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Elective scenarios and economy

Only two days remain before Turkey's new fate. While the expectations point at a single party government, coalition questions are still looking for answers. Today we will be approaching the matter from the economy frame. However, I need to state some... more

Those crises are bygone

For a time, a fallacy about an “economic crisis” has been going on. During the election period it completely fell through the floor. However this consciously showed that perception has nothing to do with the truth, not even close. Yes, today just as ... more

The route from interest to demand

Turkey's economy remained under the shadow of high and fluctuating inflation for many years. Within this scope, one of the main factors in the transformation process that was implemented after the 2001 crisis was the Central Bank of the Republic of T... more

What is going wrong in Baltimore?

I'm having mixed feelings as I follow the events which have been mounting in Baltimore, one of the historical cities of the U.S. Because Baltimore is a city in which I have spent a part of my life. If you ask me to summarize Baltimore –where I lived ... more

The U.S's great China strategy

Leaving the tiresome but equally joyous adventure of “Turkey's Power and Opportunities” which took up our economy pages for exactly two weeks, as of today, I say hi again to our column and to you, my esteemed readers. In the last episode of our serie... more

We are laying the foundations of nuclear energy

I mention this whenever I find the opportunity; if we cannot solve our energy and technology openings, we won't be able to avoid entering barren arguments or make the economic leap we need. Thus, the analyses in our columns require that we focus on t... more

Turkey as a conscientious G20 President

Some people may not have noticed yet, but Turkey will be executing a rather valuable “global” duty by presiding over the G20. In my columns, I had previously highlighted the significance of this at various times, as we cannot get a hold of time which... more

The delicate balance with Iran

The build-up of the Turkey-Iran relations, the border that was drawn with Qasr-I Shirin, has more roots than even some countries' histories. The message is that this history, which has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly, is the two powers tha... more

The “Bosphorus” issue of the Arabic Peninsula: Yemen

“ Whoever rules the sea will rule commerce; and, whoever rules commerce will rule the wealth of the world and thus the world itself.”If Sir Walter Raleigh, a British aristocrat in the 17th century, lived today, he would have said the same thing. Mayb... more

It's time for the Custom Union's ripening

The matter of rendering the Customs Union (CU), which we have been a part of since 1995, more judicious for Turkey, as you know, is always on the agenda. After all, it should be. Why? Let us approach this matter in our article today. Without a doubt,... more

A groundbreaking actor in development assistance: Turkey

The story of Africa’s impoverished country was being told… Our TIKA authorities, who saw hundreds of tiny shoes in the front door of a school that our country helped build, wanted to understand this situation’s cause that they found strange. The answ... more

An English surprise for the Asia Pacific struggle

The reality is the West has not been able to take its eyes off of the area of China for centuries. For example; how many generations did the Celestial Empire inclined to influence with economic paths waste; as for the English in the 17th century, who... more


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