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The looming trade wars

I brought the issue to up during the final days of January. Since the day the trade squabbles escalated, the process is going on in an unsurprising way, strictly speaking. Such that, U.S. President Trump recently took the issue one step further and a... more

Sad state of the Middle East

I was recently in Doha to join a conference held by UCLA. The conference, titled “Enriching the Middle East's Economic Future” and attended by significant international participants, addressed the future of the region in various aspects. Also, within... more

Indo-Pacific endeavor

U.S. President Donald Trump is being carefully watched by the world as he pays his official visits in Asia. As he gives speeches in the region named Asia-Pacific, his purposefully emphasizing “Indo-Pacific” is arousing curiosity and interest. As a ma... more


Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey... The Developing Eight, also known as D-8, created by these emerging economies, are gathering at a summit in Istanbul today. The 20-year efforts to boost cooperation are aime... more

Referendum in Europe

The referendum held in northern Iraq garnered widespread negative reactions from the international community, while it was supported by few players, with one of them being Catalonia. In fact, another debate regarding independency that the world is wa... more

Northern Iraq’s election

The Northern Iraq referendum which was held yesterday met with strong reactions due to the concerns that it caused regarding the security of both Turkey and the region. Even though the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) was advised to turn back ... more

The Asia Initiation

As you aware of, Turkey made a landing in Southeast Asia last week with a crowded delegation. While one leg of the landing was Singapore, the other was Vietnam. Singapore, which ranks high in world lists in terms of income per capita, is, without a ... more

Jackson Hole, WY

It has been the topic of discussion for weeks. The messages that will be used by central bankers to decorate the year’s awaited Jackson Hole symposium is a matter of serious curiosity. The symposium that kicked off yesterday and is hosting stakeholde... more

The Venezuela pain

Let's continue by adding Venezuela to the series of countries that is one the radar of the Donald Trump administration. As a matter of fact, events in the Latin American country have been escalating recently. Unfortunately, the lines I dropped under ... more

The North Korea impasse

The last time I mentioned the North Korea threat, which has shook the balances this week, was in April. When I wrote on the U.S. - China- North Korea triangle, the U.S was hoping for China’s help with North Korea. The crisis, which has remained unmit... more


It's been six months since Donald Trump came to office. The expectations he created have, in this time period, turned into disappointments (or according to some, into pleasure) that are inconsistent with his promises. The truth of the matter is, yes... more

The cold in the Gulf

I am writing this article in the scorching heat of the Gulf. The route of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit, which commenced on Sunday started with Saudi Arabia followed by Kuwait and then Qatar. The main agenda, as it is known, is the Qatar cri... more

Direction of G20

I have to start today with a thank you note for it is unfortunately not possible to answer the innumerable messages of greetings and wishes about my new task. The honor I have to perform this task for my country has increased with these meaningful su... more


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