Peker’s statements shattering Erdoğan government.”

Pre-planned files aiming to humiliate a great nation

 Using pre-planned files handed to him, using the scenarios repeatedly utilized in the past for numerous coups and multinational intervention attempts, efforts are being made to “humiliate a great nation,” and present a political power that is thousands of years old as a “tribal state.”

An average Joe has been turned into an “effective weapon” against Turkey. While he can accomplish nothing whatsoever on his own, he has been equipped with plots to weaken the whole country.

Those who previously tried dozens of plots such as the 2013 intervention, 2016 coup attempt, the National Intelligence Organization trucks incident, attacking Turkey from Syria’s border, as well as economic attacks and street clashes, have now discovered Sedat Peker, and are attempting to disable Turkey through him.


We will never remain in defense mode!

They have used every weapon in their arsenal across the entire region, on our borders and beyond them, from Karabakh to Libya, using foreign and internal siege methods. They have conducted an overt, reckless and despicable war against Turkey, particularly during the last five years.

Turkey negated every one of these efforts. Turkey attacked them and spoiled their order. They attacked, causing Turkey to take much bigger steps. It never remained in the defense and responded to every attack with an attack.

A relentless, disgraceful attack from within. ‘If Erdoğan is weakened, our jobs will become a lot easier’ 

The most destructive, relentless and disgraceful attack is currently being carried out within the nation. They are trying to destroy Turkey from within through political parties, terrorist organizations, so-called mafia members, the media and capital partners. The Sedat Peker Operation was the latest example of this, and was launched from dark headquarters in Dubai.

The entire Turkish opposition have their eyes on Peker. They are thinking, “If only he paves the way, we can handle the rest,” “if only he weakens President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our jobs will be so much easier,” “if only he causes Süleyman Soylu to crash and burn so the war against terrorism is negated,” “if only we can tarnish Turkey’s image with the haze of the mafia so that those fighting for Turkey will fall from grace.”


Taking shelter in the mafia to exact revenge

 The media is using Peker’s claims to exact revenge on Erdoğan. Hopes are pinned on the dark operation being conducted through Dubai. An opportunity has risen for journalists of the opposition.

They do not care whether Turkey suffers, whether the state suffers, or whether the plot was planned in the U.S. and implemented in Dubai. There sole concern is that Erdoğan receives a blow, that his team is discredited.


Journalists are questioning this country’s minister with claims made by the mob! This is a shameful ‘stance’! 

I watched the journalists who were unleashed against Minister Süleyman Soylu on television. They were all   questioning the state’s interior minister based on the claims and slanders made by a mafia leader. They were judging the state through the mob.

Not a single one said, “This is shameful; we are asking Turkey’s minister about statements made by an organized crime leader.”

Surely this mindset, this stance will give these journalists the opportunity to question, judge and convict Turkey, the state, the nation, a millennia-old tradition, this country’s dignity and honor.


I felt for Soylu that evening on television

 This dangerous standing point should be questioned. The boundaries of legitimacy for journalists should be questioned. Hiding behind a mafia leader, opposition parties tried to oust the government, discredit Soylu and stop Turkey.

These journalists promoted the same plan through the same mafia leader’s discourses.

I felt for Soylu that night. He should have told those journalists, almost all of whom he knows personally, “Whose claims are you using to question me?” He should have revealed this upsetting predicament.

Additionally, the silence of journalists who support the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) despite such intense attacks on Erdoğan and his team using the delusions and support of a mob boss is another elephant in the room.


Erdoğan: We foiled many plots. We will foil this one as well…

 President Erdoğan gave a spectacular speech yesterday. His powerful words revealed once more the centuries-old showdown with Turkey, the state, the nation, the nature of the current attacks carried on both at home and abroad, Turkey’s resistance and the great showdown.

He protected both Soylu and former Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım without hesitation.

He said, “We supported our interior minister in his fight against crime organizations such as terrorist organizations, and we will continue to do so. We know that what underlies the attacks targeting Soylu is the perturbance surrounding the atmosphere of peace and confidence that has been established in our country.”

He said, “No plot can stop our country from achieving its goal. We foiled numerous plots. We will foil this sly plot as well.” Addressing those pushing for early elections he said, “Don’t bother, elections will be held in 2023.”


Erdoğan had the final say, resetting plans again. This plot ends here 

All plans made by those trying to control Turkey through the mafia have been turned upside down. Another plot ended here. The Dubai-based mafia operation has collapsed – like dozens before. Let us wait and see what other missions will be distributed to those within.

This war will continue unabated until 2023. They will attack from within and abroad; we will resist; we will take faster and bigger steps.

We are fighting our way back to the stage of history. You will never be able to stop or reverse this comeback, this political wave.


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