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PEGIDA, Israel and Europe’s Muslims

The Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization movement, or PEGIDA’s, campaigns against Islam in Germany is involving all of Europe. With Germany and France in the forefront, racist expressions towards Muslim immigrants in Europe are accelerating. ... more

Who is behind “Pegida”?

Since October, a movement against Islam has been occupying the agenda of Germany. They’ve chosen “PEGIDA” as their name. The acronym unfolds as; “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident”. PEGIDA, who took the stage in Dresden for... more

The broken system

The development of a country’s economic power is related to the moral values that represent that country. You could be an “Imperialist” state or even a state that “sustains justice”. That is a matter of preference. The history of capitalism is also t... more

What’s the use of Ottoman Turkish?

During the “19th National Education Council”, a suggestion related with the “Ottoman Turkish” taking place in the high schools’ educational curriculum as a compulsory lesson was adopted. The Council’s recommendation will take effect, if the Ministry ... more

The end of the line for US and Europe is on the horizon….

The “Cold War”, which started towards the end of the 1940s, came to an end as the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” had been replaced by “Russia” in December 1991. Before that, the “Berlin Wall”, which separated the West and East, had been demoli... more

Our crisis on the horizon!

The “climate change” is topping the list of pending great crises for our world. The lists, related with the decrease in the plant and animal species because of the climate change, are being published. If the threat caused by the climate change is not... more

Pope Francis should start this work from the “Vatican”!

Pope Francis has now become the fourth Pope to visit our country since 1960, when the diplomatic relation between Turkey and the Vatican had been established. The first two visits that occurred in 1967 and 1979 were met with reactions. These reaction... more

Will Putin take a step back?

Parag Khanna, an American political scientist, had recited that a newspaper editor in Kiev had said the following for Ukraine; “This might be a corner of Europe; however, this is also right in the middle of the conflict being experienced with Russia”... more

A historic duty for Turkey at G-20!

After the “Soviet Union” had repented from the “Cold War” game and suddenly left the table, the capitalist economy had been left unchallenged. Since the boss of the world’s communism, the Soviet Union, had collapsed, things got easier for the capital... more

What invasions had Harem-i Şerif seen!

If we look at history, the ones, who had shown the audacity to defile the “Mescid-i Aksa” (Al-Aqsa Mosque), were extirpated from Jerusalem, sooner or later. Caliph Omar had entered Jerusalem, which he had conquered in 638, with modesty and politeness... more

Coal mines can also speak…

With our “Soma” sorrows still warm, now 18 of our citizens have been trapped under water in the coal mine in Ermenek. Following that, two Chinese laborers had lost their lives in a landslide in the coal mine in Amasra. The trouble is that in Septembe... more

Everyone should wait his turn!

The “Middle East” term, which depicts the central lands of the World of Islam, is the product of the “Balkanization” project of the imperialist powers. This depravity project means that the Muslim communities will be kept in a structure that had been... more

From Halabja to Kobane!

At first the New York Times wrote that chemical weapons left over from the Saddam era had passed into the hands of ISIL. It said the United States had identified where these chemical weapons were stored after its occupation of Iraq but hid this infor... more


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