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A summit overshadowed by a massacre...

The first “Asia-Pacific Countries Muslim Leaders Summit” organized and hosted by the “Presidency of Religious Affairs” took place in Istanbul. There were 125 religious leaders and delegates from 37 countries in attendance at the summit held between O... more

An island for the dictators...

For a while now, we have been witnessing the drama of the people who risk dying in the “Mediterranean Sea” in order to reach “Europe” from Asia, Africa or the Middle East to have a better life. Thousands of immigrants lost their lives on this trip in... more

Doubly joyous Eid in Iran!

Iranians welcomed “Eid al-Fitr” with an agreement that concluded the nuclear negotiations. Iranians who took to the streets of Tehran celebrated the agreement with enthusiasm. In fact, they are breathing the air of a doubly joyous Eid. We can only sa... more

Turkey will save Greece…

Greece, who is confronting the danger of being swallowed by the big fish of the “European Union”, is looking for a way out. Some are saying, “Athens should quit the Euro”, some others saying, “Greece should quit the EU”, while some are saying, “There... more

Beautiful Turkistan, what is happening to you!

To balance Russia towards the end of the 19th century, the British supported the sweeping of “East Turkistan” by China, under the name of “Xinjiang,” which means new colonies. In 1949, the communist Chinese completely infiltrated East Turkistan and e... more

The path in East Turkistan for Beijing is obvious

Unfortunately, Eastern Turkistan is not experiencing a “Ramadan” in complacency. Every Ramadan amounts to “oppression” and “pain”. The citizens of Eastern Turkistan got tired of oppressions towards fasting civil servants and students, pressure toward... more

The moral bankruptcy of the West against the East…

Ahmed Mansour, an experienced reporter at the Al Jazeera Arabic channel, had been arrested at an airport in Berlin on Saturday. The excuse to arrest him was based on the fact that he had been sentenced to 15 years in prison in Egypt. It seems like Ge... more

Belgians should first answer for Congo!

It's understood that some institutions in Belgium made it their business to pass Turkish-origin politicians through a “genocide test”. Turkish national Mahinur Özdemir was expelled from her party in Belgium for refusing to recognize 1915 incidents as... more

Byzantines before the conquest!

When Istanbul was surrounded by Conqueror Fatih Sultan Mehmet's army in the beginning of April 1453, there were two political parties among the Byzantines. One was the “Turkish” party, and the other was “Rome-Latin-European” party. According to the i... more

Great chaos!

The Yemen community is bearing the brunt of the tribe-sect based sociopolitical structure. Western colonist powers benefitted from the disputes between the tribes. Western arms dealers sold brand new weapons to Yemeni tribes at the prime cost and eve... more

Oppression breaks off as it thickens….

The court of the General Sisi regime has intensified the oppression even further by confining the elected President Mohammad Morsi and his friends to the death sentence. They are so blinded by anger that they are even giving death sentences to deceas... more

Children of “New Turkey”

The “New Turkey” idiom is used to enrich envisioning the“ Turkey of the future”. Communal conceptualizing and envisioning are motivational dynamics for people. Muslim thinkers, such as Farabi and İbn-i Sina, who are the forerunners, pondered on the “... more

Stalin's nuisance wasn't Hitler

“Hitler's Germany's” display of the white flag of surrender in May 1945 is being celebrated with ceremonies in Russia. Of course, Russia's, or to put it better, the “Soviet Union's” contribution towards Hitler's defeat was substantial. The Soviet Uni... more


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