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What's happening in China? - II

Upon the interest in the article I wrote in March, titled “What's happening in China?” I am going to open a subheading today to elaborate matters a little further. There is benefit in taking a look at the “increasing indebtedness” matter, which I und... more

Being jobless and weak

“197 million people around the world are jobless” This is a figure that stands out in the International Labour Organization's (ILO) The World Employment and Social Outlook- Trends 2016 Report. This 2015 figure shows that the number of unemployed peop... more

Not leading a life of pleasure with oil

Wole Soyinka, the African writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, once said, “I wished we'd never smelled the fumes of petroleum.” While Soyinka said this of his country, Nigeria, his wish alluded to having missed the opportunity to bec... more

As we say co-'operation' in the Muslim world…

In August 1969, just after Australian Dennis Michael Rohan claimed that he was the representative of God and attempted arson on Masjid Al-Aqsa, the Muslim world revolted and organized a historical summit in Rabat.Later the quilt of Rohan, who was dec... more

Turkey's economy grew 5.7 percent

In my article titled “Inside Chaos,” which I wrote here last week, I shared my expectation for positive growth data that would come and in the last quarter of 2015, the economy showed an acceleration. The related Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data not... more

Matematics of terrorism

As the wounds of the grave news of the Ankara attack and the news from eastern Anatolia remains fresh every day, terror hit İstiklal Avenue on the weekend too. Wreaking carnage in one of the most popular sites for both the people of Istanbul and for... more

Election brawl in the US

As the pre-election marathon continues in the US, we witness low-profile disputes especially due to the racket caused by Trump's shows. Putting the funny and strange quarrels aside, we come across arguments and pledges that threaten the US and the wo... more

Diplomacy of money

This saying from the 19th century seems to have retained its meaning: If there were no advertising, something really bad would happen: Nothing... Valid for individuals and institutions, undoubtedly it affects the national economy as well. Last April,... more

If the UK sorties

I want to start my words today by sharing my personal happiness with you. I thank the jury members of the 16th Economy Press Success Awards (EBBÖ) and the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MUSİAD) who awarded me Economic Columni... more

How can we be stronger?

In spite of many global problems, from economy to terror, the growth rate of world tourism in 2015 seems to be at least equal to the performance in 2014. However, the “partial” 2015 UNWTO data that reflect international tourist entrances indicate an... more

As the Middle Kingdom nears

“Those who are distant and have a long past, deserve more value” This saying, the words of Saadi Shirazi, appeared in an article in an Iranian newspaper last week. The author of the article was not a journalist, but the Chinese President Xi Jinping..... more

Who do we trust and how much?

Do you trust the state? Or the business world? Do NGOs sound more reliable? Of course there is also the media… How well do you think these four structures that deeply penetrate society do their jobs? These are the questions the Edelman Trust Baromete... more

As fortune comes to Iran

The criminal record of Iran is not restricted to the 2000s. In the late 1970s the country which first faced sanctions by the US, came to these days after several instances of punishment. Therefore years of troubles lie behind the happiness of the cou... more


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