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The Rome-Brussels line

There has been an unusual struggle on the European front in recent weeks. The debate over the draft budget plan prepared by Italy's new government turned into tension between Rome and Brussels.In brief, the new coalition government that is known for ... more

FED minutes and beyond

With the relieve in markets after the crisis in relations with the U.S. was resolved, we have witnessed a significant appreciation of Turkish Lira within the last week. On the other hand, in the global markets we saw a rise in the dollar index. The F... more

Tough times for Iran

The first stage of imposing sanctions on Iran again was activated this week with a decision U.S. President Donald Trump took in May this year. The U.S.'s unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that was signed in 201... more

Russia after the World Cup

While the winner of the 2018 World Cup is France, one can't help thinking if another winner is Russia. As a matter of fact, the address the month-long global excitement has also brought along many dynamics in economic terms. If we start our analysis... more

As India rises

As growing economies are vastly influenced by the latest waves in the market, India is among the countries that feel pressure from various angles. On a different note, Indian economy is recently basking in the pride of climbing another step in the wo... more

Brexit walls

May the new period that started with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s oath and the announcement of the cabinet following the ceremony in Parliament be beneficial for our nation. In this context, within the framework of the fresh mechanism introduced ... more

As the trade wars heat up

When I brought "trade disputes" forward in my column at the end of January, and referred to it as "looming” in March, I had set off on the idea that things had not escalated enough for the situation to be called a "war." It is a fact that since then ... more

The monetary policy of the world

The world’s economy this year is, as a matter of fact, going through a period in which certain conditions are becoming even more arduous. Naturally, the dynamics for each and every country are quite different, but it is not easy for anyone to dissoci... more

Strong start to 2018

First quarter growth data for 2018 was announced yesterday, with Turkey’s economy showing a 7.4 percent development in this period compared to the same quarter of the previous year, displaying one of the world’s leading and strong performances. Frank... more

Staking it all in Italy

The formation of the government in Italy that has been expected since March and the ongoing ambiguity was about to near its end with PM-designate Giuseppe Conte, who was tasked by President Mattarella. In addition to this, the coalition the Five Star... more

About the economy

The fluctuations in the financial markets have been continuing dynamically for a while. While the movements we have observed within the last weeks are coming to a sharp state together with the global wave crashing developing economies, some flows reg... more

A strange credit rating haste

In February, S&P Global Ratings had already certified the rating it had previously lowered. It had planned its next Turkey assessment on the calendar for August. Yet, it could not wait and with the arrival of May, it applied its decision to take acti... more

Pulling the future forward

A snap election became unavoidable with the president’s statement the previous day. While, as the president briefly stated, the foreign-axis conjuncture, in particular, has a role in pulling forward the election– a matter that was not on the table be... more


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