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Fethullah Gülen's effort fell short

For months, there were arguments over whether the Gülen Congregation had a finger in the Gezi incidents. If we look at the parallel structure's media during the period of Gezi incidents, there is a perception that Gülen Congregation had nothing to do in the incidents. Besides, even the agency, which published the news of alcohol found in the mosque, was the parallel agency CIHAN. Afterwards, STV reporter went to the mosque and explained the issue with all its details. The Gülen-led group's relation with Gezi is hidden in Fethullah Gülen's 319th Sermon, which he named pulling ears. Gülen mentioned the following legend in his Sermon on May 31, 2013, when the police violence reached the highest level as the tents were burned in Gezi incidents;

“A camel caravan set off on a journey. During their journey they encounter a poor dervish and he kindly asks the leader of the caravan to take him with them. The leader accepted the poor man's request… After some time, robbers attacked the caravan. The chief of the robbers asked the dervish if he had any goods. The ally of truth said, 'I have no money; however the leader of the caravan had a shirt made out of pongee. You've forgotten to take it'. Robbers went and searched the saddlebag of the caravan's leader again and they seized the valuable shirt of the leader… The leader was frustrated. After all, the attitude he was exposed to, despite all his kindness, couldn't be easily accepted. While waiting desperately, the soldiers of the state arrived and all the robbers were brought in. Finally, all the seized goods were returned to their original owners. Then, the leader of the caravan approached the dervish and said, 'Shame on you brother! After all my kindness towards you, you told them about my precious shirt.' The reply of the dervish was thought-provoking; 'My son, my intention was not to do you harm; those robbers crushed the community so much that, their oppressions were four fingers away from making an effort (to do something)…. My intention was to replace those four fingers with your shirt.'”

If we look at the parallel police officers' attitude during the Gezi incidents, it felt like there was a hand in all this that wanted things to get worse. I wonder, would be it that Fetullah Gülen wanted to overthrow Tayyip Erdoğan by increasing the violence like it happened in the legend? In other words, did Gülen give the order to complete the four fingers?

Two crazy projects of the opposition

As we are nearing the elections, the promises and strategies of political parties started to become clear. Last week, on Wednesday, AK Party announced its election statement and Turkey Agreement. Yesterday, CHP also announced its own statement. As for HDP and MHP; they will be stating theirs in the forthcoming days. CHP being in the first place, all the promises and obligations of the opposition are flying around. However, the opposition has two crazy projects. Tayyip Erdoğan hostility and CHP-MHP-HDP coalition. Indeed, two really crazy projects. DHKP-C martyred our prosecutor, the opposition taken a stand with them. PKK attacked our soldiers at Ağrı, the opposition taken a stand with them. I don't need to mention Assad, Iran, Israel and Egypt. Whoever Erdoğan regards as an enemy, they become their friend. Remember, the Parallel Structure, aka FETÖ, formed all their claims over portraying Erdoğan as an Iranist. Iran agreed with US over nuclear weapons. Suddenly all of them became Iranists. More importantly, the ones, who poured into the streets after the Refah Party shown great success in the 1994 local elections and shouting “mullahs to Iran”, now became Iranists. We are where the words fail. Let's put it this way; there is no madness that the opposition parties won't do against their Tayyip Erdoğan hostility.

Even though only Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is mentioning it, the second crazy project of the opposition is the CHP-MHP-HDP coalition. While stating that they can form a coalition with both parties. CHP didn't forget mentioning that the coalition is not a bad thing. I'm writing the following without making any researches or even asking Google. First things that come to our minds when we say coalition. Before 1980, coalition dragged the country to a coup d'etat. Political parties, which couldn't come to an agreement over the Presidency selection, brought the country to the edge and Kenan Evren turned this into an opportunity and seized the administration. As for the coalitions in the 90s, we can say that it's the darkest period of Turkey. Uğur Mumcu homicide, Sivas incidents, hundreds of unidentified murders, April 5th economic crisis, February 28th, Turk Bank scandal, siphoning of banks, the constitution book being thrown, becoming 50% poor in one night, almost being unable to pay the salaries of civil servants and retired people if the earthquake aids didn't arrive. These are the first things that come to our minds. Yes, our opposition is this mad; however, is the nation prepared for this madness? We will see on June 7th.

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