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The energy of the Ankara-Moscow axis

“Nothing can be obtained without power, and power can only be obtained through power.”This sentence from “Crime and Punishment” provides the most comprehensive summary of the struggle of the age-old struggle that continues to the present day. A certa... more

Time for us to take our place under the sun

I reached a striking conclusion after immersing myself in data from the 3rd quarter over the weekend: Excluding energy and gold, the annualized current account deficit displayed a negative trend during this period. In other words, the balance in this... more

A resolution process for unemployment

The rate of unemployment was among important data released this week and it once again raised questions. The rate continued its upward trend and yet again entered double digits. I had previously touched upon this trend not coming as a surprise due to... more

Are we making “doing business” an uphill task?

“You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.”This sentence by Jim Rohn, who began as a warehouse employee and climbed all the way to the top by becoming an entrepreneur, is simple yet full of meaning: If you have great ambitions then y... more

Reflections from the Western front

The people that followed the release of international data on Tuesday must have felt the same sentiments and pace as I did. Here is a summary for those that missed it: The flow of negative data from Europe started early in the morning, with news from... more

What will happen in this year’s second half? (Part II)

We took a short break from our data analyses during the Bayram holiday period. Let us return to where we left off and try to understand what is happening during the second half of the year. In the first article on this subject, I had emphasized that ... more

The rise of new generation economies and Turkey

We are moving on from another Kurban Bayram (Feast of the Sacrifice) where, even if just for a few moments, we were able to forget the negativity – both near and distant -- affecting our lives. Another Bayram where we realize the importance of unity.... more

Inflation is on the breakfast table

Every time the inflation rate is announced, there is an approach, which we got used to seeing in the headlines but also narrows the point of view of the public opinion; " Inflation Champion of the Month".On Wednesday, it was declared after the announ... more

Turkish economy"s 1st semester report

With the intention of reaching the 2014 objectives, while the Turkish economy is trying to do its homework, on the other hand, it is passing through various tests. Likewise, the second half of the semester includes both opportunities and threats, an... more


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